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  1. You're not alone with this, it's an old and known problem. Allegedly this is caused by you hitting the Sprint button (Shift) after you start holding down aim, and since sprint has a higher priority than aim it will kick you out of aim. I have this happen randomly too, can't confirm or deny whether it is actually linked to the sprint button, because usually it happens when i am in a tight spot anyways. I assume it could also come when you have a sloppy connection and the server isn't sure which one you pressed first.
  2. It didn't need a damage nerf or the switch-lock imho. The damage based on bloom is the perfect solution. ...and guess what happens when you "stand still". Especially in CQB
  3. Yeah, because nobody is playing SHAW and HVR any more.
  4. The 3 seconds i get to play at 101 FPS in between the microstutters.
  5. If you're still having trouble with this stop the VivoxVoiceService.exe. Eliminates 90% of all sudden instant disconnects. The remaining 10%... no idea.
  6. Getting this too, like the whole time. Especially during the final stages of missions today. Saw a teammate disappear from game just like that during a final mission stage as well, and forum here seems to confirm i am not alone with this. Most notably the characters disappear instantly and your account doesn't stay in used mode, which suggests that the problem is server side.
  7. It's not really making a difference. That split-second when your crosshair turns red could still result in a blocked shot even if you manage to place it in time. It's kinda cool, but doesn't really help at all, unless you use a bot.
  8. The engine upgrade is not so much about "saving the game" as it is about making progress. The "community choosen fixes" have turned this game into a heap of trash (yes they only listened to the people they wanted to listen to). I fear democracy wont really help fixing this game - so... let's make progress, aight? Yeah, that'd be very easy to fix actually. Keep players segregated based on their experience and skill level. And make kills the most dominant factor in threat determination.
  9. Uhm, to be honest... this is all very confusing... Does the old rule regarding goodbye threads still stand? ... well, aside from that... it took you a bit of disregard by some people to get you to uninstall? Like, out of all things, THAT is your reason???
  10. I didn't compare anything, but you can substitute for it, duh. Point is: You don't give away your only Volcano for an Ursus.
  11. I would trade Ursus for a Volcano, if i didn't have both. You can substitute for an Ursus with another N-Tec or any other HVR/DMR - but a volcano is something else.
  12. That's a massive understatement. If you want to bring friends into the game, their presence should be the reward in itself.
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