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Found 3 results

  1. I hooked up one of my girlfriends (best friend no homoo) with a yukon a while back before the update because it was a really strong weapon and a lot of times you can’t depend on your teammates but anyways i spent a lot of money on it for it to be “fixed” or nerfed in a manner that former yukon owners don’t like why can’t you keep the original ttk and just put a wind up timer on the yukon for it’s fully auto mode? Like the ogre
  2. CHANGES: CJ on burst fire weapons New changes to CJ TestA making the burst intervals quicker. +7% with CJ3. also increased effective range by +5m on all burst guns. (not connected with CJ) without affecting bloom or accuracy These changes are major, completely stirring up the meta in a worse way. instead of making the meta divorce it forces all teams to use shotgun, oscar and obir. these would be the only guns used if the newly added changes to OTW goes live. Oscars flexibility due to low recoil and bloom would be close to mid-rangers dream weapon. being able to mint ttk on 35m comfortably. with a 7% increase of fire rate on a already low TTK. (0.82sec default making it a 0.76sec) Close up the shotguns absolutely dominates with no weapons being able to contest. as it is in the current state of the game. Obir would be close to long-range this is due to its flexibility, being able to quick switch (swapping to secondary weapons after one or two burst or shots) would make it a close(ish) weapon. Ofc still not able to contest with shotgun at current state. and then tree bursting on 75m (able to ttk) with the ability to move between out of cover and in cover would leave all other guns with no reason to use. (Obirs TTK originally is 1.2sec now making it a 1.1) It's hard to balance a game based on casuals or on paper. the balancing of guns should be based on the “hard core” players of the game. making changes for casuals and nonexpriensed player reduces the playability of a higher tier. In the current state of the game the skill gap has decreased so drastically. by just using a shotgun a completely new player wouldn't a too hard of a time getting gold. (its important that you add a reply with your opinion on the matter, since this is the best way to make a difference) I am going to look into the Ntec changes, but as of right now i don’t have the time. Im only one person add somthing if I missed it. ty
  3. For those who havn't tested the ntec changes or wanted a little better overview. From some minor testing I have found the following along with my thoughts: (Note that I was using my cellphone in one hand and mouse in the other to time this so there will be variance from actual statistics) Current TTK: 0.70s Test B TTK: .75-.78s Burst firing: 2 shots: ~1.18s attempted best accuracy - "Realistic" best accuracy i'd estimate about 1.15-1.3 Tap firing: ~1.35 sec - Best accuracy is about the same. If anyone has tested these values, i'll update this for a better reflection of both current and reworked variant. =========================================================== Thoughts: I like the increased TTK as it is more balanced towards the STAR's TTK, i don't have rough values for burst firing and tap firing so i cannot compare them to current. The reduced bloom recovery does not feel bad and it still allows the gun to be accurate at range, and feels "smoother" while firing as well. I can understand why people would be upset at the change, though it feels easier to manage tap firing when done right. Burst firing is trickier than tap firing. Bursts of two feels fine up to roughly 40m, 3 round bursts feel accurate up to about 20m, but you don't want to go further than that. The bursts however do not feel accurate against corners, so that is something to be careful about. Full auto feels like a real no go in cqc, its likely reduce its cqc ability but i havn't played missions with it to best test how that feels with it. I cannot imagine cqc being nearly as viable as it was, but that's likely for the best. Conclusion: I do not have any real dislike for the changes and after testing them they seem fine as is, however I would have one suggestion as stated below. I will be honest and say that these changes I have wanted something similar to happen to the ntec to begin with so it's nice to test, so I may be more partial towards liking these changes. Suggestion: Slightly lower the bloom gain at the 3rd and 4th, shots. I understand why the change is being done, however I feel that the bloom gain may be slightly too harsh.
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