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  1. Come on @MattScott you guys literally just fixed it and it's broken again. What is going on over there?
  2. Actually there are a few cheaters in Jericho that are constantly making re rolls. They've been around for years and nothing Is done about them except maybe their account gets banned but then they just reroll. Stupid.
  3. Okay but you know there's a cheating problem, and you know there are cheaters. No one has evidence about who cheated and who didn't EXCEPT the fairfight bans and the bans that were displayed on FFbans, right? If mattscott getting himself banned at green threat did happen. It doesn't mean that a majority of those bans are false. It doesn't prove anything except that fairfight might have falsely banned someone. Again, I've never had this problem, never heard of it happening, didn't know anyone that it happened to. Not saying it didn't happen just saying this actually probably didn't happen to a lot of people, at least not the majority. Like I said earlier, you unban the false bans and keep the cheaters banned. That's the solution. If you can't do it, don't do anything. It's not my job to figure it out. It's LOs job to figure it out. And they failed. So they just lazily unbanned everyone.
  4. Okay. But you don't know who was falsely banned. And not everyone was falsely banned. There were plenty of cheaters. So saying there is no evidence of cheaters is horse bologna. My point earlier was that 1) you don't know who was falsely banned, 2) you don't know how many could've been falsely banned. 5,10, maybe 15? who knows. I don't. So you don't know who is falsely banned and you don't know how many there are, but everyone knows there's lots of cheaters on APB and fairfight is banning cheaters on a weekly basis. Okay now you find out everyone is unbanned because there is some unknown amount of false bans and the cheaters are back. Great. Wonderful. Again, a lazy solution that solves nothing and now the game is in a worse state.
  5. I mean FF is an anti-cheat. If you're banned by the anti-cheat, gee you must've been cheating. So that's the evidence. You could also see who was banned on FFbans. So I mean yeah there was evidence.
  6. Unbanning cheaters is not moral. Putting the guilty before the innocent is not moral. The numbers represent a lower population. Lower population = bad, bad = not good Easy solution. Unban the people that were falsely banned and keep the cheaters banned. It's not rocket science. They just implemented a lazy solution that helped no one. Im just speaking from experience. I didn't meet one person that was falsely banned. I didn't hear anyone that was falsely banned either. There probably wasn't a lot of cases like that. There were probably a lot of cases where there were cheaters though. I mean if you were playing back then you'd know cheaters were everywhere. But yeah lets unban em.
  7. Corner camping cancerous? You probably think people running in circles is unfair too right? Perhaps you would like the enemy to stand still while you shoot them? You want the difficulty turned down? Don't tell people how to use the forums. If he wants to post in social district forums he can. This isn't reserved for PC only. Pretty sure it's not labeled CookiePuss Forums.
  8. Unbanning people who cheated in the game is not moral. Okay so it's lower. That's what I just said. I literally just said that. Lower pop means its worse. If you think a lower pop means the game is doing better than you have some issues with reality my friend.
  9. Well first of all, I didn't buy APB it's free to play for me and second, the anticheat was awful anyway because cheaters were still running rampant. I never came into contact with someone who was falsely banned. Plus, if you are found guilty of breaking TOS that results in a ban, I don't care if you don't get documentation. You know what you did wrong. I disagree. Players getting their account back that cheated is not better than LO having G1's weight around. The average player probably didn't know which players were falsely banned and which ones where correctly banned. All they know is, those that were correctly banned, are now unbanned. Not only does this allow cheaters to return, it creates an environment that displays no accountability and fairness and now you have players that are legit leaving the game because LO decided to unban cheaters which was already a gigantic problem. LO essentially said you know what, we don't have the capability to determine who and who wasn't falsely banned, so we are just going to unban everyone to make a "clean slate." What kind of unfair lazy solution is that. And the population so low? Look at the population now. Plus you still got a cheater problem. Nothing was solved, just made worse.
  10. That mass unban wave was one of the most idiotic things LO did. Some people were wrongfully banned, sure, but for those who cheated (there were a lot), there's no excuse to unban these people. It's unfair for those players that don't cheat. When you unban someone for cheating you are clearly showing there is no accountability and there is no fairness. So you cheated a while ago and broke the TOS? Okay we will unban ya. Have fun! (makes perfect sense, so dumb).
  11. VOIP in APB is broken. Fix it, @MattScott
  12. I completely agree with you man. Ridiculous. Just plain ridiculous.
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