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  1. Viscera

    Windows 10 Hd5500.. Big problems!

    Did you tried to disable V-sync mode and run the game on full screen-windowed mode?, if that doesn't work let me know. Here is also a topic by Nysek that can help you improve fps: This Topic is actually recommend for pvpers, but it should help you out too.
  2. Lvling a toon to lvl 35 won't take long if you are a veteran ,so why is that even a issue? i have like 8 pvp toons and 3 of those are low lvls made for s2 and s3 pvp zones.
  3. I don't wanna know how many times you have been repeating the same things again here "JEEEEZ!!", but if there was a planned date for that ,it should have been announced at the livestream few days ago or forums, FB, Twitter etc.
  4. Viscera


    Patience dude, have some patience. You waited 3 days, while i waited years, for a clear response from G1 when they were in charge before. but since LO is here now things go much smoother. They are setting things up and doing a lot recently, so give them some time. You know it's not only about FE here, also APB.
  5. Viscera

    "Make Factions Matter"

    +1 totally agree on this one
  6. Great suggestion Kink, I think most people out here loves to see more variations of AP weapons, That steel blades and AK would be dope to have it as an AP weapon.