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  1. Yeah my mistakes i just forget to word out everything properly, it's probably my 6 days a week working making me stupid.
  2. I don't read a whole essay try harder but it doesn't change the fact there are silver players in the silver district. Also with that threat didn't matter because the ranking in this game is just green bronze silver gold. And getting gold is just winning a mission 1 or 2 it's easy to rank up so threat doesn't represent anything most of the time. But try to do your tactic to change to Alig to destroy car radars/spawner against 3/4 team high skilled player won't work you will get killed. And it isn't the best gun to fight the meta setups and even since the cars got buffed. And sometimes you don't have time to change back because they will be back quickly with there 4x4 and pioneers. The tactic you called out only works against casual players. Also u got me there i didn't have my glasses on.
  3. Hahahaha. Lmao nice conclusion made me giggle FYI playing since 2012 and played in multiple high skilled arranged games. Never seen your name ever there lul. And you know there are silvers aswell in the silver district smart.
  4. EDIT boys I started using spotter and radar tower again it made the game 100 times easier because i could spot the enemies easy and the dude that say it's buggy as hell no it is not it works great and registers with out any problem. Maybe point it better on the enemy 4HEad. The mods give you a insane advantage if used correctly. Spotter is the best shit to abuse holy crap it saved a lot of missions and outplaying people is a piece of cake with it. LOL. And using a pioneer and 4x4 is just a save heaven / super tank car also easy life. I can see why now people are disliking to nerf these mods if the mods get nerfed they get nerfed LOL i am done with this community do what ever you guys think is right make the gameplay even more unbalanced for new players.
  5. Like i said gold is nothing special in APB. It's not a rank it's just there it doesn't represent anything about someones skill level these days. The tactic you said may work on casual players but it won't work on good players.
  6. If they are able to do that to you i mean play more improve because you are seriously lacking skill then. And i know you aren't that well experienced in the game when you said Golds do this all the time to me. Gold is nothing in apb i have seen better silvers then golds.
  7. I have no problem with it because ey i just kill em BOIII. But it just adds more boring steps to play the game to it's fullest.
  8. Yeah but i am running out of those boxes quikly bruv. If they added a shop where you could just mass buy them would be great. And using the consumable ammo for cars are just way to inferior to use in the current meta.
  9. I mean it's fine if you have to take them out and all but the cars are buffed the oblivion. You need 2 frags and a mag or 2 depending gun to disable a car aka 4x4 and a pioneer and same goes to car spawners. I wouldn't mind if they revert the car buff because with out premium you have to wait 4 minutes before you can resupply and i am quickly out of those boxes you can trow down to resupply nades. And destroying a car with a gun takes shit load of ammo and a lot of time.
  10. 1. Usually those suggestions/requests are made by persons who find themselves uncapable of dealing with said features purely because they are lacking in skill or experience. This is not the reason for the post. Just saying i have no trouble with the mods in gameplay wise but it's just a pain in the patootie to deal with. The retards that are still trying to abuse the mechanics of the mods usually have 5 iq and fail at getting a cheap kill.
  11. no arguments. Flexes on people he thinks are poor. has Matt in his signature. Cringe
  12. please stop that is cringe as fuuck
  13. CSG in the joker store if u poor. Not poor working 6 days a week making money for my future... That is not a solution. I know you are a whiteknight of this game and don't want much changes. Ughh yeah it's not a problem you just have to play 2 weeks of baylan ehh and then buy it for 7 days see everyone can get it kind of attitude. Hearing your solutions for ingame problems makes me think you don't want this stupid meta to be changed and make the game skill based. Grow up the meta has been the same for more then 6 years now accept changes for once. Also the jg does more damage if the weapon was consistent yeh the pellets spread big like ur gaping butthole. Everything looks nice on paper but in reality it doesn't work that way.
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