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Found 2 results

  1. Araun

    Clan system overhaul

    Intro Hello! This time I will talk about clan system, hope you will enjoy/find something interesting in my rumbling. As it now clan system is too simple and goes around " Create a name, invite someone and thats it ", sounds bland right? Soo my idea is clans should have " tiers " and perks. But lets start with " prelude ", as you probably know by now, i have a bit of a " vendetta " against " duplicated " rooms in social and I want to give it more " life " and meaning. Soo lets rework room on left side of social, on the first floor right under " Presitgue " clothing zone. It will hold a name of Organization HQ, where you can do every administration aspect of your " clan, guild, organization. Whatever you prefer to call it. ", access guild vendor( will talk about it later ) and see " corner of fame " for high ranked organizations( will talk about it later as well ) You create initial clan by same means as now and it will be tier 0. Basically what we have right now, you create a name and invite people, tier 0 clan will not give anything to you and your members, its basically something like permanent group chat for friends. In order to advance it to actual " clan " you need to go in Organization HQ in social and register your clan into organization, unlocking all the systems and progression. Registration fee should cost cash, probably even hefty amount of it ( My idea would be something around 1-5 mill ), since it then will achieve two goals, first being lower amount of cash for players " helps with inflation and by now most of the people have ton of cash " and second limit the amount of " troll " clans. And well extra reason, clans will hold a value now. So as you register your clan in HQ and it will become tier 1 and progression system will be unlocked, basically clan will have " exp " bar and lets call it something like " Respect/Fame " in other words your clan goes on path to become something as big as NPC factions like Praetorians, Prentiss Tigers, Blood Roses, G-Kings. Progression in tiers You will earn " respect " when you members play game normally, meaning after each mission clan will get small portion of exp. Meaning that in order to progress your clan you need active members and not having your clan just as " place holder " for secondary characters. In order to avoid high skill clans to " farm " clan exp with easy wins on low skilled enemies, we can also implement a system where if its clan team of gold they will receive clan exp on 100% on gold district, 50% on silver district and 0 on bronze district. So basically if you detreat and get access to bronze you will be getting less and less if not zero clan exp. Also tiers after tier 1 will have benefits of their own. As I really don`t want any " combat " related ones, since it will create actual unbalance between being in top and low tier clans, we should avoid stuff like that. In my opinion benefits such as increased exp-cash if played as a clan, discounts, unique items in clan vendor( will talk about it later ), titles and other stuff that doesn't affect balance. Example: Tier 1 - Title, unique armband( With flat side, so clan logo could be placed perfectly ), clan theme( Will discuss this later ). Tier 2 - Increasing standing reward for each clan member in group by 1% Tier 3 - Increasing cash reward for each clan member in group by 1% Tier 4 - Access to clan vault Tier 5 - Access to clan vendor Tier 6 - Discount 5% in vendors Tier 7 - Increasing standing reward for each clan member in group by 2% Tier 8 - Increasing cash reward for each clan member in group by 2% Tier 9 - Access to clan vendor tier 2 items Tier 10 - Discount 10% in vendors And so on. Well I guess, you get an idea what I mean. ( Actual benefits should be discussed with balancing team i think. I just gave an example on what I meant ) Roles and Hierarchy A simple leader, officer and member is rather limited, since mostly clan have a lot more then that. They should be expanded and customized by leader/second in command/officers. Example: Leader Sub-Leader Captain Lieutenant Member Rookie Where leader decides what each role can do and what cannot. Basically when you open role management tab in clan window, you as a leader can check and uncheck limits of each role rights. Such as access to clan vault, who can invite, who can manage roles below them, who can kick and etc. For full customization may even let leader to create and name roles. Clan Vendor and Vault Lets start with a clan vault. As I briefly mentioned in " Bank of San Paro " vault would be able to hold any " tradable " item, where leaders can set what role can deposit/take items from it, same as how many items per day. If clan has symbols, outfits, it can be put there instead of constantly duplicating hassle for clan designer and less struggle for members to " hunt " down clan designer if they need something. Also as members " contribute " to leveling and other clan activities( this will be talked about later ) they will accumulate " points ", think about it as DKP system. Example what you can do with points - leader puts legendary gun from his inventory into clan vault and sets its price in points, so members can see it and have a extra motivation to be active and useful to a clan. ( Also helps to track active players ). Well, nothing that else can be said about vault, since its just a bank after all. Now lets talk about clan vendor. Vendor will set unique themed items, such as weapon reskins, skins, clothing, unique car versions( preset car with unique visual mods or maybe even unique inner mods, like change honk to clan theme and etc ) and consumables( So we can finely move them out of random reward for missions, haha? ) available only through this vendor. In my opinion this will give extra motivation for people to socialize by joining in active clans. Also for the sake of balance, all items in this vendor could be " time " based, so we would not have people who joined an active clan, bough stuff and left. Ranked System Naturally comes that if when clan requires active members, there will be competition involved. So whats is easiest way for non-clan and newbies to find most active clans to join? Simplest would be implement leaderboard. So it will reflect clan member count, clan tier, their overall member rank( color ). Probably you have a question right now as " But wait, that`s not enough to determin what place a clan would have " and you would be right. Leaderboard will also take into account win/lose ration in clan wars. I know Matt said they currently don`t want to implement new freeroam maps, since player base will be divided even more. And as much as I want new freeroam maps, i have to agree with this. But there still is a way to add something new. My idea is clan warzone, basically a map of medium size where you don`t fight as enf or crim but represent only your own clan in a "conquest" missions, think about it as castle/territory sieges in PvP based MMORPGS. So your clan will earn rank faster and other rewards( By that i mean after this activity you will be send a box with rewards via mail, something minor but still worthwhile, like joker tickets, cash and etc ) in achieving top places. This approach open creativity with mission creation, since everyone is an enemy. Example would probably like " King of a hill " and etc, hijack convoys and etc. Basically can be used a lot of ideas that were not suited for regular maps. Also this doesn't require big map like financial or waterfront and you can use any map of smaller size that you did not know where to implement ( if rumors that RTW had some prototypes were true that is ) and if you don`t have these, it doesn't need to be a big map either. But what about not dividing playerbase? Well, trick is..clan warzone will be open only on weekends( Or even once a month ) for clan to fight for leaderboard and fame. _______________________ Well, I have nothing regarding this topic left in my current state of mind. The only thing I need to point out is next topic/suggestion will be regarding cars and there going to be some money sinks in it, so all cash increases from clan system will balance out. Probably.
  2. CURE - Central Urban Response & Enforcement Welcome potential new recruit! We are CURE, an EU (Citadel) enforcer clan that promotes good team work and which aims to clean up the city of San Paro. Our ranks are open to anyone who wishes to join, we don't discriminate again rank or threat level, everyone is welcome, we're just here to have a good time! We strive to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone can group up together with other clan mates to help each other progress their characters and contacts through missions. We don't mind what rank you are or what your threat level is, if you just want other friendly individuals to play with, this is the clan for you! As we are part of a gaming community you will also find other benefits in joining our clan! We have our own game servers and teamspeak/discord server and you will find that many players from all over the world are proud to call our community home. Recruitment Want to join? Great! Either send a in-game mail message to CombatMedic02 or one of our officers listed on the staff page below or ask to join us in the clan recruitment channel on our Discord server. We’ll get an invite sent out to you when we’re next both online. We are always looking for good team players with good attitudes that will make our clan great so if you think this sounds like you, send me a message in-game today! Our current Officers can be found Here! Rules By joining CURE please remember that you are representing us as a clan. There are a few rules to follow if you want to stay with us which can be seen below, just a few obvious rules really, nothing unreasonable but rules that I expect all CURE officers to follow. 1) Be Active - If you are going to be away for a while at least let me know, I don't want clan slots occupied by players that don't play much. 2) Be Polite/Friendly - Don't argue with players in district chat, it gives us all a bad name, I'd like for us to be a clan other people would want to be a part of. 3) Teamwork is Key - Work together when playing with other clan members, respect other clan officers and each other. Don't insult each other, team kill other officers on purpose or leave them behind when they are about to be killed. Uniforms/Clan Vehicles Uniforms are currently completely optional so don’t feel like you are forced to wear one I just wanted to promote some clan pride and team spirit by at least geting us wearing the same colours. You can buy our starter kit uniform or build your own by requesting our symbols! We want you to make your uniform your own and unique to you while showing you are part of the team. It just looks pretty awesome when we all turn up in our clan vehicles and pile out in clan colours. We're enforcers after all, I think it's cool to look like we belong to an organised unit. But as stated earlier, it's completly up to you. We even sell some pretty awesome looking clan vehicles too! If you would like to buy one check out our website and let me know which one you would like to buy and I'll make one up and send it out to you. Criminals plague the city and we are the CURE! Links Click Here to Visit our Website's Clan Page! Click Here to Visit our Youtube Channel! Click Here to Visit our Twitch Channel! Click Here to Visit our Steam Group! Click Here to Join our Discord!
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