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    Tabbing out of the game breaks animations

    This bug isn't new, It was mentioned numerous times in the older Fallen Earth forum, not sure if it was posted here aswell, but i am sure LO will fix this issue, definitly on the new server when the remastered version of FE is out. - While pvping, this bug can cause FPS drops.
  2. Viscera

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    @MattScottYou and your team are doing a great job and I am looking forward to it, Can't wait to set foot on the wasteland again!
  3. Viscera

    The End

    There could be few reasons why you have no longer acces to your clan vaults: 1- :You didn't invite anyone to your clan, you need atleast 10 members. if not then it will expire in a couple of days. 2- :You Got 'Bamboozled', by your own clanmates, they took your stuff and kicked you out from your own clan, cuz you were inactive for 30 days. ------------- 3-: Don't bring up bullshoot in forums, do your research before you even post anything.
  4. Viscera

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    ** AiNsLeY InTeNsIFiEs **
  5. Viscera

    Halloween Event 2018

    You'll never going to play FE , even when the new engine is finished. only thing you do is make excuses and blame everything you hate for no reason. stop making up stuff and play the game if you are a true FE fan.
  6. Eh what?, The propaganda i was talking about has nothing to do with steam charts lol.. And the events did work out pretty well. there were more pvp, new players and crafters were able to learn new things, could craft cuz we brought instas and also meet other players at these events not only that, the ppl who tried to raid the events had fun aswell.. 'Win - Win Situation right here! Biggest downfall was banning a lot of players, including veterans.. who were responsible for organizing events like that and the lack of new content and horrible lag, which made a lot of ppl quit FE. You kinda dissapoint me Aroa for someone who has good intentions.
  7. +1 Yes indeed, She has good intentions, but never used it properly, @Aroa Croft, if only you did organize events just like Hooli, Mature, Ardenn or even me, when i was organizing events for Enforcers back then.. Things would have been better. No one here is going to listen and take you serious when you fill the forums with your life-stories..propaganda... and also Happy endings. Enfo Harvesting/Crafting event for PVP and PVE players
  8. it doesn't matter if it is 3- factions or 6 It depends on the amount of players ingame(Why you care about faction power if you don't PvP?) , also some of the players in FE want the faction system like how it is right now. Those factions are all unique in their own way. anyways, i have no issue with a new fresh start, but i dont want LO to remove unnecessary things in FE and just keep it how it was before. they better should focus on important things where people always were asking to change.(No need to explain, cuz ya know) So, If you dont know about the faction history in this game, then what in the world do you claim that enforcers are widely hated faction.. Smh. It's obviously you, that is hating on them, maybe some enfos might have bullied you in the past, Things like that can happen. Ugh..Rippingcones...Ugh poor dude has been a victim by crafter travs and techs recently. xD
  9. Did you just say that travelers, chotas and lightbears are the only populated factions in the game?(Non of the factions are populated right now, they all dead ASF! they were all equally populated at some point before. Stop spreading utter bullshoot in the forums... I know that you like to make propaganda for 3 these factions, cuz allof your toons are in them.
  10. Viscera

    At least G1 got something right

    That's why most of the pvp community moved to the FE 'Uncensored' Discord , because of what you just mentioned. 2011-2018 Attitude Era: R.I.P 2018-present PG Era: Tiggs warned people before if they entered the pvp forum, Don't think she was really into the pvp shit-talk, i might be wrong.
  11. Viscera

    Windows 10 Hd5500.. Big problems!

    Did you tried to disable V-sync mode and run the game on full screen-windowed mode?, if that doesn't work let me know. Here is also a topic by Nysek that can help you improve fps: This Topic is actually recommend for pvpers, but it should help you out too.
  12. Lvling a toon to lvl 35 won't take long if you are a veteran ,so why is that even a issue? i have like 8 pvp toons and 3 of those are low lvls made for s2 and s3 pvp zones.
  13. I don't wanna know how many times you have been repeating the same things again here "JEEEEZ!!", but if there was a planned date for that ,it should have been announced at the livestream few days ago or forums, FB, Twitter etc.
  14. Viscera


    Patience dude, have some patience. You waited 3 days, while i waited years, for a clear response from G1 when they were in charge before. but since LO is here now things go much smoother. They are setting things up and doing a lot recently, so give them some time. You know it's not only about FE here, also APB.
  15. Viscera

    "Make Factions Matter"

    +1 totally agree on this one
  16. Great suggestion Kink, I think most people out here loves to see more variations of AP weapons, That steel blades and AK would be dope to have it as an AP weapon.