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  1. Someone who thinks the game means using every trashy tactic, such as friends ghosting out of mission to repeatedly ram and block enemy team cars, pushing them out of place directly into the line of fire and interrupting their shots... to rage rerollers using cheats to get as many unbelievable kills in a mission possible,,, heedless of the fact that it is a team of golds versus a team of hopeless and hapless (trainee, green, bronze, low silvers) who have literally no chance to play at all, or even achieve 1 objective... but will die 20-30-40 times for the greater glory of the ego-pigs. This also includes max ranks with the best meta guns in game blowing the literal patootie out of the enemy team such that they simply drive away from the mission in terror... and are literaly chased and hunted down... many times by people with esp-radar hacks... intent to get that mega kill ratio they can stream/brag about. Such that it ends up being a game that only a clique of toxic tryhards play... and normal people long since leave for want of ability to accomplish 1 g-d damn thing.
  2. Says the admitted botter... mmmkay What anticheat? Fairfight is the best, it's just that Gamersfirst was too bankrupt to pay for updates and substituted GM decisions based on suspicion, grudges, or sheer rage at the playerbase to flippin ban everybody... under the auspices of a FF ban. Also, what nearly KILLED this game was perma-bans. A strictly enforced temp kick, with escalating time outs starting from 15 minutes to 15 days would be more than sufficient to prove the point... moreover, it could be implemented without a hand-wringing overly long time determining if a ban is completely justified and would stand up to an Appeals Court decision... and kick the miscreant close to immediately.... making the playerbase JOYOUS... and allowing him a quick re-entry and time to scrutinize his software for false flagging conflicts... if he continues to get kicked from game and his time escalates, he has a right of appeal to support... and those with cheat shenanigans can just go play something else on their short duration downtime, as it eliminates destroying their character and creating reroll rage hackers intent on destroying the game for everyone else... as their toon will be back in game shortly... but briefly if flagged as cheating.
  3. Being that iconic (black dominated) rap and HipHop music screams that "n" word more than any "non-black" kids makes the whole point moot... It's not the 1950s-60's anymore... it's become a point of trivialization... and anyone whose taken a DNA test may have found more than a few surprises.
  4. Ya gotta be kidding right? Game is dying due to absolute neglect in moderation of cheating, exploiting and griefing and allowing dethreated loons to harvest the Bronze District for sport... nobody is offended by sex... except maybe a child who shouldn't be playing... or a prude who should be off in a monastery sacrificing for his "sins." Don't make us sacrifice for yours.
  5. 1. It's a killing game, and the pedestrians are killed everyday as well as targeted just watch the opening video about corrupt enforcers taking it out on criminals and criminals taking it out on the whole damn city. 2. The National Socialist Party ceased to exist in 1945. No online clown dressed up as Ronald McDonald or Hitler is ever going to bring it back... and cannot even promote what no longer exists. That's not to say American or British style racist groups which hijacked German symbols have anything to do with any authentic political fascist organization... much so that it falls under a kind of gang-like paraphenalia, not unlike the colors of the biker gang Hell's Angels. It has notoriety to be sure, but no real world relation to political or terrorist propaganda. Moreover as other's have pointed out... the Red Army "terrorists" mass murdered 10x more people than ever accused of Hitler's government, but they won the war... so Communist symbols get a free pass. Nonetheless, all these political symbols are rude. Nazi symbols are still illegal in post war defeated Germany. But players who don these symbols are probably young and edgy and have ZERO association to irl "terrorists" or "war criminals." I mean... WHO tf are they "terrorizing" in APB with a pixel persona? Come on now.... at least if they shoot you, you get to shoot back. 3. The Isis/Isil flag has the Islamic shahada on it. Let's be honest here, if you want to outlaw religious symbols, that's going to include people play-acting as Israeli Defense Forces, Crusader cross imagery as well. Muslims worldwide have been involved in a series of recent wars... and what the West classifies as "terrorist groups" are given media notoriety. To be honest, American, British and Israeli troops funding Sunni sect radicals (Isis/Isil) in Syria to bring about the downfall of that country is a war crime. So, the politics always swings both ways, and have alternative variants to what someone's country's media might spin. Nevertheless, seeing as Osama Bin Ladin was a decades long CIA asset and his family was having lunch with the former head of the CIA, George Bush senior on the day of 9-11 tells me there's a lot of political shenanigans afoot... and targeting a certain Western armed and funded pirate group flying false flag operations to destabilize the Middle East... whilst having the wealthiest and most powerful militaries in human history (laying waste to Falluja Iraq with horror weapons like DIME and Depleted Uranium rings a bell) makes every player who dons a pixel in an American or Israeli flag... a kind of "terrorist" too. So, in my opinion there is NOTHING real world terrorist in APB, no one is promoting irl terrorism in any way and to accuse real world crimes against players is a new level of asininity comparable to all the grievously offended melting liberal snowflakes who sprout tears at the mere mention of historical issues. Nothing Islamic should be bannable, it opens a horrid can of worms and unless someone is in chat or whispers actually threatening real world harm or political crimes.... the mere symbols of North Korean government, Communist China, Joseph Stalin, etc.... cannot be allowed either and the moderation for EVERYTHING would become unmanageable nightmare so... I advocate the playerbase getting thicker skin. Keep the status quo... Nazi symbols be deleted (but not bannable)... same with jihadi stuff... but the TRUTH remains the communists were worse... and after Abu Ghraib... so was the US in it's "war on terror" not to mention Israels continued human rights violations against the Palestinians. I vote to keep REAL WORLD problems out of the game... and that includes stop crying when the support team doesn't even exist to do anything anyway. Just... grow thicker skin and move on... (at least you get to kill the guys dressed up in costumes you don't like). Merged. It's not like a kid's game "Wolfenstein" or television series "Man in the High Castle" don't show this and we need to all have hysterical hissy fits to see it in APB... but, tbh that's sounds downright disrespectful.... clownish even... but not promoting anything "criminal" at all.... except perhaps to actual Hitler descendants... who I believe have name-changed multiple times and wouldn't be caught dead with any literal association anyway... a clownish APB Hitler! YIKES! Call ANTIFA!~ Merged. Luckily I live in the USA which has a Constitution which differentiates between the freedom to have the mere appearance of a thing versus any actual criminal act. Unfortunately for Austria and Germany post-war on suffering unconditional defeat... the symbols of their former military were demonized and criminalized to the nth degree... whilst Stalin sat in judgment of them... oh the hypocrisy... the Soviet's were allowed to forever impeach the historic war crimes trial at Nuremberg by having Soviet prosecutors frame and blame the German Wehrmacht for the crime Soviet NKVD forces committed at Katyn forest. Mark my words, the last word about WW2's "good guys and bad guys" has yet to be written... but in future it will turn an entirely NEW page of known history.
  6. The hypocrisy of complaining about terrorism propaganda in a terroristic game... just reflect on the level of melting snowflake SJW cringe.
  7. For the love of Pete can you please stop asking to nerf stuff in-game. The game is great. If you think ATAC is OP, buy one either in Armas or with Joker tickets. Problem solved.
  8. I remember back in the day when Tiggs had GMs in district banning people for profanity. There was an old video (hilarious BTW) which had recorded all the provoking profanities which the pedestrians call us in-game... which included stuff people were getting bans for. I think there's a fine line in an 18+ game were profanity becomes deliberately and persistently toxic and abusive... and other times it's just rude commentary. As always bans for abusiveness are warranted but you can get so extreme you ban the entire playerbase... I believe FFbans (which included subsumed G1 moderation was something like 14,000+ that's just game-killing and dumb.) In a simulated kill game I think players need to have a certain level of thicker skin... while moderation in-game with temp kicks for persistent or targeted abusiveness would do wonders for improving behavior.
  9. Honestly this game is roleplay... of good guys and bad guys. I think it is veering to the extreme to accuse any players of being actual terrorism supporters, a charge which could lead to false arrests in real life... so please... while it exhibits poor judgment and LO should remove offensive symbols... let's not make false criminal accusations of our playerbase... who may very well be military personnel and subject to serious trouble based on false allegations.
  10. If Little Orbit aren't enforcing those rules though,,, we get complaint threads like these.
  11. Rebelliousness


    Totally upfront and honest reply. I don't think cheating is anywhere near on the same level it was back in the FF days since the massive hard bans, and many of they unjust caused a firestorm of ragehacking in response. I don't see that now... but I do see a few suspicious players, and hate to say it but Ru players sometimes seem to perform miracles like jumping off a building and accurately shooting you mid drop. Not just lucky stuff but things even pros don't do... well it just seems to me the game is largely unmoderated atm. Ghosters ram and lookout for op out of mission routinely... people seem to think macroing via keybind is legit... and sadly the toxic ear-slammers in district chat.... but yeah I would say a couple times a week on Citadel I see what seems to be a suspicious character. of course, ping being what it is... in all fairness, unless there were GMs watching out... we'll just never really know. As for Little Orbit. I've bought a few guns recently and fully support development and preservation of the game... but I have to be honest... a weekly Engine Upgrade newsletter while the districts are unmoderated and sometimes downright abusive... takes the cake. I think what will save the game isn't something fancy, just some moderation and input of fairness.. I have long advocated against perma bans for cheating... that said, a way to temp kick on the fly would do wonders for the APB morale. There was a time early on during FairFight where the game pop rallied because it seemed as if something was finally being done. If only they had never made bans permanent. This game would be way different today. Perma bans kill small games as much as unchecked cheaters and exploiters and toxics do. I guess I just advocate a common sense and honest middle road... and I sincerely hope Little Orbit finds that for this game... and yes I want engine upgrade but I'd like for GMs to silence toxics in game (temp ofc) and temp ban impossibly godmode players BEFORE the Engine upgrade. ^ was a reply to CookiePuss just didnt want to copy paste his whole quote.
  12. I liked Tiggs. Tiggs was next level and able to absolutely command respect from the most toxic playerbase. That said, as much good as she accomplished, her overly harsh methods basically killed G1... I mean what 14,000 perma banned accounts? That's disastrous. But in fairness to Tiggs, that was a later development. Early on she was pretty amazing. If only Little Orbit could have her intelligence, her involvement, an actual working anticheat that hasn't been bypassed for years... some GM presence to temp kick toxics, ghosters and harassing griefers... and a TEMPORARY KICK for hack detection and SUSPICION BY QUALIFIED GMS... this game could thrive... and I mean temp kick as in immediately get them out of the match for a couple hours... unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it is a cheat... and let them back in. If you are certain, find a way to code your proprietary anticheat to filter it out of game and don't let them in until their software scan is clean. Temp kicks for reasonable suspicion are a lot more fair than perma kicks that kick legits who are pro... or worse... an anticheat that never kicks at all.
  13. Rebelliousness


    It's sad how you act dumb when everyone knows the obvious. It's on Silver districts and fight club too since the current anticheat is friggin useless. Back in the Fairfight days... cheaters were advised on cheat forums... yeah it was a whole APB subculture back then... to 1. Always deny and support denials (that anyone was cheating) 2. Buy Premium to reduce the likelihood of being banned and 3. Be a known Streamer since, if your rep was "pro" everyone would defend you against hackusations. Now, all of this was popularized by MrEpicGoat... whose fanclub would tell hackusators in District chat that... PROOF of his PRO level legitimacy was because he STREAMED his games... until one equally popular video exposed Goat manipulating the (not visible on Stream) hack overlay with his cursor midstream. Now, if you think there are no cheaters, macroers, exploiters playing this game rn... you're just in the circle jerk that's in fact ruining the game. If Little Orbit had any sense they would distance themselves from ANYONE promoting the exploitations destroying their playerbase... and potential profitability.
  14. Says the multiple banned gold guy. APB is a simple game... it works when matches are basically balanced and fair. For that to work, the concept of dethreating troll griefers rolling the weaker population daily exterminating them as a playerbase is problematic. What Little Orbit does NOT need are the fanbois of the gold-trollers telling them that everything is fine, leave it the way it is. Merged. As for competitiveness... that isn't the issue and it doesn't require rocket science or years of experience. It means keeping the game as FAIR and BALANCED as possible... and minimizing the exploits... a stacked dethreated gold premade group with all the meta legendaries rolling the Bronze district daily is NOT... shooter competitiveness... it's exploitation out of control... and it's succeeding in eliminating the main (non-gold level) playerbase and ruining the experience of new guys who try the game out. Anyone finagling a justification is without a doubt part of the problem, because it's literally unjustifiable... That isn't a "COMPETITIVE" game... that's a "GRIEFING" game... with the unrealistic expectation that the main playerbase simply plays and logs in to DIE repeatedly with no realistic chance of experiencing or enjoying the game as it was meant to be played.
  15. If you want to keep the main playerbase... you will center the game on their needs. If you want to empower veteran players in their extermination of the playerbase game, you will ofc cater to 'them.'
  16. That ursus is kingkong rn... it's devastating in close, medium and sharpshooter range... it needs some desperate balancing since... almost every gold griefing bronze district has one... and full team with volcanos and ogres... while most of the people on bronze district they match against with stacked teams have stars or ntecs, great guns in their own right but... not competitive with the meta legendaries or the Gold-trollers.
  17. As to OP, it's silvers and bronze-silvers (not gold-silvers) who make up 80% of the long-suffering playerbase... and get throttled daily by golds who should play in silver but have more fun perma-griefing the bronze district with ogres, ursus and volcanos... and some really dodgy trainees and greens who... tbh may not be authentic accounts but act as an exploit to do nothing on a mission and worse, at last minute start tking to force the opponent win. In any event... catering only to the smaller "gold" population... which wants to push premades, meta legendaries (all purchaseable with in-game money meaning cheat accounts monopolize the trading and price-fixing... and possible weapon duping such that it amounts to nothing but more exploit to push the envelope of the game to please the tiniest segment of the community possible... Let's be honest here... those players who actually spend cash on the game... and the majority playerbase should be the population listened to... and protected... by any game management company that wants to have a profitable business.
  18. Imagine having the common sense to realize that for a game to succeed, it requires the investment, dedication and interest of the people who actually have played the game for years,,, imagine buying a game and trying to change it all around and not giving a dingdang what the playerbase wanted, felt or hoped for... and just messing it up with modifications unasked for... or worse... abandoning it to total neglect. One thing I recall from my "boomer" days... when SOE ran old Everquest, and there were actually paid monthly subscribers... they sent out a detailed questionaire asking the paying playerbase what changes they wanted to see, and giving multichoice options as to what needed work. Well... Everquest is a 20 year old game... and it still have 100x the playerbase... and those guys, a majority of them still pay a monthly sub. Just my 2 cents about how a business can FAIL... and how it can SUCCEED. Also... listening to a tiny circle of unbanned guys... is following the worst advice possible... not that they don't have valid input... but that it's extremely biased, and therefore not providing the company an overall accurate viewpoint of what the ACTUAL playerbase is wanting... and oftentimes CONTRARY to what that playerbase is wanting.
  19. It's about nerfing every gun to make only the unnerfed OP Ursus the games true and uncontested meta... and thereby signal appreciation to all the cheaters who rack up massive in-game cash to buy and sell the few worthwhile legendaries... as a side business.... meanwhile... games crying and dying for want of true balance and fairness.
  20. I get it... so you're saying you miss Tiggs. Actually, so do I... and I miss Fairfight bans when you could tell the banned cheaters exactly how you felt.
  21. The truth is BattlEye has an easy bypass known for years and is, for those who bypass it, nonexistent. Fairfight on the other hand is quite decent, although G1 did not pay to upgrade and maintain it, had tweaked it's settings oddly, and used subjective GM bans under the Fairfight name deceitfully. We cannot even judge Fairfight under G1,,, just as we cannot say BattlEye might NOT be better if an engine upgrade ever comes, and the easy bypass trick is no longer effective. But what we have in APB now is so ridiculously horribad, you have to be delusional to pretend we have an anti-cheat in place. And that's not mentioning the even MORE horribad report and ticket system which takes nearly a year for even a reply.
  22. think about how WISE a decision dividing the population was... and along with it came changes to matchmaking and threat, and essentially G1 created a whole new game... that paled to the better balance which existed previously from RTW's original game design. Can you BELIEVE that no one complained about threat at that time. People wanted more content, racing district and fix to the ladder bug, where you got stuck on ladders and could get killed easy. INSTEAD, G1 rolled out threat segregation, which was SO FAIL they had to keep changing it until they completely reworked matchmaking and threat ranks and created a GINORMOUS imbalance... which did one terrible thing... it isolated all the lower players onto one district for the bully boys to pound into dust... all day and all night until the new players disappeared entirely. Yep... G1... that's some REAL brain power there.... well not really.
  23. I'm pretty sure the gold districts almost never had a decent population and were generally as empty as the green districts which is why the Threat Segregation was amended a few times... resulting in the truncated server selection we have now... Silver and Bronze. threat Segregation was a huge failsauce. It doesn't mean no one had any fun... just a very poor implementation of dividing the game population which cut down the overall population more and more so that over time it nosedived into near nothingness. not ALL the fault of threat Segregation, but it played a part in lowering the pop.
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