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  1. Tonights meeting spot will be "Merchant Park Appartment" greetz
  2. just spent 5 hours with friends to get up to devildog; there is nothing up there greetz
  3. Armas is still missing "Moirai wheels kit" and "Kurai wheels kit" as single items! greetz
  4. On another topic Can we get Moirai wheels seperate from the "Moirai Uber Bundle" I baught 1 Kit from Jokerstore and the other from Armas but now have no ability to buy the wheels -.- Same with Kurai wheels! greetz
  5. tonights meeting point will be under the sea! greetz
  6. tonights meeting point will be the backyard of "lacota Auto Distribution" greetz
  7. That's no real six core even the FX-8350 couldn't keep up with the 4 core i5 back then. They where just bad that's it! Former 8350 owner speaking here.
  8. Can we get some mitigation going please? Thank you.
  9. uhh money! The movie you are looking for clearly is Terminator 3!
  10. *pew pew* Sign me up. Even though I am gonna be an easy target. greetz
  11. go find the laughter sounds
  12. I am a premium player, but I was expecting a free 3day premium code for everyone upfront... we havn't had one of these in a long time. little reminder black and white are no colors
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