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  1. Of the existing clothing items: The Capri Cargoes I love them and they arte generally good fun to paint on. But i gotta say that I wish the female version didn't come with built-in belt and glasses, i find it limits my options when combining them with other items: I feel like I'm forced to use the Hip Scarf as any other belts on it looks silly. The Denim Jacket It just looks good and has a nice set of areas to paint on. The Hoodie (both hood up and down) This is always good fun to paint on. The fact you can select the sleeve stripes as its own paintable area is a little thing that makes it great. Items that are not in the game but i'd like to see someday: Sleeveless turtleneck top Take the minidress, remove sleeves and have it stop at the waist, so i can wear it with baggy pants. No bare midriff, a larger paintable area offers more designing options. Cargo skirt A skirt with POCKETS! Big *** pockets! Pantyhose Lots of potential when combining it with other items. Plus, a must have for anyone who wants to make a superhero costume.
  2. Yeah, i see that often and i admit i was guilty of that in my early designs. I think the reason people fall into that trap is because they see more elaborate designs as requiring more skills, therefore, perhaps for the sake of practice or perhaps in order to prove themselves they can create something very challenging (most likely a bit of both), they clutter cars and outfits in an attempt to cram in all their best symbols. But unfortunately, like you said, it's too much and makes the final result unreadable. Here's three bits of advice i can offer. Keep in mind these are just some general guidelines that don't need to be followed religiously. You can still make great designs without sticking to any of them. Try to limit your color scheme to 2-3 main colors and maybe a couple more for little accents here and there. This allows you enough variety to have some contrasts without risking the outfit looking confusing like some bizarre camouflage. Remember to give some space between lines and different symbols otherwise it's likely that people won't understand what's going on unless they're very close (and in APB people look at you mainly from mid to far distance). Make background textures subtle if you have an other symbol over them. For example, if your base color is green, use different shades of green for anything backgroundish and a completely different color, like... let's say yellow, for the dominant symbol. Alternatively, consider reducing opacity to background symbols in order to have the main ones pop out mode.
  3. Meet Val Music lover, basketball fan and parkour enthusiast, Val used to work gigs as stuntwoman for a while. Unfortunately she had a tendency to go off-scrip in order to make even more insane and spectacular acrobatics and, despite her performance being indeed impressive, directors and producers were less than amused by her antics. So her career was short lived. Or... it would have been if someone at Joker's marketing department didn't see advertising potential in in this reckless daredevil. Now, Val has pretty much carte blanche to perform whatever crazy stunt she wants, for as long as she's promoting Joker Distribution. [Edit] Increased saturation and added a gradient to the pants. Wasn't too happy with the original gray design.
  4. Tonight we meet on the marina piers. Use the gate behind the sushi restaurant. NOTE: Only the small cars can squeeze past the gate.
  5. We did a practice run the other day, so iv anyone's curious, this is what a match plays like:
  6. WQ beat me to it, but just to confirm, since the event is on citadel, the times will be Europe-friendly. While i am at this, I am going to extend the deadline for submissions.
  7. The matches will be scheduled after the deadline. I'll give a list of days to pick from. Just for the records it'll be evenings and/or weekends.
  8. Giving this a lil bump as i made some updates to the main topic and deadline is getting close. ^^
  9. Tonight we meet in Waterfront at Atlas Apartments
  10. This event dragged on a bit, but we finally have a winner. Samwich Congratulations!!! Please get in touch with me to get your 1M prize. ^^
  11. Hello. Submissions are now open for taking part in the Carball Citadel Cup. WHAT IS CARBALL? Well, let's start from the basics. It may not look like one, but THIS is the ball. ...and the bridge you see behind it is the goal. In Carball teams of 3 compete against each other in trying to score the most points by using their cars to push the ball into the opponent's goal. The first team to score 5 goals wins the match. Simple as that. HOW TO ENTER First of all, form a team. Teams are composed by 3 players, so all you need is two friends to join you or feel free to make a "Looking for Team" post in this thread. Once you have a team, chose your team's colors and paint your vehicles accordingly. This is required so teams can be more easily distinguished in the mayhem that occurs during the match. Matching outfits are optional but very VERY welcome (note that in the very unlikely event in which two teams end in a tie, the win is awarded to the team with the best designs). Once your team is ready, make a post that contains: Name of the team Names of the players forming the team Picture of the team ...and then you'll be added to the roster. CARBALL RULES The playfield is the spaces between the bridges in Financial's Memorial park (including the grassy slopes). Players can only use vehicles that can be spawned by players (no Kolvas or Blue Steel allowed). No vehicle mods are allowed. Player starting positions are on the grassy slopes in the 1/4 of the playfield near their own goal. One car (only one) is allowed to start from under the team's own goal bridge. A goal is scored when the ball is pushed entirely under the bridge (for as long as a tiny bit of bumper sticks out, it's not a goal). The ball resets (ball back in the center and players in starting positions) if one of the following occurs: The ball explodes The ball is out An entire team is unable to move (flipped over, stuck, on fire...) Running over and killing the ref is a foul. A player committing two fouls is benched for one play (until next ball reset) as penalty. NOTE: When the ball is considered "out" is at the referee's discretion. While the boundaries playfied may seem easy to define, the ball tend to leave those boundaries fairly often. Therefore, in order to not interrupts the match too often with a reset, the ref may allow the game to continue for as long as it looks like the ball is going to be pushed back into the playfield within a reasonable time. So, don't stop playing just because you see the ball being pushed over the slope. The game is on until the ref says "out" (and only the ref gets to make that call). If you got flipped over, stuck or on fire, run to the nearest car spawn and get back to the game ASAP, because the game is not gonna stop for you. The ball resets only if an entire team is out. For as long as there's one player per team still running, the game continues. PRIZES Players in the winning team will receive 500.000 APB$ each. If you win you can request, instead, a custom vehicle of your choice, designed as per your specifications, worth up to 500.000 APB$* *Please be aware that i do not have all kits for all vehicles and, due to my main character being an Enforcer, I cannot offer Espacio, Bishada and Mikro. ROSTER Team Psygo69 Psygo Jackie Jenz THIS IS A CITADEL EVENT
  12. Sign ups are closed now. All the participants have been listed at the bottom of the first post. Those of you who are in the list, please contact me privately for scheduling your run. When you do, please suggest a one-hour slot in the time brackets listed below. Thursday 13th (19:00 - 23:59 CEST) Friday 14th (19:00 - 23:59 CEST) Saturday 15th (11:00 - 23:59 CEST) Thank you.
  13. Giving this a bump to highlight that I have set the time windows during which we can schedule the runs: Thursday 13th (19:00 - 23:59 CEST) Friday 14th (19:00 - 23:59 CEST) Saturday 15th (11:00 - 23:59 CEST) An individual run generally takes between 20m to 1h (counting in the preparation time) and we can easily manage even if there's a bit of overlap. The proper scheduling will happen once submissions are closed, but feel free to suggest a 1h slot within the above time windows for your run.
  14. Hi Sellout, Just make a post with the name of the character you are entering with. Remember that your character needs to be of the Criminal Faction. I'll then contact all applicants in order to schedule their run.
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