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  1. How is this relevant when we're talking about the NTEC, the NTEC could never do anything that the other ARs couldn't do when it comes to jumpshots. X to doubt. League of Legends is still one of the most popular games out there afaik and I also doubt that Overwatch has been "dumpstered from high-end/pro changes". The STAR is arguably worse than the NTEC, but the FAR definitely not. As I've mentioned before there are other reasons for the FAR not being as popular as the NTEC. The main reason is that the NTEC is a lot more accessible than the FAR. People also like the NTEC because it looks and feels like an AK-47 which is also popular in loads of other games. A lot of people also prefer the sound of the NTEC over that of the FAR. Just look at how many of the veterans still use the normal NTEC over for example the VAS reskin (which most of them will most likely have earned through the loyalty rewards) even though they perform exactly the same. Because pressing 5 for free wallhack every 45 seconds and 850 damage with a single shot at any range are fine right? kdud. The ATAC can do almost anything that other ARs can do without having to control for recoil or bloom, but that is somehow fine by you while the NTEC isn't? Remote detonator "can be avoided" but it takes 0 skill or effort to give you kills and therefore it is dumb. Also, since when do people complain about the nfas lmao. And this is exactly the problem that we are talking about. These stats on the NTEC used to be in line (slightly worse may I add) with the other ARs but now they are way off. This is also what @Flaws tried to demonstrate with the screenshots he posted earlier.
  2. Except the results from a test like this would mean literally nothing because you test in different conditions every time. The results of a test like this will mostly be based on your how good your opposition is, objective locations, attack/defense and how much you get snowballed with bad luck during your matches. If I beat up a bunch of silvers in easy defense missions with the NTEC and then when I equip my FAR I only get attacks against high tier golds then my results with the NTEC will obviously be better, but that does not mean that the NTEC is the better weapon of the two. And even if it was somehow possible to test the ARs in the same conditions then I can guarantee you that the ATAC and FAR are going to end up far stronger than the NTEC ever will in it's current state.
  3. Yes please, the game was way more dynamic and fun before they 'fixed' this. OSCARs and carbines still teleport all over the place while a lot of other weapons feel awkward so IMO it didn't really accomplish anything. Bringing this back would also make weapons like the scout more viable again.
  4. The latest NTEC nerf made no sense and was completely unnecessary. I could get behind the jump shooting thing if none of the other weapons in the game could hit jumpshots either, but they can. So why can the NTEC not? The extra bloom was completely uncalled for and is by far the worst type of nerf to give to a weapon out of all the possibilities you have. Seriously, stop 'fixing' weapons by adding a bunch of randomness to them. All this does is create situations where 1 player gets away with bs min ttk kills while the other player hits only half the amount of shots required to kill in the same timeframe, even though he is using the same weapon as the other player. Another problem with this nerf is that the NTEC is now way out of line with the other ARs in the game, as Flaws has already demonstrated in the screenshots above. This brings up another problem, because the NTEC is the only 0.7s TTK AR in the game that is accessible by anyone. The other 2 ARs in the game that can do the same are the FAR and ATAC. Both these weapons can kill enemies in close to that 0.7s mark reliably up to a decent distance. The NTEC used to be somewhat reliable too, but now it is far less reliable than the other 2. The only other option for new players who haven't either spent money, grinded a shit ton of joker tickets or played the christmas event is the STAR, which kills noticeably slower than the other ARs. The FAR is basically just a better STAR with a smaller magazine and is just as good as the pre-nerf NTEC if not even better. Then there is the ATAC which can do almost anything the NTEC could do without having to control for bloom or recoil. Another argument I see a lot is that people complain that everyone uses the NTEC 'so it has to be OP'. 'Because it is OP' is not the only reason to choose a weapon over the rest. The sound, looks and feel of a gun are also important when it comes to weapon choice. This is also why many people use the default NTEC instead over the reskinned versions. Another factor that determines a player's weapon choice is what weapons they like to use in games other than APB. The AK-47 is a weapon that is very popular in a wide variety games and the NTEC is most similar to it.
  5. I like the idea of tournaments but I don't think that they would work in APB in it's current state. There are many factors that are outside of the player's control that have major impact on the outcome of the missions. Defending is A LOT easier than attacking, spots that are near impossible to take control over against well-organized teams, unbalanced missions with heavy item drops/VIP stages etc. and the spawn system giving one team 50m spawns while the other team has to spawn 150+m away all the time (the latter mostly being the attacking team) just to name a few. Also like others have mentioned it needs to be well-organized. It needs to be very clear what can and what cannot be done. If there are no clear rules then the tournament will just be about 'who can be the most cheesy and abusive' rather than 'who is the better team'. A poorly organized tournament will just be about car gameplay in high burn fuel vegases/pioneers, spamming as many car spawners as possible, stacking hvrs and other low effort weapons, abusing glitches, cheesing final stages and a lot of press 4 to win. All of these cheesy playstyles will need to be banned to create a fun and somewhat fair tournament.
  6. I don't even really mind the explosive weapons all that much to be honest. The OPGL only works well in certain areas on the map and can be easily evaded in most situations, the EOL grenade launchers are in every way inferior to the OPGL, the OSMAW can't even blow up a vegas anymore (which is what literally everyone that doesn't drive a pioneer is driving nowadays) and the ALIG is way better at taking out vehicles than the OSMAW anyway imo. The only other explosive weapon that is left is the volcano. That is the only explosive weapon that does bother me at times. The explosion radius of the volcano at range combined with having 2 rockets can make it extremely annoying since you often cannot evade it no matter how hard you try. I would not mind if the explosive weapons would be changed stat-wise or if they would be removed completely though, but don't put them around the map as item pickups. Right now people at least need to sacrifice their primary weapon to use explosive weapons, which in turn makes them less effective in 1 on 1 encounters. Besides, the spam of regular grenades is already annoying enough as is and we don't need explosive spam from picked up weapons on top of that.
  7. If you'd implement this some of the car kits could actually be considered pay to win since some kits put plating over the windows making the players inside harder to see (like the latest Pioneer kits). I think a better place to start would be to put a stop to this Vegas/Pioneer meta since everyone is only using these vehicles and you're pretty much invincible inside them.
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