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  1. UubeNubeh DaWog

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    Contacts were actually worse. Glasses are cheating though they are basically magnifying glasses.
  2. Excuse the both of you, this is only permitted by our God ZombieBuscuit.
  3. UubeNubeh DaWog

    The Stories of Our Characters

    Tell me about it, it took a hell of a time to write aswell but the ideas kept coming once it started.
  4. UubeNubeh DaWog

    The Stories of Our Characters

    For those who like mini novels, hope you enjoy this adventure. I actually have plans to fix this up and continue on with it, although i have no idea when that will actually happen. Character Name: "Uube" Story Title: Unspoken Tales of San Paro Additional Information: Main Story:
  5. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Crusade 7 [Montage]

    Oh boy, my condolences to the crusade family.
  6. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Crusade 7 [Montage]

    Its not negative. Thats something.
  7. UubeNubeh DaWog

    milked to completion

    Well would you look at that.
  8. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Mouse Acceleration/Dampening Fix

    I have seen a number of games do exactly this without even an option and it is so so horrible it actually becomes a reason to not play the game because of the jarring offsetbe in and out of marksman modes.
  9. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Skin

    Thats the reason i usually use opacity on the "shadow" so that the skin colour naturally comes through instead of a artificial colour on top. Less work on either end.
  10. UubeNubeh DaWog

    APB Montage - Trying something new.

    Sequel coming to a forum near you. Date: Soon ™
  11. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Skin

    Points to profile cover picture. /wink
  12. I mean yeah its obvious its happening but the rationale behind not wanting for it would still be there for some. Getting people on board instead by highlighting their interests involved with this instead of strongmaning them into "this is just happenning" is going to reduce friction either way. Less friction, less riots, less people to moderate.
  13. The community has two options: 1: Dont let LO hire community GM's. Which means any new information/plans/programs/sales/contests/ or anything else that involves the community will be either delayed or reduced because of the constant moderation needed in this community. If they could do it themselves they wouldn't even consider asking the community. 2: Let LO hire community GM's. Which means they can focus on giving us information/plans/programs/sales/contests/roadmaps as soon as possible. Despite the fact that Little Orbit has given us more information/communication/transparency and a physical appearance than ever before, a lot of people seem to want to go back to G1 levels of communication. LO want to do their job and having people do the small things lets them actually get to things that are important for the community and the game.
  14. UubeNubeh DaWog

    APB Montage - Trying something new.

    Praise from the almighty NotZombieBiscuit. /Bow
  15. UubeNubeh DaWog

    [Clothing design tips & tutorials] - Skin

    Starting off with something used often but normally difficult to perfect.