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  1. Created a full track off my APB Theme Here's my work Let me know what you guys think Preview : Full Release: ScarkieTiger Citadel
  2. @CookiePuss Speaking for myself, i produce everything myself, am a sound engineer sometimes it's easier to copy from 1 platform to another because i originally make the melody in FL, other cases - do it manually in theme maker if i come up with a melody quick
  3. @CookiePuss Thanks for the heads-up, i reposted it on there making the new thread for music, hope it gets pinned
  4. Tag them all in, let's get the crew in, i did many attempts, made Social clans of just artists and creators, but some bizzare things rolled off during Pre LO times and after i banned a theme duper/stealer/copier it all broke down
  5. Dude that's pretty dope I like the structure, got an 8 bit vibe with a cool baseline, keep it up My goal here is to encourage everybody to show their artistic side, if you're ever on Citadel - Holla, i want to get a few of those songs @Keshi
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