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  1. lauo


    bruh you're chatting shit...
  2. lauo


    only pointman monkeys wanted the N-tec nerfed
  3. sprint shooting looks janky af
  4. Where the frick is my witch hat?
  5. If you aren't willing to participate in the polls that's you're fault. If they now get upset that their precious secondary is nerfed you shouldn't have a problem with voters for long. LO needs to start trying shit. The IR thing wasn't great but at least they tried and learned something from it. Its always possible to go back.
  6. insted of fixing the problems with the under used guns LO seem to just make the guns that were good blanced worse by drasticly changing mods. the gun play had no problem before LO bought the game. ofc there were the "under used" guns but I didn't see a single person except kempington komplaining about it. There was some obv broken like yukon. The problem with a under used gun is that it does not perform aswell as other free weapons, fix that insted of complitely reworking mods. G1 seemd to balance the guns around mods, reworking those mods would not fix a problem you're having with one gun. Im refering to n-tec ofc since it was "too flexible" according to some, so by changing IR it wouldn't be as good close up and on long range. This complitly flopped. I agree with the posts above aswell. My personal opinion. Wanted to keep the post neutral and the focus on the changes.
  7. CHANGES: CJ on burst fire weapons New changes to CJ TestA making the burst intervals quicker. +7% with CJ3. also increased effective range by +5m on all burst guns. (not connected with CJ) without affecting bloom or accuracy These changes are major, completely stirring up the meta in a worse way. instead of making the meta divorce it forces all teams to use shotgun, oscar and obir. these would be the only guns used if the newly added changes to OTW goes live. Oscars flexibility due to low recoil and bloom would be close to mid-rangers dream weapon. being able to mint ttk on 35m comfortably. with a 7% increase of fire rate on a already low TTK. (0.82sec default making it a 0.76sec) Close up the shotguns absolutely dominates with no weapons being able to contest. as it is in the current state of the game. Obir would be close to long-range this is due to its flexibility, being able to quick switch (swapping to secondary weapons after one or two burst or shots) would make it a close(ish) weapon. Ofc still not able to contest with shotgun at current state. and then tree bursting on 75m (able to ttk) with the ability to move between out of cover and in cover would leave all other guns with no reason to use. (Obirs TTK originally is 1.2sec now making it a 1.1) It's hard to balance a game based on casuals or on paper. the balancing of guns should be based on the “hard core” players of the game. making changes for casuals and nonexpriensed player reduces the playability of a higher tier. In the current state of the game the skill gap has decreased so drastically. by just using a shotgun a completely new player wouldn't a too hard of a time getting gold. (its important that you add a reply with your opinion on the matter, since this is the best way to make a difference) I am going to look into the Ntec changes, but as of right now i don’t have the time. Im only one person add somthing if I missed it. ty
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