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  1. Hello, Thanks for answering my questions, keep making this game greater. Also a suggestion, post on Twitter when the OTW will be open, that way i think more players could join it and test the new content. Best Regards, xXSWEETinsanity
  2. Hello, I have some questions to ask, when the OTW will be open again? are there any plans to add an Brazilian server or an South American Server? I like this game and i played it through alot of years but the lag made me stop playing it, if possible, sending the game to Hoplon or another Brazilian company would be a good idea to have a Brazilian server, The APB in Hoplon ended because it was out of date in the updates and G1 didn't send the updates to Hoplon , also there are alot of hate towards Brazilians because of our lag and language, I like how Little Orbit is treating the game and i miss playing this game without lag, without discouragement and without the hate. Thanks for the attention.
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