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  1. How much do you think it costs to keep the game even running? You think a handful of people spending money on Armas is covering all that? They'd make more money by shutting it down
  2. This is exactly what's happening. It's why you wait about 30mins to an hour after they open the servers up because there's always going to be issues
  3. Agreed. Pretty cool lookin' design and only 99g1c. Can't really beat that
  4. I'm sure if we were within a week of it hitting OTW we'd hear an official announcement lol
  5. Kinda wish the sword was on the waist but still looks dope
  6. Too bad game development is never linear. They could have literally everything done except for one thing and that one thing could hold them up for months by itself
  7. Ur a little shite chewing me out for nothing
  8. Supposedly coming alongside RIOT which was supposed to release in May. Soooo soon™?
  9. This is what I'm hoping for. It's still pretty jarring to fire any gun and not see the slide on a pistol or ejection port on a rifle not move at all. Just proper gun animations in general would improve the feel for each gun so much
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