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  1. Agreed. Pretty cool lookin' design and only 99g1c. Can't really beat that
  2. I'm sure if we were within a week of it hitting OTW we'd hear an official announcement lol
  3. Kinda wish the sword was on the waist but still looks dope
  4. Too bad game development is never linear. They could have literally everything done except for one thing and that one thing could hold them up for months by itself
  5. Ur a little shite chewing me out for nothing
  6. Supposedly coming alongside RIOT which was supposed to release in May. Soooo soon™?
  7. This is what I'm hoping for. It's still pretty jarring to fire any gun and not see the slide on a pistol or ejection port on a rifle not move at all. Just proper gun animations in general would improve the feel for each gun so much
  8. Pretty much, probably hoped it would gain a ton of popularity on consoles and they could have a good source of revenue from that alone. Then leave the PC community starved for content since there was nobody playing anymore. Now it's going to end up being the opposite. I can see a lot of people coming back just for 3.5. If it was up to me I'd ditch the console variants completely since the population on there is just going to dwindle into nothing if it hasn't already. Just a waste of resources
  9. That's not really an argument lol. It's all about the mood. The entirety of October is Halloween themed same with Christmas in December. You don't suddenly see people decorating literally on the day of Halloween or Christmas. It's celebrated throughout the month. The same goes for game events and the same goes for even television. You don't see certain channels run spooky marathons literally on Halloween and that's it. They're ran throughout the month
  10. Personally like Halloween events that start around the beginning of October and finish at the end of the month or a bit after it. Like if you're going to have a Halloween event why run it when Halloween is pretty much over?
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