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  1. If you have 500 IQ tactics as you claim... you shouldn't have a problem to overcome your opponents despite shitty aim. Grenades, backstabs, flanking manouvers and faked flanking manouvers, timed combined attacks, and if all fails... just go sit in an armored van and drive in circles... >.< Anyways, to answer your question: You probably want to get what every "pro-player" crutches on, an ATAC Patroller. Oh, by the way: If you burst fire your aim should improve by 1000% - guaranteed. Just avoid going full auto with any weapon other than an SMG, and even with SMGs it's usually not a good thing to do. 0.5 - 0.7 second bursts should get the best result. Practise to burst fire and allow your target reticule to center again inbetween shots, get the best firecylce for the weapon you plan to use and muscle-memorize it precisely before running out there trying to "pro". But the way it sounds, you'll just have to bite the bitter fruit and play a few matches with semi-auto weapons like the Obir or the DMR to learn how to properly track and predict target movement. Same thing there, you don't actually need to track them though. Not getting hit is all the point of dodging around, no matter how much they jump and freak around though if they want to get rid of you they will have to stop for a brief moment to take aim and shoot. As most of their movements are pretty much automated they will often become rather predictable, and you can capitalise on that by just resting your crosshair where they will appear and pre-fire if they attempt to best match the cyclic rate of their weapon. It's not so much about being on target 100% of the time as it is to not waste your bullets into thin air and being forced to reload when they finally expose themselves to finish you off. So, instead of attempting to follow them around with your aim just wait for them to step into it, and make sure your bullets count by hitting that trigger only when you should.
  2. Don't think the APB community is overly toxic. There is that bitter humor at times and a bit of a bite, but compared to other games i think APB is fairly "mature". There is a load of wankers, you add them all to your ignorelist permanently and you wont have problems any more. That said, the game is at times really aggravating. Stuff doesn't work out the way you want, your computer stutters just that very moment when you have to place the final shot, odd physics cause your car to do weird stuff... the list of annoyances is long. So 9/10 i don't take it personal when people go mad, neither should anyone else. On the ramraids: 8k is nothing, literally. I used to do ramraids up to 80k per run, each run taking around 30 minutes to complete. But there is no actual point in ramraiding opposed to missions, you can make similar cash in missions and learn a lot more. If you want to ramraid, i guess green district is for you (yes i know there are dethreaters that go there with the express purpose of crashing low threat ram-raiders).
  3. Cool, thanks for supporting my requests to stuff new players into green district by default and apply strict rules on who can enter green districts as well. Also stick around for the next topic: Silver district should be ashamed of itself.
  4. At this moment servers are still performing rather poorly, it'd probably be better to reduce the count per district even more.
  5. What you mean? Like Rank and Threat? Why would you need those on Armas??? Well, if it's not there it's probably not there, eh?
  6. Apparently not... but here is a hint: If i had to make a guess based on what i experience there seems to be a problem retrieving character information by the district server due to addressing issues, but i wouldn't know at all
  7. Fairly certain the p2w-claims originate from Steam, just browse through the reviews there it's claimed p2w in like 60% of those and in pretty much every negative one. One of the reasons why i'd absolutely love the ability to forward timed JMB guns. Slightly off-topic but still a part of it: Just the other day i was teamed with a brand new bronze, guy gets ran over with a car by the opp and first thing he says in district chat is "p2w"... not hard to guess where he got that bollocks from...
  8. Doxing = releasing private information to the public ddosing = using a global carronade of malware-infected computers to block an IP Doxing != servers down ddosing <= servers down Doxing = can easily block ddosing = no idea who is doing it, for what reason Can't log into Jericho-Districts either btw.
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