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  1. Stun Grenades and Percs need to be nerfed; other than that stuns are not op
  2. I, for one, welcome our new gorgonhook overlords
  3. Ursus , will not get nerfed in future and is objectively best in class
  4. if your cereal ive got a huge stash of dogecoins ive been sitting on for a few years now .....
  5. CR762 desperately needs a nerf in close range; only gun that I can really say dominates all ranges and is winning fights in close range when using cj3
  6. a few of my clan mates have been randomly disconnecting every few hours ; not enough of a history to call it a pattern but im suspicious
  7. 7000 posts and you still find a way to make the forums unwelcome for other users
  8. Great point; whisper has always had the 50m range, if it loses this modifier the PMG should also. And why be snarky @BXNNXD, your not adding anything to the discussion by mocking my post
  9. how can something be a crutch when its readily available for anyone to buy and use , JT Shredder is only 700 JTs
  10. Whisper has a model with a scope on it for a reason, bring the modifier back
  11. More APB customization how-toos ; I would really appreciate an theme how to awell!
  12. Except why would other items get more expensive? Legendaries would just have to be put in as obtainable in a different way; gambling is a serious issue.
  13. I second this ,while I don't love the new shotgun meta its not like OCA is unviable; shredder is strong but honestly has fine range imo, make it a 4 shot that should be the only change. An above poster mentioned that spread pattern should reward good aim, that too would be a sufficient change . In the end the engine update should come out before the end of the year, best case scenario December > Engine Update > brand new X-Mas event to draw in new player base > Fix threat and matchmaking problems ; all of these content and balance changes are secondary and metaphorically an life ring that can't float being thrown to a drowning sailor
  14. not every assault rifle is automatically an ntech reskin; it can require the same amount of hits and still be a fundamentally different gun for different playstyles
  15. Sorry to pile on, but this^ Thirded, and the shredder is not OP
  16. Yood the sooner you start posting concise questions that people can understand the sooner you will get actual answers back
  17. This makes no sense, players dont /abandonmission because of Rlevel ; its predominantly because they are a threat below the status quo on the respective district. Your Rlevel has nothing to do with skill or kills
  18. Well I can say you have gained alot of respect as most CEOS would not acknowledge something like the aforementioned GM drama, thank you for actually listening and addressing this issue that made some of us concerned.
  19. No, the era of the HVR is over ; long live Emperor SCOUT!
  20. GMS continue to abuse their power , Tech-Sans post being removed about 2 hours ago just goes to show they have no respect for their community; my comment will likely be removed too
  21. Everyone is knee jerking about the shredder , which is going to cause it to fade into obscurity once again. Shotguns are buffed but in real situations its not like your invincible
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