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  1. - Yellow Keys, Make it only purchasable with T3/T4 Dome tokens or Death tolls, so it wouldn't be easy to get with chips, by doing this more players would do Bloodsports and Dome. These two gamemodes have been slowly becoming inactive for the last couple of months. & - Hiking Rucksack and Backpack
  2. ~ The Harmacists of the Apocalypse ~ https://i.imgur.com/IDNyzRy.jpeg - Your well-known wasteland surgeons. https://i.imgur.com/x7FcMkk.jpeg - Surgical radiography. https://i.imgur.com/G9F9i1B.jpeg - Doing our daily preparations for our victims clients. https://i.imgur.com/bP6qpn5.jpeg - Sharpening the tools. https://i.imgur.com/zZQJSOr.jpeg - 'Harvesting' For more: https://imgur.com/gallery/GtoFjFP
  3. I leave this gem here for our audience
  4. Hahaha, keep dreaming. Name atleast 10 valuable higher end materials that you could farm or scavenge in PvP areas, which you couldn't get in PVE? You won't know none, cuz all you do is bitching about stuff you haven't even figured out yourself. So you went from "RiskVsReward" to "domino effect", it doesn't take a genius to see that you are full of bs ma dude.
  5. PvP shouldn't be even mentioned for the reason why the game died in the first place lmao, this was never the case, but you are right on some other stuff you mentioned tho. Just look at how bad the servers were(got worse after LO), How much new content we got from G1(close to none), unfixed bugs, glitches that allowed you to dupe stuff etc, broken areas/locations in the map, People being blindly perma banned by GMs for stupid reasons, Infestation of Hackers, cheaters and exploiters and the list goes on. conclusion, FE died just after 2014, cuz simply G1 was a failure, period. God knows how long many have been saying this already, G1 never really cared about the FE community or the game except for their pockets.
  6. Can confirm that the person who made this topic is well aware that the game had numerous transformations in the last decade (Most of the FE community does it too actually), He is just wondering if there are still people out there who got pictures or other stuff from the halloween contest. It doesn't really matter if it is archived or not, but there is plenty of vet FE players who still got access to such old content. Also even if there are few of us on the forums, there is still a huge support for this game behind the scenes e.g. Discord. Just letting you know. ~@Vis
  7. I don't know what got into your head, But why tf would you seperate PVE and PVP in this game. Did you witness some disturbing moments while you were hanging around in the pvp zones, i mean i don't blame you if that was the case, there is probably more here who can relate to you xD this^ @dodgeone
  8. It's a great first step, If you can wipe all the character data along with the duped items as some of the people here mentioned earlier and Could it be a possibility that you take turns to release one sector at a time. e.g starting from Sector 1 - (Plateau)? Allows both new and old players to explore and experience more of this gigantic maps in Fallen Earth.
  9. I did use a lvl 35 crossbow as a finisher troll weapon in S3, Against travs and indoctrinated techs who were mainly the only threats against enforcers that controlled those s3 pvp zones in kaibab forest, suprisingly it worked very well with my low lvl Telekinesis shotgun build, could take them all out on my own if they are in small groups(about 2-3) or just seperated enough from eachother. In high lvl pvp there was good alternative for a crossbow , You may be familiar with the fuzzy bunny shotgun and Elephant gun which i also used back then on several pistol builds.
  10. Outpost was rushed by G1 in 2014. When they released the update It had a little growth in population during that period, but in the following year high ranks were drastictly lower, Well not just because Outpost was a dissapointment so players lost interest and decided to leave, Also the economy sucked big time and yeah don't forget about the massive weekly banwaves that occured back then for hackers, dupers, people who accidently opened mails with duped items or bought duped items from AH etc.. all of them recieved the hammer, G1 didn't take no prisoners, once your banned your gone for good.
  11. Unofficial Fallen Earth Discord server: https://discord.gg/qN7HQD Little Orbit Discord server: https://discord.gg/littleorbit - Your welcome
  12. Where were you when G1 was working on FE, hiding from Tiggs i guess? cuz she would most likely block you from the forums if you made such topics like this. LO didn't made much progress to even be in the Alpha phase, so ya better wait few more years.
  13. You logged in 3 days ago after you left FE since January and now you have already started accusing random players in FE for cheating. You should not have any rights to talk about Anti Cheat in this game. Matt made the right decision and the majority of the players are very happy about it "including me" and btw mind your words, no one is taking you serious.
  14. To be honest, i dont need the items i have bought from the Gamersfirst marketplace back then. I spent so much money on other games aswell and did lose a lot of them at some point, because the items i bought there were temporary and also stopped playing some of my old F2p games,´Combat Arms` was one of them. So if i lose all the items in FE, i would gladly start over. I took the decision to pay money for items, so i would be guilty for it and its not the company´s fault, if they lose your items where you have spent your money for(any good reasons). I have played almost 6k hours on Fallen Earth and i do know all the basics by now, i even know where to obtain every rare item easily. if the new server is online and there would be a wiping progress, i would pay again for the items and i would gladly farm them again aswell. Everyone has their own opinion on this.
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