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  1. Come on @MattScott you guys literally just fixed it and it's broken again. What is going on over there?
  2. Actually there are a few cheaters in Jericho that are constantly making re rolls. They've been around for years and nothing Is done about them except maybe their account gets banned but then they just reroll. Stupid.
  3. Corner camping cancerous? You probably think people running in circles is unfair too right? Perhaps you would like the enemy to stand still while you shoot them? You want the difficulty turned down? Don't tell people how to use the forums. If he wants to post in social district forums he can. This isn't reserved for PC only. Pretty sure it's not labeled CookiePuss Forums.
  4. VOIP in APB is broken. Fix it, @MattScott
  5. I completely agree with you man. Ridiculous. Just plain ridiculous.
  6. How could I hate myself when I'm the best APB player 2019. I'm so good I don't need shaders/configs to play better.
  7. No. I'm only friends with good players sry bud. No pun intended.
  8. N-.....no? Not in a million years?
  9. I'm glad you see my point of view.
  10. Creating a game and promoting drugs is completely different. APB is a video game, a fantasy an artistic creation. The event is a direct promotion for marijuana and drugs. Come on man.
  11. The whole concept is pretty lame. No company does that. Especially for a free to play game.
  12. Promoting weed is not cool and the event is dumb on top of that. Just a waste TBH.
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