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  1. Personally, my drive is to be "good", as per my definitions, i don't really care for the standards of others. I set a goal and work for it, once i reach that goal i set a higher one. Over the 11 years of gaming experience I've had you can reasonably estimate the level of my current goals. Any particular person i kill, beat, defeat, whatever, is just another number to me. Even then i believe in quality > quantity.
  2. Even though the kind of content G1 pushed through ARMAS was hyper specific themed clothing items, underwhelming or overwhelming guns, gambling and high prices which was fairly difficult to justify buying and left a stain in the community. Does this mean no new content will be coming through ARMAS as instantly and freely obtainable content? When the season pass system in other games, is content locked behind a combination of paywalls, progression walls and timed availability this seems like an odd choice for a game that besides gunplay is the overwhelming amount of freely available customization. It also still remains to be seen what quality of content will come through the season pass. What does this mean for future content as a whole if people have to pay, play and make time for content with the upcoming RIOT mode, what about content in other areas of the game in the future? I understand that i may be thinking too far ahead but these were the questions that came to me upon reading the new RIOT information.
  3. Yes, it depends on their drive to "win". Regardless of how good they actually are, if their drive to win is astronomically high they're prone to falling onto cheating if hit with a player skill wall. That being said, the drive to be "good" and the drive to "win" is not the same thing.
  4. Lets be real, someone does this and they think they are the next level super sleuth for doing so.
  5. I actually asked for this event specifically, since G1 isn't around anymore to complete the engine upgrade.
  6. While the ARG was pretty thorough and consistent, worked well to give people enough of a challenge to complete it but also giving everyone the opportunity to do so by not being overly complex. It was an interesting new piece of content APB hasn't seen in a long time. My only question is "Why now?". The whole ordeal seemed incredibly miss timed, between the servers having the worst months of their life and no new updates or content to speak of (besides the RIOT game mode itself, which again is another piece of the game out of place because of the issues stated before.) wouldn't this kind of adventure have created more hype for the game, gotten more attention and been an even more positive experience overall if the game was in a better place? Im not speaking for everyone but i, myself was not interested in the slightest until the last few hours before the solve. Arguably because i had nothing better to do at the time. If this was implemented at a better time and place for the game i would have been eager to ride the bandwagon from the beginning. Although, it felt lack luster because every time i thought about getting involved with this new lore progression presented to the player base as a" deep seeded conspiracy". I couldn't help but think that regardless of how relatable and interesting this story was, the game itself is at a crawl. Not being able to continue onto the game with that same feeling that the ARG brought to the plate is a bit disappointing.
  7. Even if it was Socks's fault he died here. Why do people think spawning closer to the objective after dying is normal? (Especially one being contested) Let alone before weapon dropoff's even occur.
  8. YEAH~! Alright lets do it. Wait a sec wrong game.
  9. I've been waiting to tell this analogy for a long time. Say there is a secret word that when you say it you will get banned. Now to make the analogy more like an anti cheat. -Only certain people will say this word. IE only cheaters will get banned by being "detected" by the anti cheat. -They make this word extremely unlikely to be said however this word is not out of the realm of possibility so its possible that anyone can say it. IE Anti cheats are not 100% so sometimes innocent people are caught in the crossfire. - Now, who set the rule for the what the word should be? IE who set the rule for what counts as cheating? = Devs So if a dev knows what word/rule it takes to be broken how do you think they would go about proving its harmful to innocent players? = Play like normal except play around the rule idea loosely. -Once you get too close to the word/rule and you set off the flag you have an idea for how often this may happen to unsuspecting players. So if i say; 3.14159265358979 was the "secret word" that got you banned. (Pi to the first 15 digits) A few people would know this but a lot of people would have to look it up if asked. Can you see how little it takes for a rule to be on one side or the other if you know what you're looking for? Yes i get there is no reason to have "Pi at 15 digits" to be a reason to ban someone, but this is about what kind of knowledge people have and actions others can take. Learning or looking up "the answer". I would love to be wrong but the chances of knowing exactly what went wrong is a pipe dream.
  10. I'm already spending too much time on this and i don't really have the patience right now to teach how to hold a logical argument from the ground up. identical /ʌɪˈdɛntɪk(ə)l/ adjective adjective: identical 1. similar in every detail; exactly alike. This is what you're arguing for, that TDM and BR are the same. For starters its not even my job to prove how they're different because its your first claim they are the same. Even when i did point out one significant difference that make BR and TDM different (IE. Not the same) you say its irrelevant. Which is disingenuous because either way its evidence against the contrary and to say that its irrelevant is biased to your own argument. I have to reiterate things multiple times because you're obviously missing what I'm saying. Here is another example of missed information. Respawning itself is not an arbitrary piece of information on your screen when you look at the scoreboard. Respawning has always been a gameplay mechanic in game modes such as TDM. Unless you think that no matter where you spawn nothing changes. Once a game has been running you can spawn in a safe location, you can spawn away from where you know action/enemies will be, you can spawn with a separate load out to combat your enemies loadouts, you can spawn in a location that you are more familiar with to gain an advantage over other players. Even if you dont have a choice, knowing where you are on the map means you know where you died and can move in the safest way possible into a more advantagous position. When you die you are still able to use all of that information from your previous life to change how you play upon your next life and you can use all of that information to win even if you were on the bottom. Majority of which you can not do reliably in BR. Once you die, you lose all relevant information about the players in your immediate vicinity. Starting a new match is not the same as respawning in a ongoing firefight because all of that information you had earlier is irrelevant because you are starting from scratch which every "life". New players, new tactics, new ideas, new starting positions, new favoured items, weapons and styles. Not sure if you were reading what i said. Its not about whether a person participates or not, its about what they have to do to "win". Two very different things, do you understand that? Then do you also understand if a player doesnt participate at all and does nothing towards the goal of the game mode, that is the same as them not being there at all? If they hide and never concede one death/point to the enemy and never contribute one kill/point to your team they cancel themselves out. So you being a sick 2v1 player means nothing because whether or not those players were in your team you would have been able to beat those players anyway. Hiding and suriving exists in all game modes, not just BR and TDM so it doesnt make BR and TDM the same based on that trait alone. Arguing that because some things share a certain trait and without other traits they would be the "same" is not a valid argument. Why? Starting with a few simple examples. ‘Hitler, Stalin and Mao were evil atheists; therefore all atheists are evil.’ "There's no difference between a pet cat and a pet snail, because besides all of their other differences, they're both living animals that metabolize chemical energy." See how taking away all other variables and only comparing similar traits leads to all the wrong types of conclusions and inconsistencies? Using your own "rundown" formula. Based on your forumla its not just TDM and BR that are based around "gunning" down your opponents, we should be calling all these things the same then i guess. Old TDM modes with guns around the map we're changed by design because people wanted more readily available options, due to balancing it came at the cost of overpowered map weapons. Thats just another reason TDM's are different to BR now they no longer have them. There was no such thing as "the storm" in the past, that is simple map design. When games started opening edges of the map for asethetic reasons (because up until this point games that didnt have maps on the top of large buildings had closed in maps with large walls, buildings or invisible walls you couldnt see past), they still needed a "boarder" to stop people from running out into the distance. Thus "out of bounds death". You seem to be mixing me up with other people. - The outcome of a game mode is not what makes game modes different. - What you have at your disposal is not what makes game modes different. What you have to do and what your goal is during the start, middle and end of a match, is what determines what a game mode is. Now, if you and your powers of assumption and bad arguements want to have a good argument in the future, i'll be happy to come along and discuss anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSBBgJd2cG0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3Xr78Z9aUw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGi4sCg-a18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMSLUWLimNc My personal Favs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kDJeZkKXnA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGc5HrH538c
  11. And that's normal for someone who is supposed to know how their anti cheat works.
  12. I answered all your questions in the beginning, twice. If i was going to say BR was a bad game mode i would have said BR is a bad game mode. You first stated they were the same, and have yet to express that. We're never going to reach the stage for solutions when the problem cant be identified. The answers are not black and white, if you search a little more outside of whats at face value you'll see. If you want to believe im dodging questions the entire time that's fine, but i don't see a reason to continue the conversation based on your answers, glossing over anything but your own ideas. P.S I went back and highlighted the relevant information for you. Enjoy. P.P.S I even underlined a question of mine that was never answered.
  13. Hi, Im gonna stop you right here. "BR is over saturating the market and a lot of current developers are making half assed BR game modes solely because the "top games" have them and try to rake in money from easy ideas instead of innovating. Thats what i don't like about BR." This is my endgame statement on BR, everything i said before and from now will reference this, just to clear it up for you. You must be psychic if you think me saying a broad statement like "BR is bad" means the game mode itself. I even added "no effort game mode" at first. What do you think i mean by that? no effort game play or no effort implementation and originality? When i talk about BR being bad, im talking about being bad for business and for the people in the game because of the business it brings in. Why i have to explain that i don't know. Its been done before, done well, done 1000 times. We dont need the 1001st edition of battle royale. Its too late to join the bandwagon. Especially when the top games are games specifically designed around the game mode and we're talking about implementing a "top tier" idea as a secondary aspect to a game that already has its own established mechanics. BR in APB will just look like a second rate idea. An APB original idea will net far more people than "whats hot right now". It'll out live the fad and could become a staple for the future overall being better for the game. I honestly cant finish what you're saying. You keep saying "besides "these" differences BR and TDM are the utterly identically the same." I don't think identical means what you think it means and that's just whats at face value. Im not dumb enough to say to people that, "my idea is the only possible solution and if you don't like it or you disagree with me, you want the game to fail and you should stop playing or leave". I've been playing from Australia since Dec 2011 >.>
  14. I was there playing it when it came out, hard pressed to say it wasnt a battle royale. RUST as a whole was developing big time at that time aswell, they've barely slowed down in the past 3 years since, one of the hardest working dev teams out there.
  15. I didnt say TDM was better than BR. While i did say BR is bad for APB i didnt even say BR was bad as a game mode in general. BR is over saturating the market and a lot of current developers are making half assed BR game modes solely because the "top games" have them and try to rake in money from easy ideas instead of innovating. Thats what i don't like about BR. I asked you how TDM and BR were the same and you pointed out the differences? Yes, i agree, they're different. Similar sure, but being similar doesn't mean the "same". Is baseball similar to tennis or cricket? Sure. "Basically" the same? No. Same with APB "Basically" being BR. Thanks for the chat. September 4th, 2015. RUST: Savas Island. January 15, 2015 - H1Z1: King of The Kill Tuesday, June 28, 2016 Anarchy Event and other news. March 23, 2017 - PUBG Doesnt look like years to me.
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