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  1. laugh all you want, doesnt change that the rest of that is facts. they clearly lied and said they dont have any mail from matt, when they afterwards admitted they do have the mail but "didnt see due to vacation"
  2. 1st of all, look at that picture. they are just trying to come of as LO being a faker in this scenario. and the sentencing clearly says "we sent ALL info to g1" that means said purchase records doesnt exist. because they werent sent of with the full package of data already sent. but this is just another case of fellow patriotism isnt it. we are always in the wrong as long as your fellow countryman said something without proof, he just said it randomly, AFTER being bashed by a whole community, and saying "we havent got a mail" but suddenly they did have that same mail that they never had in the first place?... and being a company and end a sentence with "-.-" what are they? a bunch of twelve year olds with some stolen serverblades? some professionalism please. EDIT: to clarify, it says nowhere that they sent purchase history, they said they sent all information they have to g1. that doesnt mean they sent purchase history. you clearly just read whatever you want it to say.
  3. anyone here claiming they are subject to compensation is stupid, you DONATED money to a company, said company literally ripped you off by givin the item you bought for 100 rub to someone next to you for free, and thereby destroyed the apb innova economy, thats why you werent transfered to citadel in the first place, you had too many abusive gms, characters with higher than normal privelige, and items that never was supposed to be used by the general public. either you accept the deal, or you can keep playing the short time that nekrova and its stated 30ish conncurent online playerbase until it shuts down. and then logoff permanently. there are many citadel players that doesnt want any of you on citadel due to seeing your previous priveliges as cheating the system, i am one of them, if it were for me you all should be deleted and banned, but thats not how it works, i gladly accept you into citadel given this scenario, any other scenario and you would not be welcome and given APB unforgiving community, you would be taking endless flak just because of your server of origin. frustration is acceptable to some extent. but you are just being selfish and want your best in slot items and not-earned-for cash and priveliges staying, on a server where said stuff has NEVER existed and NEVER will. this is not innova. this is another company. understand that. you didnt buy shit from LO, not even from G1, you bought shit from innova. thereby LO is in no stance to be required to reimburse you anything. bringing any of these stupid broken items or rank 300 chars over would result in an even more broken economy than the hit the economy will take just from your insane amount of apb dollars that you actually will get transfered. this migration in one way or the other will break the economy and/or gameplay. LO is just doing their best to please the russian community, but still make sure to not totally F over the citadel community, whilst also keeping the company healthy. thats a hell of a job and if you dont see it from the companys perspective and only from yours own as a player, maybe you shouldnt chip in to the discussion because you clearly dont evaluate the situation as a whole, and only to what profits you as an individual. sorry for the harsh language but im sick of all the childish whimpering and bitching
  4. Don't cater to crybabies please. Everyone had a chance to keep the times. It wasnt like anyone worked at all times the event was held. Black desert holds events where you get a single random timewindow per day to complete said event be it bossfight spawning somewhere in the world or whatever. Sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone to get it. This way the skin shows of dedication and or later down the line, rare value. People are offended by everything today. Don't get a skin having several hours each day to get it?-whine how stupid others were for setting a schedule for you to get it or make time to do so-... Sigh Edit: asking this in hindsight will always result in everyone without the skin to want it for free.
  5. This x1000. We get what we are promised and as i stated before. with very little information (but still unique such) they could find all the accounts that i made through the years and i could finally gather all my stuff properly. G1 aint got shit on LO. LO does it all by the books. And tells us about it, not because they are forced to, but because they want to. I highly doubt there is yet a single unjustified ban thrown from LOs bannhammer that wasnt fixed immediatley. If it ever happened. Just assuming since we all make misstakes as humans We are done here. These accounts were his own. If he sent those raunchy symbols to his wifes and kids accounts he has some problems that we cannot solve. Nevertheless You are clearly banevading. And it was said that the first time around breaking symbol guidelines they remove your symbols, second time around you get da hamma. And he provoked the gm by saying i got those symbols backed up(this is basically saying fook your rules ill do what i want, implying that you have no intent to follow the rules) Thats problematic in its own way. Sure, the gamemaster should have removed the symbols on the cars and stuff too. But i think he wanted error to go back streaming asap. But when error instead decided to insult the gm and then mock him by saying he got backups. Thats a problem in it whole self right there. You dont loose your weed to a policeman then say dw i got two kilos at home and dont expect to have hell reign upon you for doing so. You brought this on yourself. Now accept it.
  6. It is not shown, it is in the symbol chooser. So gm had right to remove them, as he did. Per example, bending over forwards in undergarnments is a sexually provocative position si?.. Im not saying this is the reason for the ban but it might very well be the reason for the first kick, during that moment he directly starts insulting the gamemaster who he knows is there, just to spark an argument or whatever its called. As you can see throughout the various threads around this topic, he gets very heated as soon as he is proven wrong. There could be many factors and variables taken into account of his ban. Im just stating the first possibilities i saw in the vid.
  7. Not really. Look at my profile pic. Im a veteran just like you. But i picked up some english through the years though. See how toxic you are? The way you talk might very well be why you get banned. You have an attitude worse than a 10 year old child. Offtopic: never seen this clan, who is dis guy refering to? Pretty sure he has never faced most of the current players, as he is a self proclaimed retired apb player that just sits in social.... @MattScott youve been here for a while, is all this lying not enough?
  8. To clarify this. He did in fact not do this but error had 2 other accounts in his twitch description mentioned as his own. Oh okay.. So you now live in the same house as error, his kids, his friends and his wife? But youre not family but just a friend?... I dont think i have to say anything more than that.
  9. You are now again insulting me personally. This is partly why you are banned. Im actually educated enough to know that your idiotic idea doesnt apply. You cannot "spoof" an already leased ip adress. Especially not with a vpn hahah. Please god close this thread and put his MAC on blacklist or smth...
  10. I have 10 accounts or more. When i had an issue i jotted down my ip and last known passwords, from this information they handed me all my accounts. You are pretty gullible to believe there was no backgroundcheck going into that to see that was your accounts. You should educate yourself abit in databases and gamemanagement before you rant like a mad man. Obviously there are underlying proof thay supports the implication that all of the said accounts is yours... I mean.. If it wasnt how do you know they are banned? And why do you claim them to be your alt accounts on the video?. Thats on you. Not LO.
  11. Eeh... Did you just insult my english, my way of schooling? Wat? I cant really tell tbh... Jesus christ... Have mercy... Im just going to put it this way. When your ip matches this forum account to your error detection account you will be a ban evader once again and be banned. Once again. Making new accounts to fuzzy bunny about it is banevasion and that itself is bannable. Just understand that you yourself are making things worse. And yes. Your ban was justified. I bet every god damn dime i have on that.
  12. Oh so he did apologize to error? SS or it didnt happen. Im sure IF anything he apologized for the situation being that you are banned, "im sorry to hear you got banned" is like "sad day for u lolol" not that "im sorry we did you wrong and will revert the ban accordingly"... Since ur still here im pretty sure you are still banned. And this apology you had privatley from matt never happened.
  13. Noone is next. You can type all you want error. You uploaded the video yourself and thats my proof of what i just discussed. Whatever you say is moot. Your own video proves otherwise. @mattscott and team is doing their utmost best to 1.get this game going. 2. Fix any underlying issues and 3. Fix the toxicity. And you my dear sir comes in under numero 3. If you dont wanna play. If you just wanna warn people and not get your account back. Fine we got the point then Mr conspiracy. We should all beware of matts magic trix. Now skadoodle please. We dont need more of this shit here. Go pm mattscott with your vendetta. We dont care. You did something wrong and thats it. Since error (you) still dont wanna state publicly why you got banned i assume you know what you did was wrong. Sknce matt has offered politely to talk to error(you) about it. Several times. But hey, ignorance is bliss. Do we really need tens of thousands of errordetection threads?... Any other of your accounts was banned because if one is banned they all should be. If you get banned and still play its ban evasion which is also bannable, so per default, all your known accounts get banned when one is.
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