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  1. Tonight we meet at financial Gold district at "Angels - auto parts & salvage" next to the Busdepot. greetz
  2. tonight we meet on waterfront gold district inside the trainyard greetz
  3. Tonight we meet at Javez's garage in Financial Gold district. greetz
  4. This night we meet at Baylan (Waterfront Gold district). greetz
  5. Tonights CCC will be meeting at TipToe's rooftop (Gold Financial). greetz
  6. Robert "heysie" Smith Taxi driver by day, race driver at night. Organizer of the "heysieGT" and "Mikro tournament" and owner of the lap record for fastest race lap in the Formula W. As a regular in Chipps Car Club heysie is proving his pace every wednesday night - feel free to challenge him!
  7. On tonights meeting we will hit financial gold district and meet at the church. greetz
  8. On tonights meeting we will hit waterfront gold district and meet at the pier behind the sushi shop. greetz
  9. Sry for the long time no announcement. The meeting tonight will be held at Strega Bloodrose garage. Starting in aproximatly 2 hours. Maybe some "Car Ball" will be played in about 1 hour until the meeting will officially begin one hour later. greetz
  10. can citadel pls get a second social district? as of right now we only got one and it's full... I would finally like to use my premium to do some designs greetz
  11. error 9 here too ( no steam login used)
  12. thx for the event and thx for my new yukon
  13. maybe we got it all wrong and Matt was talkin 'bout a different friday
  14. Friday is almost over here don't get me started on my australian friends
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