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  1. also to add, there is more patch notes and changes within a year than G1 did in 3 years.
  2. personally vbr is 1 of my fav guns, its close / mid range , with a nice rate of fire. not too powerful and not too weak , its a nice starter weapon for those people who are looking to level up their rifling role
  3. i think they should just remove the threat system , like they did with xbox and ps4 , it would stop people complaining, for the fact , Bronze can kill golds, also silvers , golds can play trash also, the threat system does not matter at all , it depends on the mission and how its played, also Silvers are in bronze theres alot of silver players that are pretty skilled compare to new players / bronzies , why complain about golds when they are also in that district to with new players? it really does not make sense . theres alot of other games that is match making with higher ranks , such as Cod, fortnite , anyother game think of a game and ull realise theres no threat / level matchmaking , its pointless because of the population of players also dropping, once apb was a hudge game when it was first released and we lost alot of players , over this matchmaking. also , u can start a new account win 3 matches , instant gold .. does not mean you are a gold player , its just win / loss ratio /medals pretty much
  4. im pretty sure that the themes u made , u took from a midi file of notes, meaning other people can make the same themes, its not really stealing , plus.. even if ur themes are stolen or w/e think yourself lucky its free advertisement for yourself, but all honestly . i wouldnt even bother , its the same as alot of people make "supreme clothes" addidas clothes , they all look the same . its not stealing XD
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