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  1. Agreed. Pretty cool lookin' design and only 99g1c. Can't really beat that
  2. I'm sure if we were within a week of it hitting OTW we'd hear an official announcement lol
  3. Kinda wish the sword was on the waist but still looks dope
  4. Too bad game development is never linear. They could have literally everything done except for one thing and that one thing could hold them up for months by itself
  5. Ur a little shite chewing me out for nothing
  6. Supposedly coming alongside RIOT which was supposed to release in May. Soooo soon™?
  7. No, social is immune to it for some reason. Half the server just dc'd. Only barely 200 people on atm. It's just mission and FC districts
  8. Jeez I just worked from 5am till 6pm, get home after an hour drive and servers are taking a dump. All I wanted to do was FC man
  9. Up to 60+ packet loss and 500+ ms in FC Somebody help pls
  10. I had high ping and packet loss when I was on. Though usually my hitreg is garbage regardless. I will say there were a few times where I couldn't get a single hit on somebody standing still. I usually fire pretty slow to test my reg and make sure I'm not ghost shotting
  11. Just tried to hop on and there's still only 1 district rip lol...
  12. Yeeep, just went on to mess with clothing and there's only 1 district rip
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