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  1. Uhm, to be honest... this is all very confusing... Does the old rule regarding goodbye threads still stand? ... well, aside from that... it took you a bit of disregard by some people to get you to uninstall? Like, out of all things, THAT is your reason???
  2. Fixing the fixes that previous fixes brought.
  3. I didn't compare anything, but you can substitute for it, duh. Point is: You don't give away your only Volcano for an Ursus.
  4. I would trade Ursus for a Volcano, if i didn't have both. You can substitute for an Ursus with another N-Tec or any other HVR/DMR - but a volcano is something else.
  5. That's a massive understatement. If you want to bring friends into the game, their presence should be the reward in itself.
  6. Your Ex is browsing APB Forums, strange enough... Your EX finding out what you are up to ON APB Forums...
  7. They do love PUBG for sure, no idea if it's PRC or ROC people though. But there's many of them.
  8. If he abandons just a millisecond before you get opposition that might actually happen (but very rarely). Usually if you get a mission right after a member of your team abandons that means that a match has become possible that was not possinble before due to said member raising the teams strength above all possible combinations the server tried to come up with. I wouldn't put it past the server's state of garbage though to proceed with a matchup even if a member abandoned just a few milliseconds before, it should still give you the option to call backup however.
  9. More like they'll buy the game, and impose the most massive censorship the PRC can come up with. But maybe they'd do the engine upgrade, they have enough people to pull that off.
  10. No, people killing you with an N-Tec in 0.9 secs with 5 perfectly placed shots from 70m through a bridge railing is perfectly normal. Landing 4 perfect hits with an Act 44 at 50m on a briefly visible and moving target in less than a second is perfectly normal. Dodging every shot your opponent fires at you while retaining perfect aim and still moving in an area not bigger than 2 meters is perfectly normal. Spinning around wildly to kill 3 opponents who come at you from 3 different sides in short succession at different ranges with a PMG and not missing a single shot - perfectly normal. Git gud and uninstall.
  11. Listen to the man... erm... squirrel. Maybe you wont get banned, or not instantly, but there is no guarantee. 3rd party software is bannable. Slapping something onto your monitor is okay though, you can even buy crosshairs for that purpose on Amazon.
  12. Game is already dead, the chinese would - if any - milk the last drips out of it. I doubt it would even return on investment at the current state it's in. All the saviour hype when LO took over, a year in things have never been so bleak for APB.
  13. In the past we used to say: "Well let them go on and get deep gold, then they can go and play in silver district with the other cheaters." Now... you have to play with them again and again and again... BTW: How do I get gold in a mission where i end up with 3-9, and 0 comleted objectives????? Are you bloody serious? And it's not like the problem of dethreating is solved. Golds will still dethreat to up their team strength. And to think i actually gave you money... for destroying the game...
  14. If you have 500 IQ tactics as you claim... you shouldn't have a problem to overcome your opponents despite shitty aim. Grenades, backstabs, flanking manouvers and faked flanking manouvers, timed combined attacks, and if all fails... just go sit in an armored van and drive in circles... >.< Anyways, to answer your question: You probably want to get what every "pro-player" crutches on, an ATAC Patroller. Oh, by the way: If you burst fire your aim should improve by 1000% - guaranteed. Just avoid going full auto with any weapon other than an SMG, and even with SMGs it's usually not a good thing to do. 0.5 - 0.7 second bursts should get the best result. Practise to burst fire and allow your target reticule to center again inbetween shots, get the best firecylce for the weapon you plan to use and muscle-memorize it precisely before running out there trying to "pro". But the way it sounds, you'll just have to bite the bitter fruit and play a few matches with semi-auto weapons like the Obir or the DMR to learn how to properly track and predict target movement. Same thing there, you don't actually need to track them though. Not getting hit is all the point of dodging around, no matter how much they jump and freak around though if they want to get rid of you they will have to stop for a brief moment to take aim and shoot. As most of their movements are pretty much automated they will often become rather predictable, and you can capitalise on that by just resting your crosshair where they will appear and pre-fire if they attempt to best match the cyclic rate of their weapon. It's not so much about being on target 100% of the time as it is to not waste your bullets into thin air and being forced to reload when they finally expose themselves to finish you off. So, instead of attempting to follow them around with your aim just wait for them to step into it, and make sure your bullets count by hitting that trigger only when you should.
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