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  1. Shouldn't you be happy that anyone at all is playing on Jericho at this point?
  2. There won't be an engine upgrade. Enjoy this game until it's gone.
  3. Sounds like a problem we had before. By the way: The creation of Skyrim from scratch to shop took six years. The creation of Fallout 4 seven years... Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion took less than 6 months from announcement to alpha stage and will release next week... just for perspective - still believing in the engine upgrade? Ultimately i don't care what LO does with their IP, and if they want to let it fall to decay that is clearly their decision. I spent enough money on this game to warrant the creation of multiple triple-A titles, what LO does with it is none of my business, but if they want to keep receiving my money they should definitely get a move on.
  4. As of now Citadel districts suffer from long spikes of lag, feeling like ddos attacks. Usually servers will stop responding, packet loss goes up to 55, ping goes from 30 to 180, actions on server are delayed by 5-20 seconds, people warping around, stuck with their face in a wall, etc. Played in district for 1 and a half hour, at first everything was fine, then we had one of those lag things appear lasting a minute maybe, and then another one lasting around a minute too eventually kicking me and most likely everyone else from the district. Inbetween those two the server response and performance was standard.
  5. You have 2 choices: Get up close (car rush) and cut them down with SMG or shotty, or stay at 75m range and use anything from Obir to HVR to make their lifes miserable. Either way, OPGL has basically only one use and that is to prepare "entrenched" positions for storm. Out in the open it's always a risky weapon to use.
  6. If i give brandnew players all weapons, and the not yet created "M1Abrams" car and put them against random rank 125 silvers with just what they have now, the new player will still lose 90% of matches. This fixation on gear is a mistake all new players make, and this included myself back in the day. The game is not meant to be "perfectly balanced" because that would break the teamplay element where teammates have to account for the individual weaknesses and strengths of their co-players. Does this create shit moments? - Yes certainly. But it also creates legendary moments. Sometimes you're the dog, and other times you're the tree - nuff said.
  7. You say the population is low, and to undermine your claim, you show a district selection tab showing multiple instances spun up but empty. Thing is: this could only be the result of a global disconnect event, because you would not get multiple instances of the same district unless one of them at least was full. Anyways point taken, it could be better.
  8. That's a spiral of death though, you need new players in the game, you can't keep new players when you submit them to steamrolling, you lose new players to steamrolling. If you don't believe me go look at the Steam reviews, and count the occurences of the words "p2w" and "cheaters". Now in the former case it's 99% new players who got steamrolled by dethreaters, and in the latter it's a solid majority of players who got their booty kicked again by dethreaters WAY over their skill level. You have no chance of EVER populating this game again unless you fix the underlying issue, which is making sure everyone is faced with appropriate opposition and a bridgeable skill-gap.
  9. They seem to be working on it, but personally i have already given up hope by now of ever seeing this "Engine Upgrade". What's more, since i upgraded my PC with a new graphics card i can't even play this game on my PC any more and i have to play on my laptop instead, which handles it fine luckily. Putting it bluntly: This game is getting so old that current hardware doesn't support it any more. Let that sink in for a moment.
  10. The "trick" is that handgun allows you to strafe faster than any primary, so what these people do is strafe like mad while peppering shots at you. Assuming no "deeper magic" is involved (which often is the case actually).
  11. DMR Alig OSMAW Concussion Grenade Pick your taste.
  12. It's those guys that play like bronzes and shoot like tripple platin-plated golds. And you're like: "Dude come on... seriously now?"
  13. Gosh, finally i am not the only one who keeps saying this.
  14. You're not alone with this, it's an old and known problem. Allegedly this is caused by you hitting the Sprint button (Shift) after you start holding down aim, and since sprint has a higher priority than aim it will kick you out of aim. I have this happen randomly too, can't confirm or deny whether it is actually linked to the sprint button, because usually it happens when i am in a tight spot anyways. I assume it could also come when you have a sloppy connection and the server isn't sure which one you pressed first.
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