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  1. Yeap, EXACTLY! In fact when I saw that particular person using "Global1" I went like "yeah okay there is no hope really". EXACTLY a day after LO took over. Unless you are Blizzard, then the COMMUNITY aspect plays a huge part on a videogame, in order to survive. We all know why most people went gone and why FE lost its playerbase.
  2. There are no cards on the table, because the table is burned to the ground. If you wanna daydream that is up to you entirely. Personally I will not be convinced until I see FE back online. Something which will not happen and even if it does, it will be very rushy and there will be barely any changes. To that I will agree with some other guys who said, that even at the current state, it could be left open for people to play, pay some subs and perhaps work parallelly the enormous, supergalactic upgrade. The fact that they took it down, means two things. One, they simply couldn't afford holding it up (which is fuckin scary) and two, they just fabricated a reason (big upgrade-reborn) so people won't be pissed at them, for shutting it down forever anyway and avoid from looking more incompetent than they are. Remember they have other games running as well, so that would look pretty bad for them as a company it total. Which reinforces my suspicion, that their original goal was APB, but somewhere in the contract, a term forced them to buy BOTH IPs together, otherwise there would be no APB at all. Because then, what's the reason of buying something over, if you ain't aiming at maintaining it or keeping it working. Probably a commodity, to make more money by selling to someone else, while paying almost nothing for obtaining it. Yeah, that's cruel and opportunistic trade right there. Which proves 0/1000 f**** they give about any of us, or the game itself even. It's a lose lose situation anyway you take it, unless Matt or someone else comes up within the next week or so and proves otherwise. And not just words or screenshots at that point, but nothing less than an actual date (even if it is 2 years from now). I know, I might sound a bit harsh and perhaps brutally honest. However, I am one of those people who will SUPPORT this game as long as it is alive (as I always did). What I do NOT like, is potential "games" played behind "my back" and most of all getting fooled right infront of my face.
  3. I am sorry to disappoint you, but this dream is dead. Some people (including me) love this game so much and had so many good and mostly bad moments, that they are in denial. This game is gone. There will be no relaunch. Nor any signs for such a thing. The Devs used to post at least some kind of progress, there is none of that either. I am sorry but you guys need to accept the facts. FE ain't coming back. I'll be more than glad for LO to prove me otherwise, but I highly doubt. As for the economy and dupes, the first thing they did after they took over, was to unban some of the most notorious duplicators in the game (you know who you are as we know and we will never forget what you did). In fact they unbanned one of the those who discovered it first. Don't have high hopes Aroa, because I know you mean every word you say. FE was condemned to eventually die. Lack of developing, lack of management, abusive GMs (you know who you are too and you have a huge part in this), all the aforementioned, slowly contributed like poison to this community's death. When they let 10% idiots, discourage and make 90% legit and kind people go, then they deserve NOT to own or run this game at all. And even if FE would open up again tomorrow, the same mistakes would be made again and again and again... My opinion? Make the source accessible for a fee and allow people who actually care, to run their own sandbox servers. That's the only way for the legacy to go on.
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