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  1. Found a PnkBstrA.exe in my system and I guess it stands for PunkBuster? I recall APB used to have it but does it still uses that? Should be okay if I delete the program right?
  2. Alright I finally figured out the problem, steam overlay interfere with RTSS/MSI Afterburner, so now that I have it closed, steam overlay works in APB again.
  3. wait there is? never really looks through settings in this game. Anyway I wasn't sure what's blocking it from launching too, maybe I should reinstall the game later to see if it fix, launch steam using administrator doesn't work.
  4. damn that sucks, I just wanted to take screenshot and upload it on steam cool I'll give it a try hope it works
  5. I launched the game through Steam, no config or anything, I have steam overlay enabled but only APB doesn't have overlay showed up in-game (tested other games are fine) Any solutions?
  6. never thought of that, thanks! I'll give it a try
  7. Any ideas for the bottom especially? I'm using long sleeve shirt as top but if I use Leggings as bottom the color wouldn't match and it looks weird, what bottom are you guys using so that it looks like an actual bodysuit?
  8. You can see even from the High Roller bundle image where the female character has the high waist shorts appears on top of the blouse she's wearing. Even some players managed to have whatever top they wear to be underneath the shorts. But when I try it myself my t-shirt/ buttoned blouse is just covering the top part of the high waist shorts, so how can I make it so that the tops are not covering the shorts?
  9. https://imgur.com/a/BdMUVPv Still there since 2014 so...
  10. okay thanks, I have it enabled so now I turned on again it should fix
  11. I was prompt to key in the verification code every time I login/switch character which is very annoying, the remember me button is just not working so I'm thinking of disabling that 2FA forever, what will I get? trade lock? Can I still buy from Armas/marketplace without 2FA?
  12. I do have Adguard to block ads, is it considered a vpn? pretty sure I used their free trial before but doesn't work, but thanks I'll give it a try again
  13. Is using of vpn allowed in this game? I'm having 350ms on citadel and 300ms on jericho, besides moving to US the only way to reduce my ping is through vpn, is it allowed? If yes what's the best VPN to use?
  14. I am not able to login to my account for more than a week now, already submitted a ticket week ago, how long more are you going to take to reply and assist? If you need manpower you can hire me to work in your support deaprtment #helpmematt
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