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  1. heysie

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    griefing doesnt seem to be that popular anymore... I post the time and date of CRL races on the forum for everyone to see havn't had any problems so far. That was before the LittleOrbit thing though... if it changes we will have to adabt....
  2. heysie

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    No, I'm the best!
  3. I think it's understandable. Lets get the engine up to par with consoles first so we can atleast have the same events as consoles. on another note wrong subforum for a discussion I think greetz
  4. I totally see where you are coming from. But I wouldn't rely on it. btw. nice avatar pick played that milestone of a game with a friend back in the days one on keyboard one on mouse
  5. That is a big IF. I doubt that they will refund players. Or did I just miss that part in the Q&A?
  6. they should do that sooner rather than later as of after announcing this who is gonna spend money now if you can just wait till prices drop
  7. heysie

    Citadel Racing League

    but the race is gonna happen 2 days later
  8. heysie

    Citadel Racing League

    NEXT RACE: Race H: "Mikro Tournament Final" Saturday 2nd of June 2018 7pm GMT/UTC 1:23 - 2:30 in the video below See you there!
  9. heysie

    Citadel Racing League

    Citadel Racing League Server: Citadel season1 rules: Car: Varzuga no mods No use of blowtorch No use of weapons (except starting nade ) No respawn of car No shortcuts (pls ask if tracklimits are unclear) 5-7 laps per race Race A was 2 participants only so no order given Race B had 1lap 1try qualifying before race Starting in reversed Grid from race C on (determined by league rank new racers go p1) Points are given for finishing each race first gets 10 points, second 8, third 6, fourth 5, fiveth 4, sixth 3, seventh 2, and eighth 1 point. Steam-Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/APB-VRL Discord-Server: https://discord.gg/hD4WMu2 Race A: "Around the Boat" 5 Laps Race B: "ReaperRace" 5 Laps Race "FinancialFun" 7 Laps Race "WitchQ Xmas Bash" 7 Laps Race E: "Railroads" 7 Laps Race F: "heysieGT" 7 Laps
  10. heysie

    Pay2Grief - Win $400k EVERY Friday!!

    my point of view trying to protect the unprotectable greetz
  11. heysie

    New forum

    pls delete me forum lagged i pressed post twice -.-
  12. heysie

    New forum

    any chance we get a final look at the old forum still need to backup player-event forums and my signature....
  13. heysie

    Welcome to the new forums

    Hi @ console guys