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  1. I'm not even playing this game, just waiting for the engine upgrade. a 2 month delay ? yeah right. We seriously have no clue what they are working on, what they have plans to do or even if they realized the engine upgrade cannot be completed and so they simply diverted to alter this game completely. Waiting is all anyone can do. TBH I'm more hyped waiting for triple A studios creating Crowfall and Camelot Unchained then I am in EVER seeing this awesome game fixed back to the way it was just after release by RTW and before G1 fools borked and overbloated the code changing the ranking and threat systems, adding so much OP Armas crap throwing commonsense and game balance to the winds to sell gambling boxes... and let stupid devs make unnecessary permanent changes to the graphics. But yeah, the playerbase votes with it's feet. this game was better than GTAV... now it's just a pile of old heaping hot bad perfomance, unbalanced, cheater infested turd. Even then, at least the missions are fun. BR will not be. If only the code had not been so corrupted. had LO been able simply to relaunch the original RTW APB and force everyone to restart with certain Armas discounts based on previous purchases... this game could have had a new life. Now I see it as dead and unrevivable.
  2. So... your server performance continually deteriorates... and your company diverts the development team from the already delayed engine upgrade to present a whole new project no one who still plays APB wanted... sounds EXACTLY like the stupid decisions G1 and the RTW leftover devs made when APB started going downhill and lost 2 million active accounts.... and yes I do mean when they diverted the funding and dev time to idiotic side projects like a stupid phone app game, a console game, and a ridiculous fantasy RPG which was such a giant turd it never was developed. Meanwhile, the longsuffering PC playerbase realized the company was going bankrupt and couldn't even afford their anticheat anymore. STOP DOING THINGS NOBODY WANTS AND FOCUS ON COMPLETING THE ENGINE UPGRADE EVERYONE HAS WAITED YEARS FOR... or your game will surely die.
  3. Sorta biased since the cheaters make the griefers.
  4. Cos they didn't learn the McDonald's lesson that cheaper means you sell a whole bunch more, in fact cheaper would mean people load up their alt accounts. Imagine if guns were $15 each... with a few dollars here and there for high demand ones. Everyone who played the game would be buying them... Alas few people buy expensive items... like the DeLorean Car which went bankrupt. Just compare it with well made and affordable cars made in Japan and their huge financial success. Expensive Fail Affordable Financial Success
  5. Cheat makers would have to recode their APB cheats for the new engine... and with such a huge dropoff in population, the market demand for all that work, and subsequent payment is not there. Sure, there's still people who don't mind using cheats in APB.... most of those, the vast 98% majority I would reckon, don't have the smarts to actually code their own cheats so... I believe the old cheats would be outmoded and new cheats vastly fewer and scarce.
  6. I hope they keep, but minimize the oddball physics. Because watching a team mate get killed by a pedestrian car is hella funny.
  7. I wanna see snow and icy road conditions and huge car pile ups and new driving skills required. Then I wanna see GMs come in game sometimes to make a tornado and blow all the dweebs around. Yeah
  8. Well from what I'm reading the current version is inadequate and we can't upgrade it until the engine upgrade so hopefully LO will be able to hit 2 birds with 1 stone,,, an upgrade which wont do a lot but enable an even better upgrade which will, but at the same time allow for the 64 bit version of BE which is supposedly then industry standard... donno about "gold" standard though.
  9. Actually the community wanted BE to supplement a better turned FF. We need a clientside anticheat as well as something that monitors heuristics of play over time to nab the closets. When BE was all the rage a few years ago it was new and effective. In the interim, a lot of cheat developers configured bypasses rendering it insufficient. FF + PB or FF + BE would be decent if configured properly. Any anticheat standalone, especially one notoriously bypassed is fail.
  10. BE isn't useless. We have the 32 bit version and it's easily bypassed, which causes the program to be useless for it's intended purpose... to detect cheaters who bypassed it's detection... doh. The ban wave simply underscores the VALIDITY of people who said, HEY it's being bypassed. Because if you read MattScott's whole post, they INVESTIGATED and RELIED ON /REPORT and VIDEOS... so yeah, BE itself wasn't the sole criteria for detection. Moreover, people continue to witness impossible feats such as speedhacking, even AFTER the banwave... this implies BE, as it is configured is INADEQUATE. Or maybe G1 which is now a subsidiary was bought out by a new company which retained the basic structure and staff of the subsidiary and is essentially no different.
  11. 1. I haven't "hackusated" anybody. So you're making a false accusation. Also, I think it's established even per MattScott's admission that some hackers have bypassed BE and as others have pointed out, continue to hack in the game. So the discussion is about fixing the anticheat. 2. All your comments are doing is making a smokescreen of personal attack in defense and minimization of the actual problem... an INADEQUATE ANTICHEAT, NO IN-GAME GMS WITH EXPERIENCE TO SPECTATE, and the many, many many thousands of players who QUIT PLAYING because of the hacker fanboi culture to BLAME AND TRASH THEM for pointing out the pink elephant in the room. People are called a lot of terrible things in APB, sexually explicit, rude, demeaning, perverse, and in foul mouthed language. People are kicked from missions, TK'd and trashed daily. BEING ACCUSED FALSELY OR TRUTHFULLY OF BEING A CHEATER IS NOT WHY PEOPLE STOP PLAYING THIS SHITTY GAME.
  12. I don't think G1 was properly using FF, after all weren't they relying on manual bans and personal opinions? FF did work, it compiles statistics. Yes, closets could "game" the system by deliberately missing a lot of shots, tking or suiciding to lower scores, but if it were properly implemented, it could detect this as well as togglers who play like poop but suddenly become godmode when losing. As for BE, if it's bypassed, it isn't even there. FF wasn't "bypassed" it banned a lot of accounts. It just wasn't configured well, and G1 probably wasn't paying for version updates. In the end, people were being banned with FF broadcasts because Tiggs didn't like them. How can you compare? Oh wait, maybe FF properly updated and configured is MORE EXPENSIVE, so LO gives us this totally hacked useless 32 bit version. LO seems more and more like a G1 shadow company. New name, same crap.
  13. Y'all need to stop blaming the playerbase. There's a demand for a working product and a failure to deliver. LO's plan is amazing, but their company is too small, underfunded, and inexperienced.
  14. QFT. LO definitely has the wrong set of priorities. Their legit players are going to fade away out of attrition due to being tired of dying 20x per mission to blatant hackers long before they ever have a working engine upgrade. The sad thing is, this was so easily preventable. All they had to do was tweak FF better, instead of listen to the hacker crowd and implement a bypassed anticheat for them to destroy what's left of the game with. Seems to me the bad server performance is probably related to the hacker infestation rather than dedicated ddos attacks. I reiterate, that if actually banning the cheaters is devastating to the game, then simply crank up detection and temp kick them more quickly from matches their ruining. If someone get's kicked frequently, he can petition for a review by the devs. If no hack is found, for that player, the sensitivity settings can be a bit more lenient, for actusl pro players, but within human possibility reason. People would enjoy the game far more if suspicious players got insta-kicked... then endure blatant cheaters who play without penalty for hours, daily, for months and months ensuring other people give up the game. This old hacker fanboi mentality is why APB dropped from 2 million active accounts to the near nothing we have now. No one logs back into a game where they have no chance to win, get totally rolled repeatedly, and serve simply to die so dweebs like you can blame them.
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