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  1. UubeNubeh DaWog

    This never gets old

    And it would all end if people could take a loss. Thats the crazy part.
  2. Almost by definition the "test" is an echo chamber lol. Either "Agree with me or agree that things are bad and should stay that way." Like what are these options.
  3. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Weapon Cosmetics

    The newest loot boxes. Weapon Accessories.
  4. Definitely straight up ignoring everything. Except this whole image says nothing about when you break the rules. It doesnt matter who/what/when/where/why or how a platform is hosted a private business has the right to enforce censorship. There is a time and place for "freedom of speech" but doing it in someones kitchen even when told "no" is still against the rules no matter how badly you want people to listen to you. Regardless of what rights we have, people still have the right to refuse yours given the right circumstances. Whether you think its right or not. Abiding by rules is not being anti freedom. "The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech. This guarantee generally safeguards the right of individuals to express themselves without governmental restraint. Nevertheless, the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment is not absolute. It has never been interpreted to guarantee all forms of speech without any restraint whatsoever. Instead, the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that state and federal governments may place reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of individual expression. Time, place, and manner (TPM) restrictions accommodate public convenience and promote order by regulating traffic flow, preserving property interests, conserving the environment, and protecting the administration of justice." https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Time%2C+Place%2C+and+Manner+Restrictions
  5. Someone doesn't know what is actually in the first amendment and that it does not extend to private places. https://www.freedomforuminstitute.org/about/faq/do-individuals-have-first-amendment-rights-on-others-private-property/ These forums are a private property owned by Gamersfirst. Their rules come first.
  6. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Threat system based on time.

    Mostly because no one outside of internal game staff know the variables. Like knowing what can get an anti cheat to ban you. The only way to reach top tier threat in a system based on time would be to be a social afk'r.
  7. Like every other time someone says "i was wrongfully banned"? Damn the one time you believe people. /s
  8. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Battleye Working ?

    You could find more actual information on the wikipedia page. The first comment showed that the OP had no idea what they were talking about in the first place. First mistake was assuming BE works the same on every game its used on.
  9. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Rank on OTW

    Yes max rank on OTW PLOX Uube Buube
  10. You know how cars currently work? Protip: theyre server sided. Do you really want server sided player movement? Really?
  11. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Clothing Space

    I was using this since 2015 xD. I dont think i even met you then lol
  12. This is for those who have messy ingame wardrobes and need a simple fix. Obviously not the only way things can be done but this is my version. Music for the video is delayed for the time being but will be in the video Soon™.
  13. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Skin

    Thats true. I always try and make my symbols/clothing as easy as possible to apply which normally involves making a large symbol instead of piecing it together on the clothing itself. Another thing is that symbols made in the editor will keep their quality better than piecing them together on the clothing itself. Thank you all. Glad this was usefull, however you decide to work it
  14. Its PG 13 because. If it was a public forum it wouldn't have an age restriction. Your "public forum" is not really a public forum. Just because you think you can say anything you want here, doesn't mean you actually can.