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  1. It's what they are going through right now. LOL
  2. I guess I gotta sit here and let the game contact the world. gotta wait another 30 minutes to even attempt to get in a district. then another 30 to get in it. Good Job Little Orbit. you really are doing a fantastic job.
  3. It has NEVER taken an entire day when I've purchased anything from the armas marketplace.
  4. I dropped $100 to try to get the new weapon. and can't even see if I got it. Not from the mail or even trying to get back on my own account. it's just dumb. Little Orbit needs to test their patches instead of rushing it.
  5. The power boxes yes. but I haven't received the Joker Mystery boxes that I purchased. and to top it off I am now locked out of my account because it's telling me that my account is logged in from another client. which is smart because I just logged off from it.
  6. Why would I do that when it takes 30 minutes to log into the server as is
  7. So, am I going to receive these boxes that I purchased? Because I've bought 2 20 packs and haven't received them. and tried redeeming the power boxes and it says there was an error that occurred. then when I go to try to redeem it again, it says already redeemed. I don't understand....
  8. I am currently waiting for the new Joker box. was told this week since last week it failed to be compiled and put into the live servers. Any Update?
  9. So.... when I open the launcher, it says their isn't a patch. There was supposed to be that patch today for the joker box and Riot wasn't there? So when I click play and login, try to log into a district, I just load infinitely again. been 30 minutes. I am wondering if you guys put the patch through and I'm just not getting it, or what? Because I've clicked repair on the launcher and still don't get anything. I just don't get what's going on.
  10. Not sure what you guys are doing to the servers now, but I've been infinitely loading into social for like 30 minutes. Please focus on the live servers instead of focusing on a Battle Royale please.
  11. Are we going to be getting the Ho-Ho-Ho- Launcher and snowballs for the Holidays? Because that was one of my favorite times of playing APB. Pls give meh
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