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  1. Besides reading about it on several posts, when are we actually gonna see those "progress" on the UE3.5 I am not talking about "how it looks". I am not talking about "reading that we did this and that" I mean actually showing us what all is happening and where they are. Are SPCT's allowed to share anything or are they under the good old NDA as well?
  2. It was from the last build from G1(i think) Version 2.0.0
  3. Me and my gf got unbanned but my friend remained banned and is going through the same thing as you. I know me and my gf was clean. I'm sure he was clean too... or maybe because we always played together and he did things we never knew about, got me and my gf banned so idk I do hope everyone gets a second chance tho
  4. I've been waiting since 2014 for this. I fail to believe a voice chat software that we on PC barely use is gonna make LO postpone UE3.5
  5. Only 2 years ago? Really? I thought I skipped APB in 2016/2017? Life is just a dream... True...then again a couple of months later, like anyone else i made a new account...Still here, never left....just 2 accounts ingame and forums lol
  6. I know WASP EU were pretty good players, but in NA, mediocre like the rest of us. There were only 2 WASP bans, for cheating, that I can recall: Slugger and Pastechi. Actually, I'm not sure if Pastechi was WASP? That was a really long time ago. I am still here tho. The reason i was manual banned is because 2 gm's in social were being racist and at 1 point it triggered me and i told them to shutup. And ofcourse they used their power to warn me and send a threat but i told them i kinda don't care. Game is slowly dying and the next owner might probably unban me. this happend in jan 2016. So it took me only 2years and a half to prove them tho p.s. still in wasp.
  7. me, my gf and a friend we always play together, we all got banned in january 2016... I got unbanned lastweek and my gf ticket is still untouched... honestly idk how the ticketsystem works and how they check if you can get unbanned or not...honestly think they should of just unban everyone and let battlEye do its job, and maybe then support wouldnt of not been so flooted.
  8. Yep... thats what happend to us that we were unbanned probably Now i got 2 forum accounts for no reason lol
  9. Would be a nice thing to have for those who were banned 3years ago and was unbanned by LO, if there is a way to merge their old account with the new one. Even if they have to put a fee on it some of us are willing to pay EDIT: Would be nice to have a change server options for characters
  10. Patience is key...sadly i didnt make a single post on the forums and made a ticket since may 25th. last thursday i was finally unbanned(was manual banned since 2015...or was it early 2016...) and i wasnt part of the 2 unban wave since i wasnt banned by fairfight. Congratz to you..and to me... thank you selali and all the other support staff that is working on our tickets
  11. thats what i thought as well but lets be honest..if u had 2 accounts with tons of hours spend ingame and spend $ on both, got your old account back. U'd be willing to even pay a high price to get that merge... i mean i'd be willing to pay some cash for that as well just for a merge lmfao
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