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  1. Since topics are usually unresolved in a short amount of time, the same topics get brought up over and over. Since there are only so many words you can use to express the same topic time and time again no one wants to repeat the same words as that is "boring" and "old". So to keep the topic fresh even though its been repeated a number of times the complexity of ideas plummets each time its brought up until it turns into straight out demands and/or ideas that aren't properly thought out. Its not hard to understand what is being said. And it actually happens on these forums. Its why the forums have gotten so boring and stale over time, very rarely is anyone consistent for an extended period of time. To be honest when big discussion threads were necro'd that was better because anyone looking in on the problem got the whole picture.
  2. Selling NL-9 15k. New stock: OPGL 25k Osmaw 35k Special Offer: Golden osmaw 55k Seriously though. I actually wear glasses. Now what?
  3. Is APB BR not a new game mode for the other types of players? The players that want a BR? BR in APB is already a new game mode. Are players who want large scale cops vs crims the only "other" type of APB players? What about the people who want pve content? There are a number of "types" of APB players. Anarchy: District wide free for all. Fight club: 16v16 or 20v20. It seems like we already had/have what your definition of "other" apb players want. This doesnt seem like a well thought out idea. It just sounds like you want a domination game mode in financial. We already have a domination mode in asylum. Even baylan in the past has had it. What about any of this is "new" or "ideal"?
  4. If they understand without you, you dont need to make a thread. If they understand without you, this is not a public reprimand, they already understand to make less mistakes. What is the point of this thread?
  5. Ackackually the poll is not accurate because gender does not equal biological sex.
  6. Being pedantic would be using a single sentence or phase to completely discredit what was said by either the person or others. If Saying "Gg ez squeez, etc" once, periodically or was the sole reason for quitting, i would have agreed with you. Arguing about these context points is how society actually draws the line between generic insults and harassment. Saying "im specifically disagreeing with the inclusion of generic - if distasteful - insults, trash talk, and general text-assholery as harassment while agreeing that things beyond that line (e.g. physically affecting gameplay or potentially breaking laws) are an issue that could be addressed, albeit not very effectively" Would have logically made more sense, instead of quoting a singular sentence/ phrase to further your argument. Even then in everyday society "insults, trash talk and general patootie holey CAN be harassment" See; work place harassment or sexual harassment. As one example. It doesn't have to be extreme to cross the line if it happens on a regular basis.
  7. How bothered do you have to be to blatantly misrepresent someones argument.
  8. Title of thread: I see low-level players being harassed by skilled players Part of your response: Actual harassment like extensive griefing/teamkilling or death threats/slurs in chat is a separate matter Me: ??? Except the person you quoted is talking about the same topic as the OP. "This is an issue" As in, "Harrassment" is an issue. Not "Gg ez pz squeez". You were already lumping in "mean words" and "harassment" as the same thing in your very first respone to the OP. So i can see why you get mixed up. So instead of removing toxic people at the base level, you would rather remove the people that become toxic because of the toxic people? Even though you also need the some sort of justification to be toxic to others in the first place.
  9. Is that what you qualify as "harassment"? I don't think that's what OP qualifies as harassment and there are players who go above and beyond those phrases in game on a regular basis towards pretty much anyone. If the players that get upset are just as toxic, are you saying you would rather have toxic people that dont get upset over people who do get upset and forget about reducing toxicity overall? OP hasnt really shown himself to relate to your anecdotal evidence so far, so maybe he has a case?
  10. its a start, everything seems pretty cheap. But i guess i gotta start spending 40k JT somewhere.
  11. Details like these are usually the best however there is almost no source material for this kind of customization. To answer your spoiler question though Same as the old forums.
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