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  1. Thank you a lot Lixil for the answer...i have a last question and then we can finish this topic. How much time does need LO to get to my ticket?
  2. I don't know why, all i know is that i wasn't playing apb when i got banned, the next morning i found that message with "This account has been permanently suspended (error code 10008)" and i've wait since now for an unban, that's why im so happy Little Orbit bought the game, cause the ex-staff wasn't so open to the fans/players... now what im hoping for is near, i just need an answer on the ticket or on this topic. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT AND POSITIVE THREATS THAT YOU ARE GIVING TO ME
  3. Why did they say you were banned? This account has been permanently suspended (error code 10008) ...
  4. I litteraly got banned for NOTHING dude, i've bought Key to the city pack 5-6 premiums a 2-3 steam packs for apb, a lot of weapons and clothes, why should i hack or do something wrong with all of that on my account? @MattScott @Lixil Please my dudes, help me out...
  5. Guys i already tried to logged this last days, but nothing, what im trying to do is to bring here on this topic an admin that can help me cause i've wait a lot with my ticket. ADMIN HELPERINO MEEE
  6. Dude i've already submit a ticket without any answer because they are a small staff now, i created this topic so they can see it that im DESPERATE to get unbanned and im sad waiting more after 2 yeaaaaaaars. !!!
  7. DO NOT FLAME ME CAUSE I POSTED THIS TOPIC HERE. IM DESPERATE ! Hello ! I saw that a new staff is now looking to grow APB Reloaded, 2 years ago on the date "FEB 04, 2016" I got banned without any reason, This game was my game that i used to play in my freetime everytime and i spent a lot of money on it for Premium weapons cars etc... After 2 years im still watching this game and im sad everytime i see that i can't play it anymore, I'm looking "SO MUCH" for getting unbanned , cause i still like this game... and i know you guys can bring it to be better than the old one. Help me to find the way that i lost cause of an innocent ban towards me. Check my account please -----> Criminal: xSlayder Enforcer: Veeko DO NOT FLAME ME CAUSE I POSTED THIS TOPIC HERE. IM DESPERATE !
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