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  1. When you consider APB your "home" you probably live in the PRC or some other really cold place.
  2. Bring it back to 2012. Also bring back the menu from then with the old music. The file is still there it's used in character creation. Or at least bring the old music into the abortus we have now as login menu.
  3. That removal of threat segregation sure helped keep the population up. ...my brother in Stalin.
  4. Is that you saying their anti-cheat was actually working?
  5. Something is better than nothing hmm. Funny how they got back on that crossplay train. Right now i don't know how much profit they make from console players, but pitting PC players against console gamers is cruel... Especially when the AC isn't working reliable 1000%. Just go and see how average mouse-players slaughter pad-players in aim-assisted lobbies in GTA5. I don't share the sentiment that this will spell the end of APB (surprisingly), it seems more realistic to upgrade and migrate the current game - crossplay could bring a bigger population into the game temporarily. If they don't butcher it. Let's see... At least it's realistic.
  6. Listen to me: There was no way at all he would have been able to tell whether my aim was exactly on him or not unless he had something running that told him. But since you can say with certainty that "No such cheat existed" i suppose you must know from first hand experience, yes? Have you tried them all?
  7. It absolutely could be, but even the mangiest of cows needs to be fed in order to produce.
  8. Sucks for you guys, but at this point merging Jericho and Citadel on a UK server may have been a better solution than removing threat districts altogether. The removal of threat districts will only slow down the decay of Jericho by a few months, but it accelerates it massively on Citadel.
  9. Good response, there IS no progress. No progress. Get it? - NO PROGRESS .
  10. Just yesterday had one rank 30 grouping up with me and asking me "How can i level up fast?" - to which i just thought: "Man i have no idea if this game is even going to be around still by the time you would hit 195." And was not the only new player i saw that day. There are new players, very few but if LO didn't completely eff up the system they could revive the game - at least on Citadel. But apparently Jericho is so much more important that the actual demographic heavyweight in this game doesn't matter.
  11. While there is no cheat that can literally make you immortal there are indeed cheats that register whether you are being aimed at and move you out of the way, or at least they existed. Had this one time i was aiming with the golden Act44 at a guy who was aprox 50m away behind a wall and only a marginal bit of his hitbox and head stuck out. Aimed at him, my crosshair turned red, he moved to the side. This happened a few times and i started wondering, so i experimented on him for a the few remaining seconds in the mission without actually firing, and he was sitting completely still safe for the moments when my crosshair was over him and turned red which then caused him to move a bit to the side so it wasn't red any more. But that was 3 years ago, been observing it more frequently but that's when i first took note of it. I have one instance where i captured that behavior on stream with an opponent after a match where one of us was bounty and thus as my crosshair went over her she moved to the side even though she was apparently afk. Only realized that later sadly, it would have made a great opportunity to highlight this. And yeah, hitreg is a horror. You crouch in MM and try to land shots while they run around and do backflips and all sorts of nonsense and hit every shot because "statistics" say they should. That needs urgent fix, but will never happen ofc.
  12. Yeah, thats just one of the countless examples of "APB for ya". Others are instances where you have your target dead center within your crosshair, and of 10 shots you fire only 2 manage to hit mysteriously. Don't ask, it's APB.
  13. Memories are always pink. Give me some of that stuff you're takin, gonna make dealing with the Cobid insanity a lot easier. Oh i have some hot pictures of that Engine Upgrade by the way, they are right here.
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