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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Would it be possible to rework or do something about the current way of swapping weapon modifications? It's fairly annoying whenever one wants to switch mods in middle of a mission, since it takes so long to do so, just because of the inventory lagging a lot. My idea of what could be done about this is this: Make the mods usable all the time (even if it's equipped on a different gun). One would see it in one's inventory, click on it, and it would automatically take the weapon mods out of the weapon it was on, put it on the weapon one wants it to be transferred onto, and switch the mods back to the previous weapon when one switches back to said previous weapon again, or any other weapon that has the mod equipped on it. Also, it would be cool if there were some sort of modification window or section in the inventory where we would be able to click and select multiple modifications at the same time (for weapons with more slots) so we wouldn't have to switch them 1 by 1 as we currently have to. And it would be also really cool if we could move our weapons to the desired position inside the inventory's UI, or at least favorite some of them (e.g. having 10 favorite slots that will always show on top) so we wouldn't have to search for weapons as much... it gets especially bad when we need to switch mods and weapons in the middle of mission, don't know on which weapon we left the modification equipped on and then we need to equip it first in order to clear the mods, then find the weapon we wanted to use in the first place - again- to put the mods on, all while the whole inventory is lagging as hell - and the mission is over by then . (I am running the game on 100-120fps with 40-60ms but the inventory is lagging so I dont think the problem is on my hardware part, I know a lot of people are experiencing inventory lag; I know it's possible to buy mods for all your guns, but for example in my case I'm not going to buy mods for 90+guns at 60k a piece, it's such a grind to get all of them.) Its just a suggestion on a quality of life update for players.
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