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  1. A new broom sweeps clean... You will see nothing new with the new publisher. Maybe it’s time to bury this dead game finally... Every MMO game is relevant only first year or two.
  2. These jokes are always actually. JULY NEW CONTENT NOT IN JULY.... Seriously? That’s what I’m saying.
  3. "JULY 2019 NEW CONTENT" You will see it in September, maybe.... SooN™....
  4. Well if they will add only clothing, skins and $apb why no? Something except weapons.
  5. The game is just waiting for the new content. At this moment she is just for a close community ring, for fans. I’ve had never deleted APB from my hard drive for these years. Still waiting for a miracle. For me - nothing to do in this game at this moment except events. No content, no progression, no optimization. They should add DX12 cuz it’s wrong when the game freezing on ssd with 16gb of RAM while your PC is below 30% usage under APB.
  6. “I’m going to play on my birthday”... They knew and kicked you out because you should play real life.
  7. You should look at AL, where millions of players and cheaters in each third match. So if here is 500 ppl online it’s normal to see 2 cheaters/district. IMO I don’t care about them because only I do care is what I don’t see any new content. It’s normal for f2p game.
  8. Use your fists like a monk. Best weapon is the weapon which you can handle.
  9. Same shit as and obir. Highly overpriced. Had it and sold for thunder + Ursus.
  10. Do you rly need them since there are the same roads for a 7 years now? "I wanted a 100nd weapon to fire the same wall for a years!"
  11. Nothing to do in the game with the engine update or without and THIS is the main problem. Engine update with lack of content will give you fun for a few days like some new weapon. Actually we need: R275 (of course from new contacts) Some server-side optimizations Deal with cheats New map New game mode And only THIS will rise up APB from the ashes. “Oh look new graphics!” (some ppl back to see after a few years of resting). Online +200ppl. One week later: same online, same topics about cheaters and server rubber bands. GG, WP don’t looking for.
  12. Well there’s only one way. We needed cheaters to catch other cheaters. How? - the guy who had flagged as a cheater should get a match against the cheater that working with the devs (like SPCT member). Only for blatants. Because with the cheats you can definitely see how the cheater tracking you through a wall or aiming at you and “hold” you as a target via Aimbot. Look at the pro gamers, championships: all they watching demos with the cheat turned on so they know that someone is cheating actually.
  13. I've heard about two new contacts (cop and crim one per each). I'm sure we will don't see any new map till they will don't fix all bugs after the engine upgrade.
  14. Too many players and old games. I see CCleaner (PC noob), Utorrent (withouth Steam/Origin) which means "PiratedEditon" user. I see too much different games so you are nolifer im sure. Btw its 11.34 PM before Monday. Go find some job already...
  15. They are looking at the game pop (how many ppl are active and will claim free stuff cuz there's like 1000 codes). But yeah its design is ugly. The Goat version of CALABRIA was a lot better (without a wheels)
  16. LPDAlonzo 3 years ago: "QQ everyone is cheating QQ I left this game for the 4th time QQ G1 is supporting cheaters QQ Bitpenix QQ Spain50013 QQ Goat QQ Me so good that nobody can be better than me - so they 200% are cheaters QQ"
  17. PACwoMAN


    As a matter of fact, it reminds me of LAPDAlonzo playing APB. (haxors everywhere)
  18. The facts: Cheaters are here Devs can’t do anything with them Devs should at least remove soft-botters/external cheaters (AHK/AU3) from the game by removing red crosshair.
  19. Never cheats-free - is truth. I hate those liars who told what they will ban every cheater. It’s unreal. IMO you should do more events to bring back as many players as you can with the streamers also. We’ve waiting for the ppl like Dope, Kemp and Shini will back. You should “delute” those cheaters between average players. So the game will be much more enjoyable.
  20. The publisher/devs are just saving (trying to save) in game population. They don’t understand (obviously) what U ARE and many other people who are playing this game aren’t understanding this. They think that the more people playing the more people see that the game is popular. But in real they do forget about social media: “boring game, cheaters everywhere, pay2win”. They should: bring back FairFight firstly. These days too many pro silvers and r90 golds.
  21. So what exactly people should do if they don’t have any chance to up contacts in waterfront because there no silver copy? Btw u can lose threat while u won the mission. With such population in game your complaining means nothing.
  22. 13:51:MasterRikka: “Don’t worry guys I have a plan!” 13:52:“MasterRikka has left the game”...
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