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Found 4 results

  1. While the 2014 Halloween event and new Asylum map was nice, I was sad to see Beacon removed from Fight Club. For those newer players, Asylum, the wholly unoptimized mess it is, was brought to APB as an event for Halloween, and it never left. The map itself has many areas where the game can drop 10 or 20 frames/second for some rooms and hallways, then adding explosions, and firefights, it doesn't end well for many users. I know plenty of veterans that have asked for Beacon to be brought back, and it has, a couple times for a few events, and only temporary. While Asylum was a shiny new map, it has since lost it's shine, and now, in my opinion, just been a shiny turd since being implemented into APB. Beacon was a much better map, and ran significantly better on lower end hardware, with more people in a single map than Asylum has. The height differences, tight spaces, and open roof has allowed for much more diverse experiences than the tight hallways, and cramped rooms of Asylum. Sure there are the few open areas where a long range tactics could be used, the stale gameplay in Ablington Towers will continuously force players to either camp, or exclusively rush into halls of dozens of enemies. I'd like to poll the playerbase as to see how many people actually want to bring back Beacon permanently, or rotate the maps biweekly, or monthly; everyone can enjoy their favorite map. I would very much like to hear the opinions the rest of you guys have about the two (and I guess Baylan, so three... since that's a thing) maps. Thanks, Serg
  2. This is a simple suggestion for fight club: In the last halloween event you only saw enemy names (above their head) if you looked into their direction. I really like that idea and I think if they add it to fight club it gives a bit more challenge. In fight club you only have 2 teams and no players who are not in the mission, so it should work fine there. As example: Abington Towers: You run through the corridors and don't see enemies at the other side of the building that easy. Makes it more important to use your eyes much more than just looking for red name tags. Would like to hear your opinions!
  3. I've been playing fight club since it's been implemented in the game. I can say, after playing Baylan Fight Club almost everyday in the last 3 weeks, that it is not an enjoyable experience only due to overpopulation. The zone feels to be quite small and linear to hold a 20vs20 deathmatch. It is pure chaos there. The problems i encountered, and i think i'm not the only one, are the following: - the teams now get even more unbalanced (and the faction population gap can be larger) - the better team is obliterating the losing one, with a big score difference (most of the time) that means the losing side can do very little against it, since they are dead most of the time, and when they spawn they immediately get overwhelmed by the enemies who already have the better positions I'd like to suggest lowering the population to 32 as it was initially, it was a lot better and the new players will not have such a hard time understanding what is going on. Or 30. I think 40 is a lot. I suppose it is 40 because there was always a full district and the other empty, but now we have the same problem again, and currently there is enough population to sustain 2 running districts just fine. And if i am wrong please tell me why is it like this, I want to know why this change was done. Thanks
  4. Hello. To be honest, I haven't been updated on this topic for a while, so I'm not 100% sure if these plans have been changed. But back in June 2018, @MattScott announced that Fight Club would eventually be replaced by a new mode called "Riot", and possibly removed. June 29, Matt said: "Spoiler: I am going to get rid of Fight Club and Open Conflict[...] FC will stay in until we fully release the new mode, and we see a significant drop off in FC players." On June 30, he explained a bit more and said that there will be a new mode called "Riot" will be added to the game and eventually maybe replace OC and Fight Club "Internally the new mode is being called "Riot". It will go to OTW long before we add it to production, and we can run it as a replacement to Open Conflict. ". Here he also explained that he was a bit unclear in the post from June 29th. And almost a year later, we got the new mode, Riot. So... what are the plans for Fight Club? For me, Fight Club is one of the reasons I still play APB, and I see no point in removing it entirely. Though I can totally say that Fight Club is far from perfect, and has never been perfect. It needs a lot of changes and fixes, such as those disgusting spawns in Baylan, and boring mission objectives in Asylum. What do the community think about this? And how can they make FC better?
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