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Found 4 results

  1. Im sick of getting team killed and going negative because of irresponsible team mates but it shouldint count as a death when it comes to the leader board that’s it why should team killing count as deaths?
  2. I hooked up one of my girlfriends (best friend no homoo) with a yukon a while back before the update because it was a really strong weapon and a lot of times you can’t depend on your teammates but anyways i spent a lot of money on it for it to be “fixed” or nerfed in a manner that former yukon owners don’t like why can’t you keep the original ttk and just put a wind up timer on the yukon for it’s fully auto mode? Like the ogre
  3. Im sick of the team killing Little orbit or whoever is in charge of this game needs to take off friendly fire because i am sick of the team killing lets be realistic even if i do report them for team killing it will take days just for staff to get the report and either way this same perpetrator can just make a new account it’s not going to resolve much. As an enforcer i try my best to play for my team and to provide as much participation as possible until i have someone from my own team shooting at me to lower my health or just plain team killing me and you know dang well these perpetrators are trying to accomplish to help the opposition win and i could say the same thing happens to the criminal side im speaking for every victim who has to go through this I don’t put in a lot of time and accuracy and planning to try to get an enemy just to get teamkilled at the end or shot at by my own so called team mate everytime this better be taken into consideration because i don’t need to take sh*t from some random stranger who only knows how to team kill or is just abusing the system. Im not the only one who feels like this
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