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Found 5 results

  1. So i heard how people lose weapons from their mailbox's but didn't want to believe cause it never happened to me or my friends till 1 month ago it happened. i lost my new legendary weapon that i traded with a friend. It was the Jersy Devil part of the EL3 series ( i think that's is what the series is called but its JMB 17) and i used it for a day till it disappeared the next day when i got on to use it in another character. The mailbox is safe in my opinion but after this who knows if the mailbox might do it to me again . I looked around all my 6 characters and nothing, i looked for hours literally, i put in a ticket with proof i had it and that was a month ago here's my new ticket and old (old then new) #85242 and #86670 more info in the ticket leading up to the event. Has anyone have this happen to you?
  2. Trinkets could use world models, they could either be attached to characters belt or worn as a necklace (depending on the trinket). It would make the trinket wardrobe slot usefull, and a "invisible trinket" item could be added to the store as well.
  3. As it is, you can only equip either shirt + duster/ jacket or shirt + armor. My suggestion is adding a "vest" or "body armor" so you can have shirt +sleeveless armor/ vest + duster/ jacket, by sleevless armor I mean items like: Riot Vest or Reinforced Vest ,full body armor like Hexweave/mesoprene plate or Laminate armor would still take up both "back" slot AND the new "vest/ armor" slot. The revised "back" slot (could also be renamed to "coat/ jacket") could then only be used for non-closed coats/ clothing like coats (Isnt there a word for this?) , such as Greaser Jacket or Duster , to prevent stacking armor on top of each other. Of course the armor stacking problem can also be solved by making this whole system wardrobe only.
  4. One think i notice from launch and thought it would be address in the future ( in the few months but its been two years still nothing) would be the frame drops and the lag( if there is some ) when switching weapons, mods, cars, graffiti, and etc But it wasn't, would this be fixed in the new update when your finally able to send the new build to microsoft? Also there's a bug where if you switch your weapon a lot in game you get this bug where your frame rate drops down to 1 then goes back up every time you shoot your weapon. This takes the fun and seriousness of the game and throws it down to the abyss cause it makes you unable to help your team. For a example say the enemy team has medium to long rage weapons and you want to be aggressive you would want to switch to a proper weapon to counter so it'll be easy for you and your team (if you have one ) but since you get the bug when you switch you gotta reset or just don't do anything at all. (like help kill enemy's) This bug will make you look bad ingame if you have a reputation or trying to gain one ( i know people who want to make a name for themselves ( including myself ) and this is how they do it, they go to missions and play but this makes it hard for us whether its our team or the enemy it makes us look like a noobs who can't aim or shoot. its bad enough with the frame dropping and the lag but at least fix this so we only can deal with a few hardships
  5. Hello May I suggest a change with the Mail Items for Armas purchased goods. When I make a new character, I shouldnt have to retrieve 81 Items (personally) Armas items, surely we can get this automated much like receiving consumable rewards from missions. Suggestion: Automatically deposits Armas items into your Characters inventory for existing and new characters. Other method: Add a "Read all" button in the mailing system which in turn collects the items for you and checks all your mail to get rid of those pesky notifications on the bottom left corner of your Hud when playing.
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