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  1. heysie

    Last Pumpkin Financial

    go find the laughter sounds
  2. I am a premium player, but I was expecting a free 3day premium code for everyone upfront... we havn't had one of these in a long time. little reminder black and white are no colors
  3. please turn mitigation back on!
  4. Great work so far from everyone involved. I hope LO will get to this. And I hope the team in Sydney is making progress on getting us closer to UE4.
  5. heysie

    did citadel just die

    ingame mail server doesnt even respond....
  6. heysie

    did citadel just die

    yeah just give everybody +70ms latency by enabling migration services.. can't be that hard to push a button can it?
  7. heysie

    did citadel just die

    I can confirm that :>
  8. heysie

    'The Gauntlet!' Finally over!

    congratulations to the winner
  9. heysie

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    Ingame Name: heysie / BruceCampbell Faction: Crime / Enforcer Clan: DRUCKWELLE Country: Germany Favourite APB Weapon: N-HVR 762 Dvah Character Gender: Male
  10. heysie

    'The Gauntlet!' Finally over!

    IGN: heysie Car: 4x4 Vegas Mod: tba
  11. heysie

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    griefing doesnt seem to be that popular anymore... I post the time and date of CRL races on the forum for everyone to see havn't had any problems so far. That was before the LittleOrbit thing though... if it changes we will have to adabt....
  12. heysie

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    No, I'm the best!
  13. I think it's understandable. Lets get the engine up to par with consoles first so we can atleast have the same events as consoles. on another note wrong subforum for a discussion I think greetz
  14. I totally see where you are coming from. But I wouldn't rely on it. btw. nice avatar pick played that milestone of a game with a friend back in the days one on keyboard one on mouse