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  1. @CookiePuss Where is APB right now? I think that being communicated to the player base clearly and concisely would be helpful. My biggest issue is there seems to be little communication in regards to what APB will turn out to be or what plan is really there to make it so. This community needs more communication I feel. However, looking at Matt's Twitter posts, most of what he's working on right now seems to be Fallen Earth.
  2. I appreciate your response Shemer. I think we just need some more communication from Matt. I see more updates and posts about Fallen Earth than APB. So perhaps too much is being taken on at one time?
  3. Yes, I definitely believe APB has the potentiality to retain a high average of players if the attention is given to the game. But I just don't know what the plans beyond that 2021 Roadmap are now. All I'm seeing are holiday events being put into the game and minimal response from devs. I also saw a GM in game once since I've returned to APB. I seriously think this community needs more communication from the devs.
  4. So, after looking at the number of players over the last three years there has been a steady decline. We're getting just over 200 players now every month where there used to be 2000+ in the early days of APB. There was a nice jump up to 1000+ when Little Orbit took over development it seems, but since then a steady decline. Apart from the maintenance patches and holiday events, what is Little Orbit going to do to change the state of the game? Myself, and I'm sure the entire APB community, would like to know what the future of APB will be. Will any new mechanics be implemented? i.e., new objectives in missions? New zones? New contacts? As a player that played back in CBT, I appreciated seeing the 2021 Roadmap. It was a nice and seemingly fresh engagement with the community. I think we need more of that from Matthew Scott and other developers at Little Orbit in regards to what the future plans for APB are. I think there should be more of a dialogue between the devs and players in regards to these future plans as well. I would love to see a revival of this game because the game and gameplay have always been great. I would hate to see another team mismanage this game and let it die....again. Here is the population of players through Steam across APB's lifetime. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
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