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  1. daaaamn alright alright so time to keep busy again
  2. I dont know man but i like not getting trolled by a bounty.I like completing a mission without getting killed by randoms outside it,i like driving around items and not getting shot by a full district.And honestly i like the freedom of not getting my mission griefed by a bounty or what ever people call it.Mission wise this change has a lot of benefits and to be honest i didnt really hear anyone complaing about bounty system in social (i am sarcastic).
  3. I used Advanced Launcher since 2016 and there is no issues with it,the launched does not work because you need to update your .net framework.Also in order to work with steam you need to open Steam first and then the launcher.
  4. Socket Error 10004 – Interrupted function call Socket Error 10013 – Permission denied Socket Error 10014 – Bad address Socket Error 10022 – Invalid argument Socket Error 10024 – Too many open files This is all i found about that error,not sure what that means.
  5. Do you have any idea how many suggestions were made so far that are actually good?Protecting new players from veterans?Where did you even see that happening?Mario?Chill dude,population issues hit the servers not because of the veterans but because of the poor performance of the game at given times.And regarding cars mods and such...whats the point in leveling if you already got them unlocked..3 slot weapons...pretty much destroys the weapon roles concept.You cant expect a new player to log in and get everything by default
  6. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn we on boihs
  7. Ddos doesnt happen because Lo,it happens because someone is mad at the game.They offer some protection but it i is not bulletproof.
  8. What ddos?I don't recall having any ddos issues the past week,would you rather have a broken game mode than a small delay?Compensation for what exactly,its not like you are restricted in any way to play,and tbh why is Lo supposed to be blamed for ddos attacks?Is Not like they ddos themselfs.Why would they compensate players for something that isn't their fault.Second of all the delay is because of the EAC not Riot, i believe you can read it on the forums.Empty districts occur because people dont want to play not because they can't.How is that Lo's fault?
  9. Why would any compensation be needed right now?We can't just go asking for free stuff everytime there is a setback.Sure there are extreme cases but as long as you can play,it is not needed.Plus nothing is broken,its the same apb from 1 week ago,what is the reason of your request? What is the issue you are speaking of ?Can't players play the game?Are players restricted in any way to access their accounts?Is Apb any different than the last week?This is not a problem this is preventing a issue that might affect players in a negative way.
  10. Sir you wont be the first to come around here and complain about how this game performs,yet a server issue is critical to be solved regardless the platform.Pc xbox or playstation, they should all be performing as good as they can.But in my opinion as a pc and console gamer i would rather say that a decent pc will beat any 60 fps console.Plus not to mention that you spreading the word is like pissing against the wind,the remaining players are fans,your opiniom is just another bad review of what those people enjoy. I wouldnt say it counts much
  11. i don't think forcing them to play on a specific server is the brightest idea,problematic players will be managed accordingly regardless the country they belong too and I think this suggestion might be a little offending to some people.
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