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  1. Games dead. Feel sorry for yourself if you actually play this game during the holidays. Maybe you should start making friends. btw cookiepuss is damage control. He will never give you a straight answer to anything. He will undermine anything related to what is wrong with this game. All he does is discredit people who talk about problems with sensational memes or some half baked, semi-humorous retort. Leave this game die is my advice to all. Make all of SPCT homeless once this forum closes too
  2. Nothing will change my guys. Stop wasting your time here. Move on.
  3. That is completely dishonest Cookiepuss. A specific individual was banned under L.O. and on record if you want the link. I saw "the subject" today among many VERY well known "bad subjects" literally hanging out in social. Just ask me for the links and I will give them to you so you can see for yourself. I was born in Orange County dude. My English is fine. You made it seem like I did something wrong with your post. That is why I was shocked. Maybe be more specific than stating a rule like that as if I had broken it. Thanks.
  4. I have not named anybody! I am just saying it as best without getting banned from the forum again. Dude. I haven't named anybody!
  5. I disagree that there can't be nothing done about it (they gave up). The vet players just told me to play as best as you can and /report. He had another mod do it before. I have screenshots of that too when I got silenced here for a few weeks for showing prove but I guess "those players" privacy or feelings matter more than facts and fairness to the community.
  6. I am 100% sure I would upload links to youtube but cookiepuss would take down the thread. Literally mocking us and L.O. Yet Cookiepuss makes a fool out of me Sad that the community I want to help is attacking me for just that. I have screenshot of in game TODAY with (The Individuals). I spoke with other RTW veterans in social and said theres nothing we can do but I disagree. If we all demand the (those people) to be removed permanently, I think Matt Scott will listen to the players, especially veteran players.
  7. I was in social and counted 5 people that disappeared during the January ban Hammer this year and now they are back. Extremely blatant players that literally killed the game over a span of years under many accounts and different clans with the same objective - kill player retention. AND now they are unbanned some so blatant they admitted on ffbans to the offense. Those that got banned during L.O made youtube videos to mock us and even streamed on TWITCH. I took screenshots of conversations with these individuals and it just crushes me that L.O. would go this low to boost up player count. I am truly saddened by this move. One in particular has a reputation (Shall not be named) that EVERYONE here knows by name. Honestly this is so wrong. Why would you give them a chance? They didn't give a the community anything but grief and anger over the years, yes, YEARS. Sad day. Maybe, nobody cares at this point? I guess I just need to give up my account and move on maybe.
  8. Changes I want are broadcasting bans and FFBans to be brought back. That would be awesome.
  9. Yup pretty much. People call you crazy when you tell them you shot "abc" person x amount of times but they manage to take down you and your mates whom were next to you raining bullets on him at CQC! They protect each other calling you a sore looser, salty, a noob etc. /report okay. In the meantime I'll watch them go to R255. Yes, yes git gud, takes years, special circumstances, he's a silver add to the pile, Oh and of course I am just salty It's ok tho. Once they merge NA and EU it's lights out. I am looking at others game atm. Anyone have suggestions about others game kinda like this or better? Thanks guys.
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