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  1. Oh yes !!! There IS a God in heaven !!! Fallen Earth is my favorite game of all time. I was there for Beta and now I'm coming back !!! NORTH BURB HERE i COME !!!
  2. Another sad little boy playing troll...pathetic...
  3. That's what you got from all that I wrote ? I said the exact OPPOSITE. i did group pvp because I was in a clan and had to back them up., I would rarely fight, I went after their healer or I was a healer myself. I almost never did pvp unless I had to. If I saw someone approaching I ran. I soloed the vast majority of the time.
  4. PVP is only a small part of why the game failed. They did a bunch of very stupid things that pissed people off and they showed time and again how little they cared about the players. The lying didn't help matters either. Fallen Earth had such massive potential but a combination of incompetence and apathy destroyed it. Stuff would fail and they wouldn't fix it, like vehicle weapons. The special events, like for holidays, were usually crap. How many times did we start fighting the Grunch only to have him disappear in the middle of the fight ? That is only one example.
  5. I never criticized the way people played, not at all, so how is that the same ? I said that I don't like the way PVP was a requirement, I didn't say anything derogatory about the game or resort to mocking other players like you did, and then quickly deleting your comment.
  6. I played in both Betas and never left. I was logged in when they shut the game off.
  7. You were forced to go into PVP zones for certain mats. That sucked big time. I don't like PVP. I never have and forcing players to do it is just plain stupid. If you want players to enjoy the game then you don't force them to do stuff they don't want to do. It's not rocket science.
  8. I don't care how long it takes just tell us the truth. Will Fallen Earth definitely be restarted or is it just probable ?
  9. I really want to believe that FE will be relaunched because it was my favorite game of all time and still is...BUT...if you were around the last few months before the game was shut down you remember the numerous broken promises and the highly unethical way that they kept selling stuff even when they knew that the game was about to be shut down. I know that I haven't forgotten that. I hope that the people in charge of FE now are not the same ones that were running the show when it ended.
  10. HECK YES THERE IS STILL INTEREST IN THE GAME !!! I waited almost 3 years for it to come out the first time and I am prepared to wait 3 more for the reboot. I would be happy to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign.
  11. Are we going to lose all of the Reward Points we have been saving up ?
  12. Handouts...for something we are PAYING for...you need to look up the definition of handout.
  13. If they bought all new equipment and a new track it would be so their gym would turn more profit...the same reason that LO bought Fallen Earth, the same reason they are working on the game now, to make money from the game.
  14. Why do people keep talking like they are doing us a favor ? We are paying for a service. If you have a gym membership and they close the gym for 3 days are you going to buy gifts for the owners ?
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