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  1. Just make sure to not burnout yourself or the team.
  2. They say that if you want to do something right, do it yourself, but I am afraid Matt is hurting himself. Why no one else has enough knowledge across all the game's systems?
  3. I didn't know that people can make APB look THAT ugly. Little Orbit how do you allow this to happen to your game?
  4. Hmm, but how GTA online gets away with it? You can't choose height, but wearing shoes with heels, lifts you up significantly...
  5. I believe that the only patches that are expected would be if: Need to enable/disable an event Something game breaking has been detected and fixed
  6. Matt Scott, because of the extremely rare appearances he is our own celebrity!
  7. In this beta the Logitech G Hub was able to correctly switch profiles automatically so I guess this is fixed. However again I was unable to make OBS to capture only the APB window while fullscreen. Please fix! Also there is something wrong with sound source when you drive a car and using surround speakers: Half of the engine sounds come from behind, like another car chasing you. This was not the case with APB v1.
  8. 2FA codes are time sensitive. As long as you enter the correct code within the time period, even if you entered wrong code before, it should work. I am not saying that measures against brute force shouldn't be taken by LO, just 2FA doesn't work that way. https://security.stackexchange.com/a/185917/66167 I am against SMS 2FA or 2FA that use proprietary apps in general. SMS 2FA codes comes with other problems, like trouble with routing, making your code either arrive with big delay or never, essentially locking you out. Not to mention the SIM swapping threat (although this is mainly a targeted attack) In my opinion Google Authentication compatible 2FA codes are the best in this case.
  9. That is exactly what I meant. I read that they fixed token time sync issues. Have they fixed the issue with requiring a new token when you switch characters too?
  10. That isn't an issue at all if you use Google Authenticator compatible apps that allow backups.
  11. If the breach is from LO side, then it is not our responsibility. Worst case scenario, they will restore from previous state or compensate. I am talking about LO helping us shield our side.
  12. Google Authenticator is enough protection but nobody sane will use it with all the problems mentioned in this thread. Please fix it LO. We want to use it. Don't punish those who want to use it because of bad implementation from your side! Don't ask us for it every time we switch character! Don't have your clocks out of sync, making it impossible sometimes to enter our tokens!
  13. So LO still not ready for Google Authenticator. Anyway I 've changed my password and I couldn't login. I realized that one of the following characters in the password is a big no-no for LO: $&@ If you lock out yourself like me, try resetting to another password.
  14. Have they fixed the Google Authenticator problems? Last time I had it enabled was last year when they were plagued with problems due to issues with clock time sync on their behalf, making generated keys invalid.
  15. Should we rush changing passwords again? If there was new breach, wouldn't LO give us a heads up? Also I love your new forum avatar @CookiePuss!
  16. I managed to play without any disconnects tonight while livestreaming it too. It went pretty smooth, however I was unable to make OBS to capture only the APB window. Maybe it was a fluke. Any other streamer had the same problem?
  17. Managed to log in, got in a mission but server booted me few minutes later.
  18. Congratulations for organizing this so smoothly.
  19. Monthly no. One time fee per account for the reason explained above, yes.
  20. If the price tag chase away people that got banned for violating EULA, that will be welcome. I am not saying that there wasn't such people when APB wasn't free to play, but there were certainly thinking it twice to reroll.
  21. https://www.apb.com/history.html
  22. Yellow everybloody! Since BattlEye returned, I can't seem to make Logitech G Hub to autodetect APB and automatically change profiles for my mouse, I have to do it manually. Any idea how to fix this? Every time I forget to do it and the buttons I've assigned to copy/paste when I am outside of APB, do nothing in APB until I switch profiles... Any idea what am I doing wrong?
  23. @404how you hold yourself and didn't produce a 404 link is beyond my understanding!
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