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  1. What you mean? Like Rank and Threat? Why would you need those on Armas??? Well, if it's not there it's probably not there, eh?
  2. Apparently not... but here is a hint: If i had to make a guess based on what i experience there seems to be a problem retrieving character information by the district server due to addressing issues, but i wouldn't know at all
  3. Fairly certain the p2w-claims originate from Steam, just browse through the reviews there it's claimed p2w in like 60% of those and in pretty much every negative one. One of the reasons why i'd absolutely love the ability to forward timed JMB guns. Slightly off-topic but still a part of it: Just the other day i was teamed with a brand new bronze, guy gets ran over with a car by the opp and first thing he says in district chat is "p2w"... not hard to guess where he got that bollocks from...
  4. Doxing = releasing private information to the public ddosing = using a global carronade of malware-infected computers to block an IP Doxing != servers down ddosing <= servers down Doxing = can easily block ddosing = no idea who is doing it, for what reason Can't log into Jericho-Districts either btw.
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