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  1. I did use a lvl 35 crossbow as a finisher troll weapon in S3, Against travs and indoctrinated techs who were mainly the only threats against enforcers that controlled those s3 pvp zones in kaibab forest, suprisingly it worked very well with my low lvl Telekinesis shotgun build, could take them all out on my own if they are in small groups(about 2-3) or just seperated enough from eachother. In high lvl pvp there was good alternative for a crossbow , You may be familiar with the fuzzy bunny shotgun and Elephant gun which i also used back then on several pistol builds.
  2. Outpost was rushed by G1 in 2014. When they released the update It had a little growth in population during that period, but in the following year high ranks were drastictly lower, Well not just because Outpost was a dissapointment so players lost interest and decided to leave, Also the economy sucked big time and yeah don't forget about the massive weekly banwaves that occured back then for hackers, dupers, people who accidently opened mails with duped items or bought duped items from AH etc.. all of them recieved the hammer, G1 didn't take no prisoners, once your banned your gone for good.
  3. Unofficial Fallen Earth Discord server: https://discord.gg/qN7HQD Little Orbit Discord server: https://discord.gg/littleorbit - Your welcome
  4. Where were you when G1 was working on FE, hiding from Tiggs i guess? cuz she would most likely block you from the forums if you made such topics like this. LO didn't made much progress to even be in the Alpha phase, so ya better wait few more years.
  5. You logged in 3 days ago after you left FE since January and now you have already started accusing random players in FE for cheating. You should not have any rights to talk about Anti Cheat in this game. Matt made the right decision and the majority of the players are very happy about it "including me" and btw mind your words, no one is taking you serious.
  6. To be honest, i dont need the items i have bought from the Gamersfirst marketplace back then. I spent so much money on other games aswell and did lose a lot of them at some point, because the items i bought there were temporary and also stopped playing some of my old F2p games,´Combat Arms` was one of them. So if i lose all the items in FE, i would gladly start over. I took the decision to pay money for items, so i would be guilty for it and its not the company´s fault, if they lose your items where you have spent your money for(any good reasons). I have played almost 6k hours on Fallen Earth and i do know all the basics by now, i even know where to obtain every rare item easily. if the new server is online and there would be a wiping progress, i would pay again for the items and i would gladly farm them again aswell. Everyone has their own opinion on this.
  7. All i did was responding to your previous post, I didnt brought up or tell any issues from the past did i? Enforcer faction grew because of Drallex, not sure you know who that is, but just forget about it and I agree on the part about Jasmin tho, he carried the lb faction in pvp at the end, after RA has lost most of their members back then. Yes, i know that Nightmares is founded by Mitzy, but Andro was part of it, that's all i wanted to tell you, i'm glad you see mitzy as a cheater, but again it's the past (No one cares). I started in 2012, but i did start doing pvp mid 2013 and i do have quite a lot of toons by now. There is no need to correct the way i speak, all i'm doing is stating facts and i am informing you , So i don't understand why you have something against me, while others are correcting you aswell. - finish -
  8. Disrespecting? Haha, you have clearly no idea who you are talking to right now, Andromedda is a spanish speaking player that started TNO together with me, he also was in Nightmares, i know him much longer then you did. I pvped and did events together with both Jasmin and Andro for 4+ years. You are the one who is making a fool of yourself without doing research, The time i spent in game, from 2012 till now, i haven't seen you doing much compared to Andro, Jasmin and any other players you dont know about. You have been more active in the forums then you did ingame. I'm not telling "bullshoot" , you are just on denial. If you don't believe me, why not ask Andro and Jasmin themselves if you think that i am really disrespecting them , so If you have discord(sent pm through forum) and we'll talk more in a professional way there with the players you think i have disrespected lmao. If i show your previous forum post to them, they will die from laughter, but it's better if you speak to them yourself , i give you that opportunity.
  9. Showing a 2009 video where 1 guy is shaking his spikey clubs all over his opponenent's face isn't telling much, you are just showing to me that pvp existed long ago, which everyone knows here already. But i am telling you "AGAIN" that the PVP(Your 1 percent) wasn't as great as PVE, see look this video there is only one guy who is pvping against 2-3 others in 2009, you call this pvp? Majority of players back then didn't bother doing pvp, even thesedays in 2019, there aren't much pvpers left . maybe 1 or 2, highest numbers are PVE players and RPers. Make a poll/survey( I heard you like doing "Social Experiments" for Fallen Earth) and you will find out what most people prefer in this game. I am not against PVPers , since i am also in the "1 percent gang" myself, but i am also doing PVE aswell. You tell me that the only 1% is my intelligence, well what about your google translator.I can confirm you are the only one using it in here , Compare that 2009 video, with these 2:
  10. 1.The factions have to do more with the "pvp" than with the "pve". (- how? Do you even know the faction lore? go here : https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Factions and CTRL+F (search for the word "pvp" there.) and then explain me why you think it has to do more with pvp. 2.The aura of faction that you receive is for the keep captured in all the pvp territories and not for doing pve missions (this is received by the whole faction). -This has only 1% to do with the factions, 99% is about the faction lore(PVE) , why don't you tell about that?) 3.that I know there is no keep in territories not pvp, or if there are? Like there are certain resources that can only be caught in pvp faction territory. (-Again PVP, you are talking only about the "1 percentage", has nothing to do with the lore. 4.In my view, there is no sense in a game having factions and that there are no wars, fighting and pvp between the factions. (AROA LOGIC, here you tell us that there are "no wars, fighting and pvp between factions," When you told before(1) that factions have to do more with pvp then pve. EDIT: https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/PvP (your "1 Percentage")
  11. 1 - Look, we were talking about how the anti cheat would benefit in Fallen Earth now and you want to waste my time to proof you how well i can pvp, c'mon Aroa. Stay in the topic. 2 & 3 - Right, definitly something i wouldn't say in the forums(Well you investigated it this time), but apparently your reply to my previous post leads to this. You told that you have a long journey in pvp, which is not the case here and at the same time a lot that happend in the past doesn't matter anymore. (off-topic) 4 - You make no sense again, Smh. Don't need translator , It's loud and clear to me
  12. Do you even realise that this topic has nothing to do with accusations towards pvpers only? You aren't making any sense, while i'm stating facts here. And what makes you think the that the GMs ingame aren't investigating everything? Or are you still thinking that the LO GMs are the same ones from the G1 times. Fallen Earth had always a low playerbase (around 2k players from 2011 to 2012) + non steam users . Those were times when you haven't started playing, so did i. after 2013 the playerbase was much smaller compared to 2011 - 2012. As i mentioned before, The anti-cheat won't have a huge impact currently on FE and at the end the majority of the cheaters will be caught by the GMs. ----- This is the current active player base of CSGO, a game that has an anti-cheat system called "VAC" , but still fails to detect cheaters properly. All i can tell you is to wait and see how LO is going to handle this in the future and don't bring up nonsense from the past.
  13. Some people here "No names" never going to understand that, It's not the first time that a person in the forums has told that Anti-cheat wont have a huge impact for Fallen Earth, since there are many crybabies who are going to falsly accuse anyways,even when there is an Anti-cheat. But If there were cheaters, pretty sure that they will get monitored nowadays by the GMs, cuz i can see them almost everyday ingame now.
  14. https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Enemy:_Kevin_Jurgens
  15. +1 For this suggestion, Tbh i always wanted to play as a Shiva follower lol, But the Clones are already mutants themselves,So Just like most of the games thesedays, it would be great to have different skins for your clones. Some shiva skin examples: Female skin:
  16. You clearly don't understand what i was saying , But yes i know that you have mentioned before that you are lacking in english a lot, (Btw, If you copy-paste everything what i type on google translate, it doesn't translate everything properly) How would muting players be worthless?, It's definitly a better solution then kicking players from the faction as you mentioned before. Also another important thing about GMs, i have been playing FE lately now, i can tell you that the GMs in 2019 are doing a far better job then we all have expected compared to the old ones, I can see them online almost everday and they are helping players regularly now, also i heard they are active in events aswell, which is a good thing! 2. is discriminatory?!, Whaaaat... (Explain pls) 3. Weren't we discussing about the FACTIONS, when did we talk about clans?! Not every player is in a clan.
  17. That's sounds like a ridiculous suggestion to me, because of the current state. But i like the Faction leader concept, everything else you just mentioned seems pointless. When there is a cheater ingame, it's not the Faction leader's job to kick the player out of the faction(What's the benefit?), The player should be removed immediately from the game by the GMs or if there aren't any online report it to LO support. These are the only few things the faction leader could probably do: 1. Temporary mute (atleast for 5 min) players who are misbehaving in faction chat, if they keep going after they were muted. it should be reported. (Kicking makes no sense, players could change the name and join the same faction again or do have more toons on the same faction) 2. When a player becomes a Faction leader, The leader will have access to buff/auras which could benefit in pvp and crafting on a team with the players from the same faction. (Only in "open world" and not in Bloodsports.) 3. Allied Faction leaders chat channel: Where the faction leader can communicate with other faction leader's who are allied to the faction. Examples : for arranging stuff, request reinforcements etc.
  18. I vote for the blightwolf, love the art
  19. Viscera


    Agree, keep the chip limit to 10y (If you have more chips, you would be able to put them in your clan vaults anyways or maybe in the future in your own private vaults aswell.), and if it possible keep all the attuned items (items that can't be traded) and everything else could be removed , for example : Mats, consumables, tradeable (equipments), Parts, etc
  20. Yes, that bug has been around for years now. Haven't seen anyone mentioning about it till now.
  21. Hey Ella, I wouldn't recommend to run FE on high settings, instead run it on Lowest. 4GB ram is enough to run FE since it requires only 2 GB RAM(But, It's better to have 8GB, cuz of the current state of FE). - Try to run the game on "Compatibility Mode” and set it on: XP SP3, Vista SP1 or Windows 7 (Windowed fullscreen/v-sync off) If that doesn't help you then, it has definitly to do with your graphic card.
  22. This bug isn't new, It was mentioned numerous times in the older Fallen Earth forum, not sure if it was posted here aswell, but i am sure LO will fix this issue, definitly on the new server when the remastered version of FE is out. - While pvping, this bug can cause FPS drops.
  23. @MattScottYou and your team are doing a great job and I am looking forward to it, Can't wait to set foot on the wasteland again!
  24. Viscera

    The End

    There could be few reasons why you have no longer acces to your clan vaults: 1- :You didn't invite anyone to your clan, you need atleast 10 members. if not then it will expire in a couple of days. 2- :You Got 'Bamboozled', by your own clanmates, they took your stuff and kicked you out from your own clan, cuz you were inactive for 30 days. ------------- 3-: Don't bring up bullshoot in forums, do your research before you even post anything.
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