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  1. I will always and forever love the PMG. I loved it in the past when the bloom was the size of a football field. I love it now. You could nerf it to oblivion and I'd still enjoy it.
  2. The issues that plague this game are not modifications for cars and characters. The issues that are above and beyond what lie in this game are mostly community based with some server stuff. Yes, the servers are crap and they're trying to fix it. But seriously, stop with the racism. Stop with all the trash talk. Stop attempting to be edgy. Stop taking yourself so seriously and trying to project it onto others. It's just a game. We're here to have fun and compete as cops versus robbers. It's that simple. Stop being spiteful to others and instead put your best foot forward and JUST MAYBE this game will turn around in due time.
  3. Well hopefully that will change. It would seem that would be the bare minimum one would think.
  4. It's your fault you bought G1C this week. They stated about a month ago they were going to revamp the Armas marketplace and make changes. Anyone who didn't heed that as a warning that g1c/prices were being changed are mindless.
  5. All, Good evening. As some of you may have seen from this post here, I had an issue with missing legendaries from my account being compromised. This post is an update and hopefully some sort of hope with your unresolved tickets. For those of you who didn't click the link above, my account was accessed from Vietnam on 4-12-17. I obviously don't live there. I didn't even know the date the issue occurred until this new ticket. I sent in a ticket the first time I logged in after that had happened on 7-22-17. My ticket then was basically ignored by Puck. I made another ticket in October after I tracked down all of my purchases all the way back to December of 2012. Again nothing was done. Fast forward to 5-26-18 and I created yet a new ticket. I lost over a dozen legendaries and around 17 mil between my characters. No modifications, cars, etc were ever affected. Support and I have had 34 messages back and forth over the past month. This brings us to today. I just received two legendaries (my Yukon and Ursus) out of all the things I was missing. You can see the screenshot here. I could only tell you 6 legendaries I know for a fact had at this point. But the two I wanted back I made a compromise with support for. Since the information they keep on hand is currently only 3 months (!), Selali and I came to a compromise that I would receive 2 non-tradable legendary weapons, which you can see in the picture that I finally received today. All in all, this is finally over. The new support is here to help, so give it time. It may have taken me multiple escalations and five weeks to get an acceptable resolution, but here I stand happy and content. Be respectful and you'll get some help. Thank you Selali and Salacia for your help. Dixie, if you're out there reading this, I'm sorry you aren't around to help us anymore, but you actually did try to do stuff to help me as well, and for that I thank you. Best regards, CrocodileTears
  6. Forgot to mention (sorry, long day), I wasn't able to repair the files through Steam for some reason, so I uninstalled and reinstalled fresh, restarted my PC and nothing worked. I don't use a VPN. Not sure what was going on with it but it was probably server side. I was able to watch Youtube videos, chat in Discord, play Overwatch and browse the internet just fine.
  7. I wasn't able to get into any district at all. I was able to log into the game, message people, but not connect at all to anything. I'm not sure what happened, but everything works fine now.
  8. As the title says, I'm currently stuck in an endless loop of connecting to a district. At the time of this posting, there's been 6 minutes that have passed with me staring at the loading screen. Figured I'd verify game files but Steam wouldn't let me for some odd reason, so I uninstalled and reinstalled game files. That didn't work, so I restarted PC because why not... didn't work. Any other ideas what's going on or are we just having a bad night in game and can't handle additional players?
  9. How about no more zombies? The genre is played out.
  10. They're doing things right. If you didn't notice, APB was basically dead. By unbanning most of the players that were banned either justly or falsely, they're going to increase their player base. This will look good on Steam and any other tracker out there that more people are logging in. Whether those people take their second chance to play legitimately is another thing. After the first stage is done, they're free to move forward with better server upgrades to keep the new players. Add in updates to the game and new content, and baby we've got a stew going.
  11. I'd prefer a secondary sawed off shotgun that has an obvious large amount of damage but much shorter range than an actual shotgun.
  12. Criticize the support all you want, but I'm going to chime in my two cents here. I made a forum post not too long ago bringing attention to the fact that support didn't help me and that they only keep roughly 3 months of information on hand. Some will say it was me complaining about support, which I guess could be easily seen that way. I didn't have that intention when I made the post. I've had 31 back and forth messages between myself, Dixie and Selali. I've found more information from how my account was compromised than I heard from Puck, who did an abysmal job. Salali has found out that my account was accessed from Vietnam waaay back in April of 17. I created a ticket in July of the same year (3 months) and was refused to be helped by Puck. I reopened another ticket after this new system was put into place. Selali has been nothing but kind and dug for more information than I would've ever expected. My ticket still remains unsolved. This isn't by fault of the customer support. It remains open due to the fact that I lost A LOT of legendary weapons and in-game currency. With that said, LO needs some credit for what they're doing right now. The amount of tickets that have been opened since 5/25 is a large amount, and the fact that over 50% of them are resolved with the majority of the rest of them being worked on/waiting on responses is pretty impressive. If you feel like you're being ignored by support, just keep waiting til they respond. If they send an automated message, reply back to it. If the case closes without a resolution, open another one and keep at it until they help you or give you some information. LO is already better than the previous owners of the game. All we have to do is wait to see if they live up to their word in terms of the engine upgrade and future plans. Until then, just give them a chance.
  13. They literally updated the issue with support in the pinned post at the top of the forum. I've been working (unsuccessfully) with support over the past few days attempting to retrieve items that were taken away off my account. I've had 5 or 6 interactions today alone on it, so they're working through the issues.
  14. Ever run with a VIP/item from a capture & hold? It moves significantly faster than the others and with the addition of nitrous, you're able to reach that speed faster.
  15. The notoriety system would be fine if the N5/P5 was awarded as soon as the mission was over or while outside the mission (from ram raiding or arresting an N5.) At the same time, it should spawn a bonus mission to kill/arrest X amount of people or stay alive for X amount of time. The reward could be something minimal like a consumable or cash.
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