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  1. To preface, I am by far not an expert at this game but I do have a few hundred hours played and I like to play this game a little here and there. One of the first things I noticed with RIOT is just how quiet it is ingame. I understand having loud sirens and sound effects playing in the background can detract from competitive advantages such as hearing footsteps and gunshots, but when I play I feel like I'm alone in the district. Perhaps warning sounds should play before releasing of gas from each RIOT device? One of the other major things I noticed is how bad the spawns can be at times. During the end game when only a block or two are left un-gassed, the game wants to spawn me very far away from the safe zone, 400-500m in some situations. This coupled with the minute long cool down on hazmat suits is pretty much the end of the game for you as a player if it happens. Perhaps spawn players just a bit closer to the safe zone so you have a chance to live, even if you come out extremely damaged and close to death. Outside of these two major things, some other minor issues like badly pronounced taking damage from gas and the absence of vehicles also jumped out at me. A lot of the time when I'm in the gas I can't even tell I'm being damaged. A more pronounced warning or sound would be appreciated. Cars being disabled isn't that huge of an issue to me as with RIOT there's a lot more cover than a usual district but I still feel like a sitting duck when I'm running between streets. Although there's much negative criticism around RIOT, I see some potential for it. I think most of the negativity sprouts from people being fed up with waiting for the engine upgrade we've all been promised too many times. Personally I'm all for more content for the game but many others don't seem to see the same as I do. It is possible to develop new content while at the same time progressing on the engine update, so don't take this release as proof that LO is ignoring our beloved engine upgrade. It's only been a little over a year and the progress Little Orbit has made is substantial If you take a step back and look at what they've done. Sure we've hit some bumps here and there such as updates being delayed and bugs but I do sincerely think they're trying their best.
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