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  1. Let me just stand in the middle of the street lean-firing at everyone with an MG and assume that i can get away with it forever...
  2. Why are y'all so salty? It's just a name... I mean... they tried and all... What did Tiggs do to y'all??? Well uh... can't say the game has improved much recently (no sweat Matt, just sayin'), so uh... bad game "bad" name? If the EU comes out they might rebrand it -/ cool thing they get to redo all the loadscreens anyways, but thus far it's still the same thing we had the last 8 years. No idea why you'd put a new name on something if it's gonna get destroyed by what tainted the old name in the first place.
  3. You've waited 8 years for... a SR15 reskin... okay....
  4. Dunno, just remembering that around January 2018 the game was literally unplayable with all the commercial hacks that were used up and down the districts. Now people see a guy that uses triggerbot or macro (if even) and cry "all hackers". I must say compared to the Reign of RP we are now enjoying a mostly hacker-free game... Deal with it, 90% of the peple you hackusated are in fact 100% legit, and you need to .... well you know what comes here
  5. Not sure what you are talking about... Steam works perfectly fine 99.9% of the time.
  6. So dear thread-starter, just in case you are wondering why LO has stopped making changes to the weapons read every post in this thread again (and bear in mind that every post no matter how it is rated here represents a legit fraction of gamers) and you will understand why LO acts the way they do and why that is probably the best thing they can do at the moment.
  7. Sure, go ahead and report, but 30 is a bit overkill don't you think? And before you start talking about godmod and that sorts of sillyness: The servers are in a really bad condition lately. Shots that get markers do not register as hits and the other way round... Everything that requires server communication is horrible at the moment.
  8. Put new accounts into a newbie district (use green districts for this) up until rank 60 or 10 hours playing time on at least one character, and prevent all other players from accessing it. Also restrict green to new players and make it unattainable once silver was reached.
  9. Go to one of the other threads where some 4cer-only player complains about LTL weapons being way to weak and explain to them how LTL is "op"... Agree with you there, that's deffos annoying. The rest of your post is sort of ... lacking experience. Most enforcers kill arrested crims to get them back in the game faster and not make them go through that age-long countdown timer. If you're not happy about that i suggest you tell them, and they will happily leave your team cuffed in countdown until the mission timer has run out, i am sure.
  10. I am not sure but i think they did a pasword reset a few months ago, if you still have the e-mail address linked to your account try a "forgot password" thing, otherwise contact support.
  11. Disagree. Get prepped for what you want to do. Get real bish.
  12. The one thing i stopped taking serious for most are "I got scammed"-threads Thanks for the laugh. Get an N-Tec levels up just fine. lel, with a name like that you might as well live up to the effing expectation... oh wait... the expectation is pre-puberty chatwarrior... never mind.
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