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  1. oh god, are you here too... hey there sophie, ur not hacked, someone is probably trolling you
  2. i had this after alt tabbing out and in after some hours of gameplay, fixed it by downgrading my GPU driver back to the non-optional version. my gpu is a RX5600XT
  3. while i do understand that this is a valid issue, i believe xigncode or Riot vanguard isnt the issue here, battleye does also install a driver just as the other two mentioned AC's, idk about PUBG if it uses any of those i dont play pubg, but i do have Valorant and BDO installed and use them on a regular basis and these stutters does not exist on my setup, Ryzen 5 2600, RX 5600XT, 32gb @ 3222
  4. aah, then thats my bad i guess, i have them disabled in config, knowing the maps and contacts by hand i found the contact hud markers tedious
  5. The solution is wait for APB engine upgrade or spam Nvidia to add back 32 bit instruction set to their drivers. turing cards such as 1660ti and RTX cards dont have drivers with 32 bit support, i solved my issue by going back to the store and trading my 1660ti for a RX5600 XT
  6. this bug is really intense from nowhere, it came after mission impossible, ive had it before like, at very few times, maybe once a month if even that, now its every single day more than once, vital hud elements such as objectives and teammates, cars and enemies on Deathmatches, VIP on vips, all just dissappear until game is reset, and you cant notice it until you are already in a mission and will scuff others mission or force exit and be an patootie because of it
  7. Same, i had an outfit that is lmade to look like a onesie that i made a month ago and it was just under the limit (had to clean it up abit to make it fit the limit) and now i cant wear it because its over the limit..
  8. bullshoot. there were 100s of people that tried to get on, we have waited for 8 years and you do us like this. amazingly horrible. not gonna waste my time with this game anymore. at least make sure everyone can get in the game and not beta test the loginscreen.
  9. APB 2.1 Servers: Now Running on a moldy potato near you.
  10. if you want to tell me i talk out of my patootie then come with some concrete proof of your super secret information. you clearly dont know shit. "drivers~" sounds like some layman term that developers gave you simps to THINK there is a issue with drivers. when its not. insane how people take that one simple sentence and spoonfeed what theyve been spoonfed themselves. no actual knowledge about whats going on whatsoever. gtx 400 series work on dx12 kekw. idiots thinking working on == is same gxapi == same thing. you are the idiot here. not me. all you talk is nonsense. gtfo keyboard warr. study some. talk more shit than words that matt gave the community, which is said to be drivers due to simplification for your simple minds. has nothing to do with the drivers. welcome to 2020.
  11. Summary: Pressing O for Options before the animation played to idle at login screen freezes all input Game Version: Description: Read summary Steps to Reproduce: press O when you hear loginscreen sound. Reproduceability: 2/4 Results: Options open up and all UI input is frozen leading me to force kill process Expected Results: Options should open up without freezing all input
  12. As a representative of the better part of the playerbase you should have some common sense as to act natural and not demeaning. do you think they slapped that sticker on you so you can be a forum patootie?
  13. Yea, one thing, Hmu when your menstruation is over mate. just because youre tired doesnt mean you can act like a complete arse. youre an spct, act like it. EDIT:not once was there said that turing cards are not using FP32 btw, all dx12 cards are known not to be very backwards compatible with dx9 only games.
  14. as many more times as it takes until its fixed, as a vast majority of computer enthusiasts is moving over to turing gpus when they drop in price within 2 coming months, fuck is up with the attitude? got a stick up your bum? FP32 is supported by all turing GPUs so id like to know where you get this magic info from? Tera is a game thats based on the very same early UE3 and also only has a 32 bit client, but it has absolutely 0 issues running on a 1660ti, riddle me that?
  15. CAN WE HAVE FIX PLES?.. on a real note this is an insane issue, at least on 1660ti i cant play a single full mission in action district without a crash. sup?
  16. proper LCDs also doesnt have the low refreshrate as they are set out to be, they infact are very capable of higher refreshrates than the common end-user LED screens, and while i do agree with that the game and its former glory was never even intended for the full HD screen, i have to make the point also that the goal with the engine upgrade is to refresh, renew, and bring it up to snuff with latter years standards, albeit not ue4. while they did say they want it to still be playable on the same variety of hardware as before, in the long run this is just not feasible, do we really want the art team to close up shop for x amount of weeks just to cater to the 0.1 percentile that wants to run the game on their mothers old microwave oven?, been acceptable doesnt have to mean it needs to still be so. technology advances, and csgo players that run the resolution does so in most cases for the sole reason that they dont want to retrain their musclememory from cs1.6, everything needs to move on at some point and this is a good time to say goodbye to 1024x768.
  17. check the file? why is everyone with broken english saying "check the file" or "battleye doesnt fix cheaters because file is open"... ive had no fps drop whatsoever since battleye pre-EAC until now. works just as craptabulous as it has always been, its apb
  18. the preference to run on 1024x768 is ancient hardware. why would you ever play that resolution if you could have high fps on something that doesnt net you black bars on any screen of this day and age, we have come a long way since 4:3 and CRT monitors EDIT: Dont press dislike because of the truth please https://gs.statcounter.com/screen-resolution-stats/desktop/worldwide it is the absolute least used resolution worldwide, falling slightly behind 1280x1024
  19. The thing is, the tons of players willing to give apb another chance are also the same playerbase thats next to nonexistant in live, and they'd rather focus on playing the broken shit that is beta because the faster beta comes to the masses the faster all underlying issues can be found and adressed, i myself have 3 different rigs, 4 if we count the shitty laptop from 2013, and i only play apb on my best rig, which wont play APB at all comes tomorrow tuesday, when my turing gpu arrives, since live has an issue with driving the game with that architecture. but i would in fact install the beta on every single one of those machines and frantically report issues both in-game wise and performance wise. the lot that are burning for this game to actually break even and finally go good again are far more dedicated than the little bunch of silvers crying hacks everytime they loose in bronze districts. reddit threads? who tf follows apb on reddit these days? and review bombing? if you are thinking review bombings are something done by punny youtubers youre way out there. review bombing wont happen since individuals that understand the true concept of reviewing should be well aware of a beta branch of a product.
  20. cant stress this enough, need a larger pool of players to find issues faster, and finding the issues faster means timeframe til it is live grows shorter
  21. just give us the beta already, isnt it 5 years in waiting now?edit: hell its 6 years now wtf?! enough time, wider public testing means a bigger pool of issues found(speeds up fixing stuff in the long run). we dont care if it blows up our computers, some players on apb seem to still run windows xp or something the way they fiddle with configs to make the game play on a steroid induced potato it wont affect live in any way, it will be a separate client dedicated to testing. and ill tell you watch the popularity of the testserver spark interest in apb and also move over most of the playerbase of live to OTW, this is what everyone has been waiting for for the last 6 years.
  22. just bought a 1660ti based build thats shipping to me as we speak... fooken amazing to read this, guess ill just not play apb for the forseeable future then :^) when did this problem arise? did it exist pre-BE`?
  23. laugh all you want, doesnt change that the rest of that is facts. they clearly lied and said they dont have any mail from matt, when they afterwards admitted they do have the mail but "didnt see due to vacation"
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