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  1. Does this mean i can double my list when i hit 200k?
  2. UubeNubeh DaWog

    What if false bans never got solved?

    It doesnt matter if they have one account or more. The "false ban" conspiracy stems from rule 1 of the cheater handbook: "Dont tell anyone you're cheating, even if you're caught.". So people who were *actually* banned for cheating will still deny any allegations because, well, only the player and the company know what actually happened. Advocating that someone or themselves were an all time "legit" player is easier for most members of the community to bandwagon behind because players relate to other players. Players are people they can interact and communicate with on a personal and regular basis, unlike most companies. Which makes it easier to create a divide between company and player base about who is doing the "right" things. APB has gotten a much tougher skin over the years, but it is still very easy to take the community for a wild ride. See; Flaws.
  3. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Do Not Take Every Fight

    Then again, if you can do all of these and win, you will be the best player in the world. Practice makes perfect.
  4. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Start having fun aaaaand... Its gone.

    Majority of my best clips for my videos are from the end of 2014 - 2016
  5. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Start having fun aaaaand... Its gone.

    Ive had the exact opposite experience. I cant remember on a regular basis missing targets standing still during 2013-2015
  6. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Start having fun aaaaand... Its gone.

    This is the only topic i can actually stand seeing a thousand threads on, because it actually effects my ability to play the game. I am more often than not on the forums nowdays because of this topic, so i have nothing else better to do. Considering the amount of technological upgrades we were supposed to have had over the years, the servers perform worse than ever but still hold that 33ms tagline ingame.
  7. UubeNubeh DaWog


    It actually physically hurts my soul to hear you click 3x more than you need to. To start with you would probably be far better if you clicked once per shot.
  8. UubeNubeh DaWog

    What Happens If Battle Eye Is Not Enough?

    There isn't much to discuss when it comes to the efficiency of anti cheat software in gaming. They're only as good as the cheats they detect, and the ones they dont, go "unnoticed" regardless of what actually happens in the game. Answering your main point: "What if BE is not enough?". Relying on one anti cheat alone is never enough, anti cheat software in general can never keep up with the rate cheats get created or changed, they only die down because cheat makers get bored of the game and no one is interested in even playing the game. You could pick any popular game across all the anti cheats and there will be cheats for it based on its popularity, if there was any game truly that difficult to cheat in it would have become the industry standard a long time ago. Stacking anti cheats is usually the next option, having more hoops to jump through/ different ways to detect cheats can make it more difficult but is still not a closed hole. Theoretically a behavior based anti cheat would be the highest efficiency anti cheat possible, but we're still in the infancy stages of having those sorts of anti cheats developed. We already have our own "behavioral" anti cheats in our mind when we see a player snapping between three targets. Something like that which is automated is definitely possible, when we'll see it in place is another discussion altogether. Having personnel actively monitor districts is only a short term solution. At some point people will just tone down the cheats to the point where a staff member who barely plays the game will be able to understand what is happening and action will stop. It doesn't hurt to try and help curb the cheating population but its not something that should be given a lot of valuable resources for an extended period of time. Given the nature of the anti cheat industry right now, really the thing to do when an anti cheat is not enough is to "wait for a breakthrough" or "wait for a better one".
  9. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Thanks for fixing the servers.

    Mid day right now. I may aswell sleep tho cant play apb
  10. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Thanks for fixing the servers.

    I'd agree if i was only looking at the /fps counter. 33ms solid even though we're being ddosed. What top tier servers.
  11. UubeNubeh DaWog

    Cheaters more and more. (YES AGAIN)

    Actually there is a reason why there are no HP/Spread/Fire rate hacks, because they're server sided. If the whole game was server side it would mean you would have to get into the actual servers before you can even do anything remotely like cheating. If the game was like that though the user experience would be the worst thing in the world, worse than some early access games. Usually rule of thumb is that getting around server sided features is 1000 times worse than its worth. Which is why you never saw any real "fairfight bypass". Even when a cheat maker could make cheats in APB before they would have no idea if they were under the radar because everything was calculated on the server. Unlike client side anti cheats which once you've bypassed the anti cheat to get in the game and you're not banned within the hour you're more than likely clear till the next update (if you know what youre doing).
  12. UubeNubeh DaWog


    What do you mean? The servers are at a constant 33ms the whole time. There is nothing wrong.
  13. The whole point of making a video and advertising it to everyone is for other people to watch. They arent playing so they wont be getting distracted, the better the game looks the more people will be interested watching your video.
  14. May not be a social pin but a pin in creations works just as well
  15. UubeNubeh DaWog

    This never gets old

    And it would all end if people could take a loss. Thats the crazy part.