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  1. If this is a feature, then it works incorrectly. I don’t see an algorithm. Sometimes a nickname disappears even during a fight, and sometimes it is visible for 90 meters.
  2. This section does not read. Now I have lost hope that Matt will notice this topic and the error will be corrected :с
  3. No. Nekrova is located in the same place where the Citadel.
  4. Enemy nicknames are not displayed. This is the same problem that bothered everyone in previous events (epidemy, Slay Bells) @MattScott, Nicknames should always be displayed. Nicknames are displayed randomly: And sometimes, nicknames are displayed as they should (always): Do not say that you hear about this problem for the first time.
  5. Enemy nicknames are not visible. Exactly the same problem was observed in previous events (Epidemy, Slay Bells) Bug or feature? @MattScott @Lixil
  6. what is "apr 2019"? You got it wrong. The data of the steam is incorrect, if only because not everyone plays /starts the game through the steam, but reliability of this service is enough to see the general trend and approximate online.
  7. Just a public reprimand so that they no longer make such mistakes. They understand this without me, but I had to do it.
  8. Delays in launching RIOT resulted in minimal efficiency. We have as much online as we did two months ago, but now it's even more empty in fight clubs. Even during previous, less significant events, online rose to ~ 1100. Yes, this is beta. But with this beta we live for another six months or a year. It is not known when we will get the engine upgrade (and, accordingly, the release RIOT). I was hoping that the RIOT beta launch would help live this game before the engine was updated... Too bad. Now i hope you have learned the lesson, Little Orbit and @MattScott Yes, errors are unforeseen and no one wanted to postpone the launch several times. But the specific launch date should be announced only after all testing. Zero day errors are acceptable.
  9. I guess the update will be today. And after it the game will cease to run for many players, then the servers will be disabled for 8+ hours. p.s. To be honest, I think you should give up win7
  10. Upgrade to UE 3.5 will not make the game much better. Engine upgrade is not a magic update after which any APB problems are solved. This is just a step. One big step where it all starts (or not) [It will be the same APB with the same (and a bunch of new) bugs and problems. It takes time to solve them. So don't be upset when you first play UE 3.5] Obviously - the game must be renamed to give freshness. They will do this when they put the game in order. It may take another year or two, after upgrade to UE 3.5. I seem toxic, but with the current progress, the upgrade to UE 3.5 this year should not be expected. If we talk about UE 4 - then this is definitely not. Upgrade the game to UE 4 is a task ten times more difficult than transferring it from UE 3 to UE 3.5. / Dont need to put dislikes because you hear things that you do not like.
  11. Thank you for not marking any dates. You should do this more often. It must be remembered what kind of lies faced by the APB community. Do not give false promises and dates. Never.
  12. If you cannot release RIOT for so long, how long will you release UE 3.5? Engine upgrade - the task is 10 times more difficult. RIOT (BETA) 1. March. 2. First half of May. 3. 5 June (lol) 4. 12 June [predict postpone again] And this is only beta. With such rapid progress, I am sure the release will not be this year.
  13. Nekrova to Citadel? Russian players have been waiting for this for 3 months. Do you understand that on June 5th Nekrova will become completely dead? @MattScott // I dont play the Nekrova and dont wait for transfer.
  14. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/2/8/listening-to-the-community Also, there was another comment from Matt, but I could not find him. As we were promised RIOT "in the first half of May" you can see here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/4/19/riot-rundown
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