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  1. 1. citadel is not a world server, it's region specific therefore doesn't have to apply international language rules. 2. Since its a region specific server, under your exceptions for language rules it would be common sense to restrict citadel to russian since it is the most used language in the region. So to sum it up: English is actually not the "most common" language of citadel or the eu therefore should not be restricted to it. Actually being able to communicate is irrelevant to this topic. They could easily communicate with any language that they have both learned including russian and German.
  2. Citadel is a server that is region specific to Europe.
  3. Everyone scrolled past every outfit that was posted and didnt actually look at them. /shrug
  4. Cant remember the last time i saw the majority of female outfits looking like that.
  5. What i was saying went completely over your head. No people should not lose everything that they have worked on. But those people also shouldnt go, "omg look at all the things ive lost" and it consists of the same outfit in 100 different colours. A genuine person who lost a lot would not have posted several outfits that are almost identical apart from colour changes.
  6. A lot of these outfits, use 3/4 of the same symbols. Or completely the same besides a colour change. Trying real hard to pad stats for no reason.
  7. The servers aren't 33ms? It must be you because they have been 33ms for 16 years.
  8. Stable servers. Reliable Registration. I used to be able to reliably hit people standing still. Nowdays its a 50/50 chance.
  9. Since this guy couldn't do it himself. Does anyone actually have a problem with the above statement? Every time Yukon was used it was changed from Nfas.
  10. Not necessarily. If you know how "Easy" it is to trigger a ban you can estimate. Just like currently they thought it was so easy any one could get banned in 3 minutes. So they could estimate it would effect a large majority of the playerbase. Like i said, if its so outrageously easy to get banned it would be obvious how many people could get effected. Except in this case, there were a large majority of people who were not banned once and bans happened between all skill levels, so there was no consistency to such an apparently large scale issue.
  11. We still dont know how fairfight was "falsely banning" people btw. Unless it was some outrageous statistic like over 50% of bans could be considered false there would be no reason to unban everyone, and if it was such a big issue there should be no problem exposing that issue. But here we are, with no proof of how or why fairfight was false banning except matt scotts "lol i got banned too, i totally dont know anything about fairfight but got banned faster than majority of the playerbase who did get banned".
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