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  1. when you're playing it everyday it starts to get really frustrating, and it is not a complicated problem at all
  2. I posted this thinking it is not a hard change to implement
  3. I've been playing fight club since it's been implemented in the game. I can say, after playing Baylan Fight Club almost everyday in the last 3 weeks, that it is not an enjoyable experience only due to overpopulation. The zone feels to be quite small and linear to hold a 20vs20 deathmatch. It is pure chaos there. The problems i encountered, and i think i'm not the only one, are the following: - the teams now get even more unbalanced (and the faction population gap can be larger) - the better team is obliterating the losing one, with a big score difference (most of the time) that means the losing side can do very little against it, since they are dead most of the time, and when they spawn they immediately get overwhelmed by the enemies who already have the better positions I'd like to suggest lowering the population to 32 as it was initially, it was a lot better and the new players will not have such a hard time understanding what is going on. Or 30. I think 40 is a lot. I suppose it is 40 because there was always a full district and the other empty, but now we have the same problem again, and currently there is enough population to sustain 2 running districts just fine. And if i am wrong please tell me why is it like this, I want to know why this change was done. Thanks
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