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  1. SuperToaster

    Apologies for issues today

    Confident you guys will find a solution soon enough. Can't wait for this nightmare to be over with. It's literally the saddest thing when these guys do this every day especially on a game that barely has any players left
  2. SuperToaster

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For real though I hope something official is implemented soon. The fact people are even arguing over a crosshair is ridiculous. Customizable/static crosshairs are such a standard in shooters now I mean come on. If we could even change the color of the vanilla crosshair I’d be happy. White crosshairs are my kryptonite atm
  3. SuperToaster

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    I’m aware of all that. The only reason I really use it is because I get tunnel visioned pretty easy now in combat and the small white vanilla crosshair is barely visible for me sometimes. They’re obviously going to add a customizable crosshair eventually. 99% of the playerbase wants it so. The only sort of “cheat” shaders are the borderline shaders that let you see through smoke. I’d consider a center static crosshair a slight advantage but that’s about it. I wouldn’t consider it any sort of cheat lol. Also a bit relevant but Overwolf is supposedly going to make that Ultimate Crosshair an official app that’ll be allowed on pretty much anything. If that comes out before LO can implement customizable crosshairs then they can just go ahead and start enforcing shader config bans
  4. SuperToaster

    What are your thoughts on the OSCAR?

    It’s definitely not a gun you can just pick up and shred but it definitely gets strong real quick once you start getting used to it. Personally think it’s burst interval and fire rate could be tweaked and maybe accuracy too. It’s way too strong like pretty much every other burst fire weapon on corners. It’s pretty much a laser which helps a lot too. Other than that I have no issues facing good oscar players
  5. Not excuses lol. I used to be purty good at APB back when I used to play almost 8 hours a day but my skill level has dropped to borderline average gold. I'm not denying I'm average most of the time but I can still judge a good player from a bad one. It doesn't take a chef to know good food from bad food. You were saying you were shredding with carbine and it was OP af so I went into FC to test if you shredded as much as you boasted. We only got into a fair fight once and that was when I naded myself. I got you to 85 with a quarter of my health left iirc in that first little bout. Everything else was me getting lit up by crims and bad spawns. You also admitted you were macroing looks like which didn't exactly make any of that fair in the first place right? I don't have perfect rhythm with carbine anymore so that shit will shred me. Overall I was disappointed when you turned out to be an average carbine user Also get rid of that weird victim complex thing you got going on there. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem
  6. I'm just defending my position is all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As I've said like twice now I'm just answering your question as to why people kill your stuns. It's not name and shaming Also nah, my skill level is all over the place. One day I'll shred and the next day I'll be getting shredded by silvers. I can't be consistent for the life of me especially with a crappy connection that affects my hitreg every so often. You also severely misinterpreted my first post calling you out when you whispered me in social asking if I was the "carabine god". I never said I was good in the first place but I can give the high end players a run for their money on a good day but that's about it And? I can't see the vanilla crosshair almost at all in a fight so I have to use a bright patootie crosshair to aim even somewhat decently. Almost all the high end players use a crosshair. This isn't a new thing It's not cherry picking. That screen I posted is literally the first handful of whispers between us in FC. After that you acted exactly the same before you left. You already make yourself look bad enough as it is
  7. Yes pretty much. You were trash talking me in whispers when you'd kill me when I was lit from your teammates lol. I wouldn't have to explain anything if you were just chill. The first FC mission we did it was stacked heavily in crim's favor to where the whole team was just rushing enf's spawn. No you literally ignored me for not joining your team with OPGL lol. You kept trying to egg me on and I was just chill so you ignored me I wish I had screenshotted some of the more toxic stuff but at least I have this lol
  8. "Spamming yolos" I tried nading you once only the first time I saw you and I naded myself on accident lol. Yes you did ignore me, you were telling me I was trash with OPGL then told me to switch sides and when I said no you said "You're a sad person" then ignored me. Also I don't understand the context of that screenshot. Someone killed your stun and you instantly went into toxic mode. You're just digging yourself deeper lol You are literally asking why people are killing your stuns and I'm answering your question. Everybody who has ever been in FC with you knows you're extremely toxic
  9. I wasn’t even remotely mad lol. I was laughing cause I naded myself like an idiot. You were standing still 30-40m away on a crate and didn’t even move till the last shot. Why would I whisper you in the first place I’m just in FC trying to get kills. You’re the one that ended up ignoring me because I wouldn’t join crim side with an OPGL lol.. You were wondering why people were killing your stuns there’s your answer. You’re toxic af my dude
  10. A bit is an understatement. Dude was super toxic in whispers when he was trying to prove how op carbine was against me lol. When you’re constantly talkin’ smack in whispers and in district in FC you’re gonna make some enemies
  11. This is likely the reason lol
  12. SuperToaster

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    If anything else needs to be adjusted atm it’s the RFP’s range. Thing is still a mini OBIR. Burst weapons in general need a balance pass. Excited to see the HVR changes though
  13. SuperToaster

    Server lag update

    Yeah something needs to be done it’s been pretty damn bad. Even with regular ping and no packet loss you can still get rubberbanding and hitreg issues which has been annoying as all hell especially during critical moments in missions
  14. SuperToaster

    APB Roadmap

    Honestly most of the UI is fine as is. The only issue is inventory causing 20 fps decrease. Also inventory filters and sorting but that's about it