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  1. You can see even from the High Roller bundle image where the female character has the high waist shorts appears on top of the blouse she's wearing. Even some players managed to have whatever top they wear to be underneath the shorts. But when I try it myself my t-shirt/ buttoned blouse is just covering the top part of the high waist shorts, so how can I make it so that the tops are not covering the shorts?
  2. https://imgur.com/a/BdMUVPv Still there since 2014 so...
  3. okay thanks, I have it enabled so now I turned on again it should fix
  4. I was prompt to key in the verification code every time I login/switch character which is very annoying, the remember me button is just not working so I'm thinking of disabling that 2FA forever, what will I get? trade lock? Can I still buy from Armas/marketplace without 2FA?
  5. I do have Adguard to block ads, is it considered a vpn? pretty sure I used their free trial before but doesn't work, but thanks I'll give it a try again
  6. Is using of vpn allowed in this game? I'm having 350ms on citadel and 300ms on jericho, besides moving to US the only way to reduce my ping is through vpn, is it allowed? If yes what's the best VPN to use?
  7. I am not able to login to my account for more than a week now, already submitted a ticket week ago, how long more are you going to take to reply and assist? If you need manpower you can hire me to work in your support deaprtment #helpmematt
  8. Just wiped data from my phone so I'm not able to receive 2FA codes,neither can I add it, any ways to log in to apb website without the 2FA code?
  9. EneSeto

    Error in the update

    whats the processess name? I cant find any apb program running
  10. Well I didn't expect so many replies because the last time I checked there's no reply. Thanks for the advices, really appreciate it! I'll just reply all here: Thanks but already have one Sorry about not telling what I've own, the reason I asked for opinion is because I'm afraid I purchase a gun that is hard to use or just bad in general(I know it's still up to a players opinion that which gun is bad and not). But I just don't want to make the misatake to choose the wrong one...I saved up only 10K JT over 6 years so I want to make sure I won't regret what I buy. Already have euryale, but thanks for the advice I totally agree, a JT3 Osamw also skips the grinding of explosive rank. Having it in my inventory permanently defifnitely is great. Love to use that shotgun, already have it. Don't own the first 3 so yeah thanks I'll add swarm and ATAC to my wishlist. I really didn't know showstopper is in Joker store, seems to be pretty strong? I'll consider it thanks! I used to play mostly close range with smg or shotgun, now I'm picking up Oscar and STAC 10 but I gues it's still considered close-mid range? I currently doesn't have any plans to spend real money to get weapons, even if have it would be Joker box weapons (Just wasn't sure if buying Joker box is a good choice) Now I wish to switch playstyle a little bit since ranking up on my current character is over, wanted to have some fun and try out different weapons. Explosives, snipers and the showstopper are my top choices right now.
  11. should I go for the scout , FAR or the Golden OSMAW? jk please dont recommand the osmaw, 3 slots are pretty pointless
  12. Yeah that's pretty much what I have to do, exit steam everytime I want to play apb Alright I'll look out for such program in the task manager
  13. As said in the title, tried uninstalling and the problem still exists, I cannot restart game becuase steam will say the game is already running. My steam status would show I'm in game but actually not, and I've checked task manager there's no apbprogram running anywhere
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