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  1. I get it... so you're saying you miss Tiggs. Actually, so do I... and I miss Fairfight bans when you could tell the banned cheaters exactly how you felt.
  2. The truth is BattlEye has an easy bypass known for years and is, for those who bypass it, nonexistent. Fairfight on the other hand is quite decent, although G1 did not pay to upgrade and maintain it, had tweaked it's settings oddly, and used subjective GM bans under the Fairfight name deceitfully. We cannot even judge Fairfight under G1,,, just as we cannot say BattlEye might NOT be better if an engine upgrade ever comes, and the easy bypass trick is no longer effective. But what we have in APB now is so ridiculously horribad, you have to be delusional to pretend we have an anti-cheat in place. And that's not mentioning the even MORE horribad report and ticket system which takes nearly a year for even a reply.
  3. think about how WISE a decision dividing the population was... and along with it came changes to matchmaking and threat, and essentially G1 created a whole new game... that paled to the better balance which existed previously from RTW's original game design. Can you BELIEVE that no one complained about threat at that time. People wanted more content, racing district and fix to the ladder bug, where you got stuck on ladders and could get killed easy. INSTEAD, G1 rolled out threat segregation, which was SO FAIL they had to keep changing it until they completely reworked matchmaking and threat ranks and created a GINORMOUS imbalance... which did one terrible thing... it isolated all the lower players onto one district for the bully boys to pound into dust... all day and all night until the new players disappeared entirely. Yep... G1... that's some REAL brain power there.... well not really.
  4. I'm pretty sure the gold districts almost never had a decent population and were generally as empty as the green districts which is why the Threat Segregation was amended a few times... resulting in the truncated server selection we have now... Silver and Bronze. threat Segregation was a huge failsauce. It doesn't mean no one had any fun... just a very poor implementation of dividing the game population which cut down the overall population more and more so that over time it nosedived into near nothingness. not ALL the fault of threat Segregation, but it played a part in lowering the pop.
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