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  1. isn't it 3 hours though? or is that only premiums?
  2. no. I play with plenty of friends who can't keep gold permanently. maybe calm your edge just a little bit.
  3. I can't really explain this one, whenever I launch APB oculus launcher starts up, causing all sorts of black screens for a bit and stuff. anyone else run into this? not even sure if this is a fault on APBs end or Oculus.
  4. ... but pumpkins are still in?
  5. Psygo

    Poll Suggestions for N5 & P5

    in my eyes all that needs to be done, is make it so when you teamkill as an N5/P5, you die just as they would, because it's absolutely stupid to get murdered by some random N5/P5 that you'd get nothing out of shooting, and the people that do this also lead to other people of the same faction shooting at you.
  6. Psygo

    Matchmaking and Threat

    well, see, that's my point. if the threat segregation wasn't a thing, and people simply were in districts, this wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Psygo

    Matchmaking and Threat

    you're not wrong, but if threat segregation from districts was removed it wouldnt be necessary, playing with my bronze freinds as a somewhat high(i believe?) gold, he gets fucked up every time. of course I could also end up being the one fucking everything up in other districts, but since threat segregation wasn't a thing, they might just match us with someone else who has a gold in their team.
  8. Psygo

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Hopefully it doesn't phase people to a separate instance, I'll miss the randomness that is APB. and what about when your entire clan of 2-3 groups joins the same instance, they'll be split up after the mission starts, and I'll miss running into them and sending them flying into space
  9. Psygo

    Ran out of memory

    I've had this aswell, with 32 gb of ram, never went above 60% total usage while playing apb, still get this error. so no, it's not really related to useage outside of apb.
  10. Psygo

    Realtime Worlds character migrations

    It was automated in the past, I have no clue if it still works though because I migrated mine as soon as it was possible.
  11. Obeya, JG, shredder, OCA, PMG, ALIG... don't remember more right now oh yeah, HVR, NTEC if your play style is for it.
  12. Psygo

    i hate the new system trade

    ... what? how does looking at your locker make your items disappear? do you give everyone your password if they ask for it?
  13. Psygo

    So this is a thing now

    there's lots of places where this works sadly
  14. Psygo

    Play with a Dev feedback

    I've played against beastie, and I BELIEVE that I am half decent at the game, he's pretty good.
  15. hahaha, gotta be honest i'm not sure. I can tell you it's a precision turbo, and apparently there's a second one behind it. it's off of a picture on speedhunters. Sadly my own turbo cars aren't assembled enough to take pictures like this.