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  1. every1 should listen to me & only to me because i'm the only one with a brain in this game, ty
  2. At the end of the day... It is what it is.. ;S There are other problems than weapon balancing regarding the balance of the game that i'm sure everyone is aware of... Low yields, percs, yellow mods, remote detonator & explosives 3, pioneer/espacio, kevlar. All bullshoot stuff that needs to be balanced properly with people that knows what they are doing. APB surely is a hard game to balance with way too many weapons, there will always be a meta and it will never be completely balanced. There's always going to be some guns better than others, that's just the reality of it. The goal should be to keep the balance as tight as possible so the gap between as to how good one gun in general is to another is way closer than now, when you have that balance set you can change the meta however you want whenever you want, allowing for future meta changes without breaking anything. To add in, the +5 meters for non-carbine rifles is unnecessary, the Obeya Rifle (CR762) 5 shots at 80 meters with the new IR3 +15% effective range change, that along with the +3 effective range on IR3 AND the +5 meters add make's it ridiculous. Put that on any1 with decent aim and call it gg. OTW changes to CSG & JG is an improvement compared to live, still overpowered, CSG 2 shots at 12 meters, reduce that abit. Both may need a reduction to fire rate. Shredder is still out of this world overpowered, reduce the range. If LO want's to keep listening to noobs with no idea of how the game plays on a high level like im done lmao.
  3. Most of these balance changes on live & otw has only made it worse than it already was, i understand some may be experimental & what not, but i'm not so sure LO understands that it's done no good.. :S A few ideas and implementations is ok, others bad. I've played numerous arranged matches myself over the many years now that I've played apb, and have a very good understanding of the game balance. As a competitive player myself, some these weapon balance changes that have been made, take shotgun changes as an example. Has made it near damn impossible even as a top player to face even a fucking average player using shotgun. It requires literally 0 aim to 2 shot someone, you don't even have to hit the center of your target as you can 2 shot someone aiming at the edge of a players model xD???? I personally don't even find the shotgun changes necessary, any good player using shotgun was already very scary to face, and as a matter of fact, shotguns (csg, jg) were already overpowered before the changes. Shotgun changes are so ridiculous any1 using 1cm/360 & is a first time apb player can wipe out a team 1v4 of the best players in the game lmfao. The not so powerful shotguns before the changes, shredder, nfas of course should have been buffed in one way or another, i'm talking primarily about CSG & JG. Even the new showstopper is ridiculous, shoots way too fast considering it's ability to 3 shot. If LO's way to make shotguns more consistent is increasing the damage of the first pellets hit, that's fine. But atleast nerf them in another way (fire rate) Shotguns should not be the favored gun's for open fights against other CQC weapons, say Sub Machineguns (OCA, PMG) as it is right now because it's so fucking easy to use. They should be the strongest guns CQC anywhere with cover, corners, cars, you name it. Open fights using a shotgun you should get destroyed. As it is a third person game, using shotguns is very easy, just preaim the target, tap A or D, run out of your cover/corner and shoot, go back to cover and repeat. It's really not all that hard ^^ However there should still be outplay potential vs shotguns, right now there's none other than spamming nades xD You want to be able to dodge a shotgun shot by predicting it with a sidestep knowing that they cant just immediately after 1 shot pop out of the corner and shoot you again so that you can get close to them, meaning if they miss, they're doomed because by then you're already up his patootie firing an entire mag into him/her. Being as it is right now even more than before, it doesn't matter if you shoot the ground & not the target, you win anyway because shotguns xD With the changes to Oscar & Obir because of Cooling Jacket, I don't see why you wouldn't ever just 1st pick those guns in the very start of a mission as it make's them way too versatile and incredibly deadly. Obir already is by far the most favored long range weapon in arranged matches after HVR if that isn't banned in whatever rules we play with. It is very strong on range, and it's ability to ReverseQS in close ranges and cornerpop/crouchpop/jumpshoot makes it a ridiculous gun. Oscar is an easy gun to use if you have somewhat decent aim, easy to get away with, very good on corners & for open & CQC fights, literally the goto weapon if you want to be able to do everything yourself outside of longer ranges. Oscar and Obir is already overpowered, unless LO plans to nerf them in some other way with the change to Cooling Jacket on OTW which has to be somewhat major, it may aswell be reverted. The OCA change to it's fire rate is good, make's for more reason to the use of Cooling Jacket & weapons not ment for CQC stand's more of a chance against it now, also means you need good aim to be a good OCA player because you have to hit most of your shots. +1 on this LO NTEC changes seem good to nerf it's jump & lean meme, tho I don't find the 28/112 ammo limit necessary, make it 30/120 and it may be good to go with the jumpshot nerf. ^^ If anything the Improved Rifling change on live servers is bullshoot, it ruins way too many guns. Instead of having it affect fire rate, just make it affect bloom the same way it were before wtf. I think reducing the TTK on NTEC (reducing fire rate) or increasing the recoil to make it harder to control would be a better option in this case. I don't mind a change to mods, I think the change to IR is dumb as hell, change to CJ is good, but guns themselves should be nerfed & buffed, not the mods. Seems like lazy work trynna find an easy way to change the meta/fix multiple guns at the same time rather than changing them one at a time. So far everything only seems to be going downhill, LO needs to listen to the better players in this game instead of all the noobs who think they're remotely decent at the game when in all reality they're garbage. I know of many other top players in the game that wants to have a say in this balancing thing, and it's needed because the lack of experience in shooters & competitive play from LO is showing ^_^
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