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  1. Are we going to lose all of the Reward Points we have been saving up ?
  2. Handouts...for something we are PAYING for...you need to look up the definition of handout.
  3. If they bought all new equipment and a new track it would be so their gym would turn more profit...the same reason that LO bought Fallen Earth, the same reason they are working on the game now, to make money from the game.
  4. Why do people keep talking like they are doing us a favor ? We are paying for a service. If you have a gym membership and they close the gym for 3 days are you going to buy gifts for the owners ?
  5. I'd settle for vault extensions, extra garage and stable slots, farm and harvesters boosters
  6. I'd say were up about 5000 Reward Points or G1 Credits.
  7. Basically free ?...I spend almost $200 a year on this game between the subscription and Marketplace, so please forgive me when I ask about compensation.
  8. I'd say were up to about 4000 Reward Points or G1 credits now.
  9. I sure hope not. I'd rather have Reward Points or yellow chips.
  10. If the compensation is based on how long the game is offline we'll all be rich.
  11. I was mostly joking before when I said it would be appropriate to give your paying customers 5 yellow chips for the inconvenience, now it would be very poor form to not do something in compensation.
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