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  1. We have already talked about this, it is better to play with other people than with their "unique" mods and weapons. But it is up to the developers. I just want to know if they're going to do anything at all.
  2. We're talking about moving players, not politics. Don't be an idiot please
  3. Actually I also don't know what kind of weapon it is , but I think that it is possible to compensate or correct , and do not see a problem that would keep him, I don't think it kills you as an example with 1 shot , just people much off with the fact that they will not be "unique". There is another way in the form of that would add this weapon to the Armas. Then everything will be perfect. People will not be upset, and the developers will add money.
  4. I don't think they'd rather play with their favorite weapon alone . These are forced measures, it can be either compensated or corrected. And I doubt that this is a problem LO, let them write to the Russian publisher (4game) and understand the means
  5. How can you burn from weapons I am not against removal/compensation/correction Like all players on the server, I'm sure
  6. What you choose? Play with your favorite weapons on the server with 10 people online or play without your favorite weapon, but on the server with good online. For me personally, the choice is obvious
  7. Obviously, there will be more players on server 1, respectively, the bronze area will be filled with weak players / novices Merged. Why can't weapons be transferred? I just do not understand. Players will remember that they played on the Russian server. Well, or just compensate for this.
  8. Comrades LO, you have long spoken about the transfer of Necrova to the Citadel But sorry, what are you waiting for? Online on Necorva [/URL [/URL [/URL [/URL This is the evening time. when everyone comes from work and study, in fact at this time the maximum online. But if this is the maximum, then it's hard to imagine what is happening at 12 am What is happening? 30 people in all districts. And what about the selection of opponents on this server? All these guys are newbies. Do you think they will want to play further? They are either destroyed by 255R GOLDS, or they are kicked from missions. You want more online. But hold Necrova. Russian new players come to this server, but instead get the game disappointment. They can not play at their level, because such areas simply do not exist. As a result, they get frustrated and leave the game without achieving anything in it.Necrova - a trap for Russian players, no more. Why can't you transfer as fast as possible? Unique weapons? Transfer them, it will not change the balance. But the players will be unique and will keep the memory of the game on the Russian servers. Nicknames of players? Just tell them to change them. Or left as is. It does not hurt in any way. Russian language in chat? So what? There used to be server "Obeya" and "Patriot". People played with Russians and it was not a problem. Take a look at more popular games! CS: GO? Russians play with Poles, Swedes, Turks. Nobody makes separate servers and does not separate people. This is complete nonsense. There is a difference only in ping where the servers are located. But in our case Nekrov and the Citadel have the same location. Combine already faster server, it is impossible. If you bought the game and want to develop it. That is a very important step. If you pull, the server just will not live another 3-4 months. What problems still have? If you don’t like the idea of carrying a weapon, just delete it and make a compensation (Which players on the forum will choose) Sometimes, to move forward, you must first take a step back. Sorry for english, used Google Translate.
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