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  1. Hi. I read your post. Personally i don't have this special problem you have. Also my laptop is very old ( xps /4gb ram /8600m gt/ 2 core cpu/ ). So it has be some kind of [ software interference ] problem. I usually don't open steam client in the background because i have a very low memory, that will help me to improve my performance. steam only gives you its own achievements and I'm not interested in steam's achievements. Best advice that somebody gave it to me: don't open any apps in the background if its unnecessary or if you don' need them during your work or ... . That is all the help i can give you with my own experience. Hope it's useful.
  2. Thanks for your quote. I enjoyed your response. Your ideas are much more reasonable than my ideas. So I agree with you on those subjects. I have to say that i'm not a real gamer, but i played so many different games when I was growing up ( like Max Payne, GTA, splinter cell, Assassins creed, Mirror's Edge [my favorite], Mass Effect trilogy, Dead Space, Hunt, Hatred ). And maybe that is why my fist idea is not so idealistic. Forgive me if I'm stating impossible ideas.
  3. Hello dear players. My name is Radman Bonyadi from Iran. I've been playing this game about 2 years from 2020. I have so many Ideas that will change the game the whole game . But I only have three requests: 1- There's only cars in this game and it's not realistic. If they add Motorcycles, Helicopters, boats or ,,,, . I know it's tough to do that, because you have to redo and update whatever you've created, but it'll worth to try. 2- Female character customization especially the making of face process. Now, I don't know if the presets are pretty on their own. my character looks so great, but I spent at least 2 weeks to get a perfect face out of it. All male characters look perfect on their own and I have a male character too that didn't take 2 days to set it up. And the female anatomy isn't pretty to me. It can be better (attractive-beautiful). 3- And the biggest problem: the scarcity of predefined servers to put each player in their proper places relate to their ranks. Just please GAMERSFIRST, work on this specific problem. I know there are a few players in this game. but not only me, it makes everyone crazy in very occasions. Thank you for putting your precious time into reading my requests everyone.
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