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  1. A new broom sweeps clean... You will see nothing new with the new publisher. Maybe it’s time to bury this dead game finally... Every MMO game is relevant only first year or two.
  2. These jokes are always actually. JULY NEW CONTENT NOT IN JULY.... Seriously? That’s what I’m saying.
  3. "JULY 2019 NEW CONTENT" You will see it in September, maybe.... SooN™....
  4. Well, IMO: I’ll play APB again only if they will add new district, new contacts, new gameplay features (at least missions). I don’t care about those: cheaters, bugs, engine upgrade. Just don’t see actually what should I play in? “Dust 2 five years in a row- let’s go! You must like this “because we adding some new weps”. For that time while I’m not playing APB (year maybe) I’ve bought like 20 games in Steam, premium access in Origin and spent ~$1k in MMO. And i’m playing only ~20 hours/week. And I don’t see any reason to go back APB. Only checking forums once per month. And see nothing new here. “Riot” - what is that? Ppl say - shit mode. Didn’t try myself. GGBB
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