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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. I know there is a already a topic releated to that, but I would like to share my own idea in a own topic about that. For me it's a big change that I always have to run to the joker machine to buy ammo. But I think it is a good idea to change that, because now the joker machine has a sense in that game. Still I have a few ideas to make it better: More options to buy ammo: Purchcase Ammo for only 1 categorie (we already have that) Purchcase Ammo for all equipped weapons Purchcase Ammo for all categories Automatically buying ammo: I think there should be a option to automatically buy ammo, but if you enable that you have to pay extra money. So for all people who are annoyed of running to joke machine, they can pay extra and get their ammo refilled. All other people who want to save some money can run to the machine and buy the ammo on their own. Example: What you guys think about it? Is automatically buying ammo maybe unfair in gameplay? Would like to hear some opinions!
  2. Looking to purchase Neverender Pistols. I know it's rare, probably impossible to get. But hey, would be crazy not to try. Leave a Private Message if you want to negotiate / trade.
  3. Selling: horns, halo, witch dress, witch hat, pumpkin head, halloween box, xmas gift, Also I can buy marketplace items from marketplace store for trade/sale in game. Buying: All 3 Tradable Premiums, Name Changes, Dome AP Injectors, All trades welcome. mail me or pm me.
  4. If you've ever spent 5s in Social, you'll know that 90% of chat is people spamming about selling/trading/buying legendaries, and the odd "Buy my shit" messages. People will send messages that take up most of the chat box itself. This can lead to people having a conversation (3+ people) having a difficult time keeping up with what's been said. Because of this, I'm suggesting there be a separate chat entirely, purely for people to advertise what they're buying/selling/trading. Yes, Social was made nearly purely for this talk, but it's getting out of hand.
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