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  1. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Battleye Working ?

    You could find more actual information on the wikipedia page. The first comment showed that the OP had no idea what they were talking about in the first place. First mistake was assuming BE works the same on every game its used on.
  2. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Rank on OTW

    Yes max rank on OTW PLOX Uube Buube
  3. You know how cars currently work? Protip: theyre server sided. Do you really want server sided player movement? Really?
  4. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Clothing Space

    I was using this since 2015 xD. I dont think i even met you then lol
  5. This is for those who have messy ingame wardrobes and need a simple fix. Obviously not the only way things can be done but this is my version. Music for the video is delayed for the time being but will be in the video Soon™.
  6. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Skin

    Thats true. I always try and make my symbols/clothing as easy as possible to apply which normally involves making a large symbol instead of piecing it together on the clothing itself. Another thing is that symbols made in the editor will keep their quality better than piecing them together on the clothing itself. Thank you all. Glad this was usefull, however you decide to work it
  7. Its PG 13 because. If it was a public forum it wouldn't have an age restriction. Your "public forum" is not really a public forum. Just because you think you can say anything you want here, doesn't mean you actually can.
  8. No game currently or since a long time ago solely uses reports as a real system to judge players. Only games or servers that have no anti cheat support. Game companies know how easily reports can be misused which is why they get anti cheats in the first place. Bruh. This forum is not a public forum neither was it a public forum when G1 was in control. This is a private forum. Rules are created and applied for a reason.
  9. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Baylan A

    I spent at least 7 hours in baylan A. I didnt use that many of the changed guns. Cobra: Felt a lot better and was closer to before the last changes with being able to tap fire longer ranges but Baylan A Cobra could be used in CQC a lot easier. Even without mods. Misery: The extra damage did make it a little better, it would still need mods to be viable against other guns with mods. Didnt have any problem going toe to toe with other unmodded weapons. JG: Some of the pre modded ones seemed to be the same as live versions? Showstopper: It felt like players were given another 6 shots to their shot guns. Promoted corner popping gameplay way too much for its damage output up close. Marksman mode on shotguns seemed to be worse than the current live versions, dunno if that was intended but being able to easily hipfire 15m+ kills and then marksman mode doing basically nothing it felt a bit weird to say the least. Overall: Shotguns felt like the new HVR. If you didnt have a shotgun you were going to be outgunned easily in short to short-mid ranges. My last thoughts would be that shotguns are not that bad currently and dont need this change. The main reason for this is that the only issue shotguns have now is hit reg (but so does everything else). Even while being in Baylan A with rarely an 90% full district i was still experiencing hit reg problems across all guns that i used at some point or another. These changes basically felt like they circumvented the issues with the servers to make getting kills with shotguns easier than they need to be.
  10. Placebo. Equip time only refers to the time it takes to switch between the weapons you're holding. 3 point sling only reduces the time it takes to switch from your secondary to primary.
  11. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Make APB fun to play.

    Everyone has already acknowledged these problems a long time ago, however they have no bearing on the argument you're not trying to make. Even most of the stigma's the game has acquired are only due to public ignorance, people who don't even look into what they think is a problem. You havent made any valid arguments for headshots. Its been a constant Red Herring (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrelevant_conclusion) . With not even relevant examples between how "headshots" and "no headshots" will be different (or the same) other than vague explanations of how gameplay will improve just because things have changed. Saying "everything doesnt matter, things will just feel better" is not a valid argument. Please stop the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gish_gallop Thanks 13 Pages! We did it. @CookiePuss
  12. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Make APB fun to play.

    Spawns, matchmaking and gun balance are not the core of the game, they need a rework but they arent a massive undertaking individually because of that. The game wont change that drastically when reworking those, they require specific tuning because it only takes small issues for them to get out of hand. But we're getting off topic all over the place, the topic is headshots. Hit reg issues has nothing to do with headshots either way. Everyone has been taking the argument seriously, assuming their are no other factors (such as hit reg issues) that affect what you're arguing. You point out missions go fast and missions go slow, can you point out why that is? There are reasons to why missions can speed up or slow down. And you point out adding headshots to apb wouldnt make it a subpar csgo knockoff, why? Even in your last response to me, there was no clear answer to the questions i asked. How would adding headshots benefit players and give players chances to make new plays? Again, we're assuming the game works 100% perfectly. Give us examples. Im not sure if you know, but you know that cars driving the way they do is because they're server sided? Ever seen cars in GTA lag out? Basically cars being server side stops that issue, well its supposed to but the servers haven't exactly been running well for a long time as it is. Anyway besides that, last time i checked they couldn't go faster because it would cause issues which i think? can be fixed with the engine upgrade. Also, linking those comments of people who disliked the game doesnt really prove anything, a few people who have a negative opinion of the game doesnt translate into "everyone", especially when most dont understand latency or not understanding how many times they are actually being hit. ( Being hit by a PMG and killed in 3 shots has never happened) Im pretty sure this is the game you want, based on all the little bits of gameplay information. Ive never seen a game where "covering fire" and "leap frogging" has actually worked outside of a "E3 Gameplay trailer". I dont really want this, most people here wouldnt want it either im pretty sure.
  13. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Make APB fun to play.

    The Burden of proof is on you my dude. You're coming at everyone with an idea that is contrary to the status quo. You're argument is just not convincing enough.
  14. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Make APB fun to play.

    Sum of the whole thread from the first post. I didn't want the thread to end so fast. Oh well. Even if you changed bullet mechanics from hitscan to physical objects to help with kill times, after everything else it would just become another fps clone.
  15. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Make APB fun to play.

    You can still move fast and be smart about it, nades wont allow you to corner camp for long. Move fast where? Not towards an objective. Nades dont allow you to camp now?? Definitely not the first. Look at all those no longer posting,