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  1. The idea that in a shooting game movement controls should be prioritized higher than firing controls is just stupid and out of touch. So, call it intentional, but it's still dumb and therefore should be fixed.
  2. The problem here is not really the matchmaking, even though it should serve those yellows hell, but the fact that it's pre-made groups. Why they can't play on silver district with a group like this i will never understand, but that's APB for ya. Oh, and the other problem is that there are so many bronzes in bronze district... yeah sounds weird, but it's true.
  3. Never underestimate the ingenuity of modders. They fix broken games, develop workarounds for hardcoded bugs, no telling what they can do with source code. That said, it would take so much work in rewriting the code for address information, retrieval of data, protection of back-ends, etc. etc. etc. that it seems like an impossible job. But then again, never underestimate the ingenuity of modders.
  4. Yeah, but it's mostly deathmatching. GTA:O is one of the biggest missfires ever released by a game dev. Basically nobody plays this game the way its intended on public lobbies, and those that do ( like myself ) find sneaky tricks to keep the unpleasants out.
  5. The closer one gets to their grave the less they tend to care for their birthdays.
  6. "Man they already changed the weapons and did...stuff and ... I mean... c'mon man..." -Uncle Joe
  7. If it's only "as optimized as the live version" then... oh my god.
  8. If playing Stabba was easy it would ruin the game. Now already there salty tears about how quickly you can get stunned and how slowly stamina regenerates (and i can fully understand them but that doesn't mean i think it should be weaker either). Stabba is pretty much in the right place as it is now, consider making arrests a challenge - because that's the whole idea.
  9. I have copies of my Citadel characters on Jericho. In general i consider Jericho to be less toxic and more fun to play on by the player base resident there. Yet my characters on Jericho are all still below R60. Because playing with 140ms Ping is just no fun. And that's why merging Citadel and Jericho is probably not a good idea.
  10. So, which gun do you want "balanced"? I mean, i have an unexpected canidate in mind, but then i don't really care because i own the gun... still wondering which gun you think is the one outperforming the others?
  11. He didn't do anything the like. If LO hadn't "bought the game" it'd be goner 3 years ago. Not sure if you still remember the constant ragehackers popping up every 5 minutes, the constant ddos attacks by people who were determined to shut this game down for some reason, and the overall lack of communication and progress. LO got a smelly carcass and managed to revive it for 2 years, and that's what Matt Scott did. You can disagree with the changes (though i find them inconsequential tbh) or critizise that LO didn't go far enough fighting off cheaters and defending new players, and putting an end to the dethreating issue. But to say that LO killed the game is plain unfair.
  12. A good CEO or manager will never write or say anything that could be interpreted as stagnation, unless they mean it. When i read the last updates on the topic it says "STAGNATION" in every post. I draw my conclusions.
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