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  1. Today I got the clothing but not the title. (Nutcracker Rank 3) Seems like their info page is incorrect.
  2. As you can see in the pictures I actually reached everything to unlock the rewards. According to the this page I should receive following rewards: Holiday 2019 Daily Activities -> Day 2 = Holiday 2019 Symbols AND Chaos Caroler – Play the “Holiday Cheer” Event 25 Times – Rewards the Title: Chaos Caroler & “Santa Claws” preset clothing items (5 items and Decal). About the Chaos Coraler Achievement: I actually got the Title but not the preset clothing.
  3. Receiving rewards issue I completed a few roles and achievements but for some of them I didn't get any rewards. Anyone else having that problem? Chaos Carroler (Achievements) Nutcracker (Role) @Lixil @MattScott @Selali
  4. Hey there! Your Code is not really working. If you paste the normal link ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtbK0N-t2I4 ) into your post, it should automatically convert into a youtube video. *Edit* Seems like i'm a few seconds too late! But you can also edit your post.
  5. APB has the best customization I could think about. But I really hope that in the future it's possible to add new features and more ways to customize things. Here are some suggestions and wishes about vehicles I'd like for APB. - More Lightbars: Sometimes I design a car but I'm not totally happy with it because I miss the right lightbar or the car has the right lightbar but with the wrong color. To give people more customization freedom it should be possible to select between more different lightbars and color pattern. I want to give a short example with the vegas: The upper picture shoes the Raptor Boomer II. There are more version of this lightbar but for reason which I don't know, you can only put the Raptor Boomer II on the vegas. The Raptor Boomer III (from Bishada) is literally the same lightbar, just with different colors, but you cannot put it on your vegas because there is no option for that. Same for the Raptor Boomer from ARMAS. The Boomer Swingbar is a littlebit different but still in the same size of the Boomer Raptor. That means It makes sense if people could choose them on every car that has atleast one of the lightbars! About the color pattern: The Windbolt Avenger for example comes in a blue version. But it would be also nice to have it in a different color version like blue and red. - Neon Lights: Enforcers have lightbars, so it would be fair if criminals get neon lights for their cars. There could be different Layouts like: Front - Back - Sides - Front and Sides - Back and Sides - Back and Front - Front, Back and Sides. And another selection for the color like: Blue, Red, Green... - Lights in Editor: It would be nice if you able to see your vehicles lights in the editor. Basically the same way as horn, lightbar and engine testing. Why? Because why not?
  6. That would be a nice add to the character customization.
  7. I think they are nice to have and fun to play. I agree that the TTK is a joke but I still want them for my own. (I only used the trail versions so far)
  8. I would like it as new game mode and not only as a event. It should be combined with the customization system of apb. Also it need alot more than just adding the current vehicles to a race track (For example slipstream) to make the whole mode more interesting. (Imagine everyone driving with the same max speed which is boring) But I also think if you give everyone the same vehicle it's a good start for the whole racing concept. For example vegas race: Those who own a vegas can use their own designed car. Everyone else gets a preset vegas. (Which is also a good way to offer new players ARMAS cars) Don't forget the platform for winner so everyone see their name, outfit, car, title and maybe clan. And in the background all other people. Because the customization is what makes apb special. Give people the ability to bet on races and maybe even have weekly/montly global race events for top racer. (Which lead me a another idea. Add trophies for winning races <or even achievements>. Then add a new display point that can be leased through marketplace to present some of your trophies to everyone. <Also add free trophy display points like the car, symbol and statue points at breakwater galleria>)
  9. Currently It's not out of date. https://db.apbvault.net/changes/ https://apbdb.com/changes/
  10. Thanks for your update! I honestly have fun playing RIOT. I got used to the mechanics and tried to be efficient as possible. (Like get as much cash as possible) Would like to see some more rewards even for the first tiers, because it takes really long to level up. (I know it's a beta) After I finished the contact I got my first daily activity and I was really surprised by the rewards. It's just a 5 day lease but still you can get some "unique" weapons like the 3 slotted Cap40 or the DOW Stock which you cannot get anywhere else. (Don't forget the cool weapon skin)
  11. Turf War similar to Planetside 2 would be awesome. I don't think there is any Free To Play game that has a urban setting with that kind of mode. But instead of 3 teams I would like enforcers vs crimes only and also usage of as much equipments (Spray, Hack...) as possible.
  12. I'm pretty fine how the new mode is right now. Still I have some wishes. 3D Marker: I would like to have 3D marker for items you can pickup/buy. Espacially for the items that allow you to buy your own weapons. Those marker shouldn't be visible through walls and only on a short distance. In my opinon thats friendlier for new players. (Maybe even settings to disable it) Vehicles: To be honest I don't miss vehicles in riot mode but I would like vehicles in the "lobby" while waiting for the round to start. Either let people spawn their own cars or spawn some around the district. A few seconds before the match starts just despawn them. Hazmat suit: I understand there is a cooldown for the Hazmat to prevent people from camping in contaminated zones so thats pretty fine. But sometimes you spawn in such a zone with the hazmat equipped. Mostly you die before you reach the safe zone. So I was thinking to try to just remove the cooldown once you spawned in such a zones and only give players a cooldown if they manually equip it. And i think there are too much hazmat suits spawning around the district. Maybe reduce the amount a littlebit. "PVP hot zones": There could be special "events" spawning around the district which gives you special items. For example a police van that drops grenades or maybe you own weapon for free. Here is a example: Everyone gets a message that a swat truck stopped at a location marked on map. People run to it. First team there has to plant a bomb to blow open the doors. (The timer for the bomb takes some times) People fight for the truck. As soon as the bomb explodes special items drops like grenades or your own weapon. So you have to choose if you risk your life for special equipment that helps you in the end game or if you stay safe and do other stuff. Start with less people: Let RIOT start even with less people. It seems like mechanic exist to have a half contaminated district at begin. So because of low population issue sometimes let RIOT start even with less teams. New Starter Weapon: As I said before, I don't think FBW is the right choice especially for new players. There is a huge gab between a newbie and "pro" with FBW. Instead we need a weapon designed for that mode. Link to the suggestion is here: More Sounds: I like that it's not quite anymore as in the first tests. But I still want more sounds for a better atmosphere. I will just link my old suggestion here:
  13. Idk if I understand you correctly but there were 3 different types of rewards. Premium for all who entered the code (RIOT Token). Weapon skin for those who tried to solve things. G1C for those who solved things. All rewards except the skin were sent out. And patch notes of June , 12th says: "Rewards for those who participated in our Alternative Reality Game have been implemented.".
  14. I noticed that problem too, I won a round and got nothing for it. And on top of that it did not count as win for the achievement.
  15. They extended the downtime to fix it. And there is already a topic related to that:
  16. Wait you able to start the game? You cannot login cuz login server are still down.
  17. Hey there. since the latest patch I cannot start APB on Windows 7 anymore. I followed these steps but it's still not working. Am I forced to upgrade to windows 10? Game Version: (I noticed the same problem on OTW) Would like to get a confirmation from the little orbit.
  18. I cannot tell you about your infinity loading. But the patch has been delayed, some issues with the Anti Cheat.
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