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  1. Lets be honest: Some of us love playing enforcer for the LTL reasons. Whenever it's the challenge or the tilt-related nature it can cause in opposition. However, currently it's a bit of a bland soup as the weapons related are rather limited: NL9+Variant. TG-8 + Variant CCG + Variants PIG + variant OPGL stun variant Stun grenades, and percussions. Why not expand this list further so there can be new life breathed into the LTL communities within the game? A good starter would be open-slotted ones, for example. Alternatively, wholly new LTL weapons, as there isn't for example a long range option for a sort of LTL-support role. (NL9 DMG, long distance tranquilizer rifle that doesn't exactly work very well close range, with minimal health dmg? Tis just a pitch.) Etcetera, along with providing tweaks to some existing items, such as the stungrenade. Currently as it exists, if you are dead center in the grenade, it will stun you. It also falls off rather rapidly. My own suggestion would be to give it the range & damage of a frag or concussions, neither to my record having capacity to oneshot anybody (except fragile?) Meaning it'd be something of the following: Discuss and pitch your ideas here. And try to keep it within topic without heating it up too much.
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