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About Me

Character Name: "Uube"

Given Name: ????
Faction: Factionless
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Weight: 145 lbs/65kg
Hair Color: White(Originally Brunette)  
Eye Color: Blue(Originally Brown)
Race: Caucasian
Introversion and social anxiety causes her to be generally quiet and shy in social situations. Keeping to herself is what makes getting close to her a mystery, because shes softly spoken towards the few she trusts and more awkward towards the few less she loves. Sounds of the world are what she adores, so she refrains from creating her own when unneeded. Music is her haven when a day is over and there is nothing left but to enjoy the night and its starry sky. When the time comes she will do what's nesecary, while being confident in herself and her abilities to do things on her own and her way.
Main story:
Weekend local markets were the new casual attraction in the central park of San Paro, and they promoted people not to let their lives be run by fear. Public gatherings and seeing new things strengthened solidarity between the people. The idea was working well: neighborhood markets lasting from morning to night was a bold move but the people took the opportunity to expand the stalls into a miniature camping city. Uube, accompanied by her younger sister and best friend, always made a point to meet in the park for the weekend markets, while getting out to experience normal life without the constant reminder of San Paro's daily struggle. One week in particular; by the time Uube had finally made time to meet the other two for their day at the markets, her best friend was already there and her sister had left some time earlier. Although it was early twilight, which was later than usual for their gathering, the night life of the markets was more than enough entertainment for them.
Uube was on her short walk to San Paro park, but suddenly she could hear a faint constant whirring sound, unsure of what it was. As she drew closer to the public gathering the noise grew louder and clearer, she started to recognize the sound. Noticing the television sets in the store window beside her, as they broadcasted the San Paro news with pictures of a large fiery and smokey area, the headline read; "Mass prison breakout: authorities urge people to stay indoors". Now she could recognize the alarm; it was emergency sirens making the call throughout the twilight sky. Seeing the news report caused her to increase her pace, trying to reach the park area as soon as possible; rounding the corner she could barely believe what was unfolding in front of her.
Sirens, fire, smoke and dust contaminated the air. Screams could be heard from the people scattered around in every direction; debris around the park crashed and cracked loudly. Market stalls were being battered and torn down from the explosions that rang out into the impromptu battlefield. People rushed around en masse as they occupied the now crowded park; salvation or oblivion were the only goals available that night. The SPPD were arriving on the scene in squads but it wasn't enough to contain the outbreak and they were completely outnumbered by the prisoners, and Uube didn't take chances with the authorities fighting a lost war. Moving from stall to stall, row to row she looked for any signs of her sister and best friend; the only family she had left. Searching through blazing tents and trashed equipment she received burns and scratches across her body but the adrenaline kept her going. Turning the corner of a tent she could see her sister and friend in the distance together; running through the fog and towards the center of the park. Calling out in vain, the sounds of calamity were too loud to communicate, so instead she chased after them. As they left her line of sight she noticed a few large figures follow promptly after them and was a clear sign of trouble that worried her.
Nearing the underpass of the park she could see in the short distance the large figures trying to corner her family; so, fueled by adrenaline she picked up the nearest object she could as a defensive weapon against the criminals: two short metal poles which had snapped from the adjacent collapsed tent. Rushing towards the men she drop kicked one and sent him sideways; taking advantage of the opening between the other three she moved past them to stand front of her sister and friend. She handed her friend the other metal pole and they took defensive stances, as the criminals helped their comrade onto his feet they sized up the girls and looked for opportunities to strike. After a brief pause one of the prisoners saw his opportunity and lunged forward; rushing head first into the girls he was swiftly struck across the hands and back by Uube, sending him to the ground. Another quickly tried to mimic his friend, making another grab at Uube, but he was quickly met with a pole to the head and dropped inches from her. Uube looked up to see her friend standing beside her; breathing heavily with the metal pole clutched in both hands as she watched Uube for signs of damage from the assailant.
Getting back into their defensive stances the men didn't back off, they could see behind the last two that another crim was hurriedly waving over more problems. That was the signal that standing and fighting was no longer a safe option, the three took off towards the east exit of the park towards Jangma square and the now burning coffee shop just beyond it. The men were not giving up the their pursuit and Uube had no plan for when they reached the shop at the edge of the park. While the edge of the park was safer than the hell within it, it was still far from the mayhem consuming the city. On their way to the exit each path was becoming more blocked with debris from the area and limiting their way of escape, the only option was to make their way through the gazebo that stood between them and the coffee shop. Reaching the stairs of the gazebo and coffee shop in clearer sight, Uube urged her sister in front to continue heading for the shop without stopping. As she saw her sister turn around to respond she could only see the feared expression of her sister, she could only stop to point out that behind them their friend was in dire trouble. Foreseeing impending danger, Uube barked at her sister to run, shocking her for a moment. Watching for a second as her sister whipped her head back around and taking off into the safe light of the city, she could now focus on dealing with the trouble upon her friend.
Turning back, Uube was surprised to see a pair bright shining lights coming towards their direction at an incredible speed. No one else seemed to notice the bright white death hurling towards them through the intense light of the flames and sounds of the city in the midst of destruction. Uube rushed towards the stairs of the gazebo where her friend had tripped but continued trying to clamber up them. She grabbed her friend, pulling her up as hard as she could and holding onto her as they made their way through the gazebo. All they could hear now was the deafening horn and roaring motor of a garbage truck, charging its way through  the fire and flames; not stopping for anything in its way. Even the unsuspecting men giving chase were taken hostage by the truck as it plowed its way through flesh and stone at full speed. Before making it through the opening of the gazebo and swallowing them as well, the truck exploded in a gigantic fireball from the torn wiring of the lights which sparked the leaking gas of the wrecking truck. Sending Uube and her friend flying off into the open, along with almost everything around them; the explosion marked the largest spectacle of the night. Uube landed hard onto a partially standing stall causing it to collapse onto her. Damaged and unconcious she was left under the debris unaware of her own existence; lost and forgotten to the continuing world.
As the fireball left from the explosion engulfed the sky for all to see, it was clear San Paro would never be the same after that night. The night wore on and so did the mayhem of the prison outbreak never slowing down throughout the night; only when morning came did the mayhem subside as the prisoners dispersed further and further into the city. As the dangers disappeared into the criminal underworld, San Paro was barely able to begin repairing itself after the carnage of that night. Smoldering debris lay scattered across the inner city parkland, slowly burning off the last of its energy from the broken temporary city that was its fuel. Sounds of machinery quietly made their existence into the morning as dump trucks reversed under excavators that tore piles of scrap away from each other. Excavators clearing pathways from debris for people and machinery to gain access around the demolished park. People yelled as they gave commands to the machine operators or called for medical services to tend to people who were found in and around the dangerous scrapyard. All the commotion began to shake Uubes' unconsciousness, waking her from her long absence from the world. Blinded by the layers of debris that stood above her, she shuffled her body and grabbed debris piece by piece tossing it aside. Her body ached with every movement but she stubbornly pushed herself to reach freedom, casting aside the last of the fallen stall that blocked her way. Finally reaching the daylight she grabbed herself and surrounding objects as she forced herself to stand, taking in the sights of the aftermath.
Scouring the demolished park for signs of life, trying to search the horizon with her eyes barely adjusted to light. Uube remembered the last normal moments of her life as she moved that short distance to familiar ground of the Jangma gazebo and the explosion that engorged it. Searching for her friend proved pointless, rubble and debris lay everywhere which made any signs of anyone else surviving the blast unclear. Uube collapsed to her knees as she became weak from the damage taking ahold of her body as well as despair creeping up on her as hope faded for the life of her friend. Trying to stand once more, her legs buckled beneath her and she fell to the ground as the sounds of shouting and the image of a person running towards her faded. Shortly she regained consciousness to the sight of the medic that had patched and tended to her wounds, shouting at others to get equipment to prepare Uube for transport to hospital. Watching as she laid there helplessly, due to fatigue she could only read a few words that left the mouth of the medic crouched above her "Just this one". She couldn't believe they were the words the medic said, memories flashed of her friend in her arms as the explosion took place and she couldn't fathom how she was the only one. While she laid there the medic continued to talk but her fatigue made it difficult to catch anything that was said, so she just closed her eyes to hold back tears. Being tapped she opened her eyes as the medic said a few more words, nodded then left, seemed like they found more people who needed help. As the medic left Uube remembered her sister and wondered if she got out safely after forcing her to leave them behind. Being hopeful that her sister got out safe from the carnage on that night, she regained enough energy to pick herself up and start her slow journey home. Every step ached of pain, every limp made her wince as she kept a tight hold onto the bandages on her body with one hand and any object she could to keep her upright with the other. Reaching her home after the long and tiring journey was not the relief she hoped for, instead it was the deciding blow to her sanity.
The prison break was no small riot which was evident by the extensive damage that had outspread from the inner city starting point. Viewing her street was like viewing an abandoned city, every house, every building was a shell of its once habitable domain. Broken windows covered every wall, broken down doors could be seen as she passed by each house clearly showcasing the damage inside as furniture and belongings were tossed out across the floors or window sills. Access to her own home was just as simple as the rest, through the broken front door to room after room of terrorized appliances and objects as if a hurricane had whipped its way through. Entering with caution as she called for her sister while searching each room for something to salvage, no response was heard and everything was damaged beyond repair. There was nothing left for her in the very same place she once had everything. No longer able to contain despair, Uube stumbled her way into her friends room, collapsing before the bed onto the items of clothing strewn across the floor before she passed out from the pain. Awaking from her short coma granted her no relief as the loss of her family caused her just as much pain as her injuries. Falling into depression she no longer wanted to move from the shell of her home to eat or live, just to sleep in the darkness and live in the underworld spending every moment reliving her past and the night she lost it all. Losing track of time didn't matter to her anymore, she didn't remember the last time she ate or last time she moved from her curled up position in the dark room. Hearing commotion in the streets early one morning stirred her, abruptly waking her once again to her desolate life. Picking herself up she wondered to the window, she observed people as they slowly trickled into view and began to clean up the mess that littered the street. Small groups split off into each building as they investigated and gathered up the pieces of their own life. Making her way into the bathroom she looked into the shattered glass mirror that hung on the wall to reveal white hair covered her head. Taking ahold of her hair in her fingers it took a moment to sink in, her previously coloured locks had morphed into a thick smokey white. Continuing to study herself in the mirror she could no longer meet her own gaze, as her eyes had become lifeless and void. Glancing into the deep brown, incited memories of her past life when she used to glow and shine brightly.
Loathing the image that existed before her she turned away heavily, determined to continue onto the path of darkness and solitude until she withered away. Before she could make a move towards her small safe haven of life she noticed package on the floor, picking it up as it were one of the last physical connections to her past. A small pack of coloured contacts left undamaged unlike the rest of the contents of the room, used by her friend since before she met them. Coercing open a holding cell for the contacts, she reached in gently one at a time applying each contact with difficulty. Eyes slightly sore from the actions she slowly turned towards the broken mirror, unknown to what she would see until she met the familiar gaze. Although Uube didn't resemble her friend especially after her worldly despair, the eyes she gazed into projected themselves as though her friend stood before her, prior to the darkness and sorrow. Soft blue, gentle as a Himalayan poppy and deep as an endless ocean sea. Only being able to maintain the stare for a few moments she turned away as her eyes began to tear, though the comfort she felt was something she had all but forgotten. Contact with something so familiar it beat life into her heart, which she had not experienced for a time.  As the fresh breath of life coursed through her she remembered a few of her worldly contracts; hunger and thirst, scrounging through what was left in her abused home she managed to find enough to stave off the pain for the night. Moving into her bedroom she flopped weakly under the window and gazed into the night sky with the glittering lights of stars, letting her body settle into the warmth that flowed through her. Watching the night sky glide by she remained restless, her constant thoughts kept her from her slumber and with a sigh she lifted herself up and decided to go to the local 24/7 Ga5 store to gather resources for the days to come. Unmotivated to change out of the clothes she'd worn since making it home, she settled to venture out into the night in her favorite blue pajama tracksuit pants ironically patterned with smiley faces and black San Paro College letterman hoodie.
Standing at the front door she steadied her breathing, looking upon the door to the outside never seemed so heavy, the door towered before her boasting authority between the unknown and safety she had shut herself in. Even though she was uncertain of what she would experience once she took the step outside she grasped the handle anyway, firmly and slowly pushed herself out into the city she thought she once knew. Peaceful and quiet was an unexpected event for a city that was not long ago thrown into the abyss of chaos. Before leaving the doorway, she held the door open and looked around to see the emptiness of the streets that populated her block. Thin mist and lonely street lights were the only objects populating the dark streets, she could faintly notice thicker clouds gathering above, partly covering the twinkle of the starry sky. A crisp breeze whisked through the street which caused her to shiver, adjusting her hoodie she shook off the cold and began to make her way through the gloomy city.
All she could hear as she traveled down the quiet street was the sounds of the gentle breeze rustling the trees and her footsteps on the cold pavement. Traffic lights continued their rounds as she passed an empty t-junction, their lights changing aimlessly for traffic that wouldn't come. Across the street in her peripheral vision she turned to see shadowy figures emerge from the light of the street corner, three figures huddled together as they traveled parallel to her. Shortly after she noticed them the smaller of the three figures yelled as he sprinted across the street to her while the two others followed slowly behind. "Hey! Blood Rose or G-King?" Scuffed the small man in his long leather jacket. Options Uube had never heard of, as she gave the little man a confused look and shook her head. "Ah I see, well consider yourself lucky we found you first. We're taking over this dump of a city." Pronounced the guy as he pulled open his jacket to reveal two chrome plated Colby.45 handguns strapped to his sides, "Blood Rose" was stylishly printed on his shirt behind them.
As he showed off his trophies, another muscled guy jogged towards the group and only made one comment: "G-Kings ahead".
"Want to make a difference in this city tonight? Follow us and remember, Blood Rose." Boasted the small scruffy guy as he handed Uube one of his Colby.45 handguns and took off with the other three burly men in a hurried pace. Still confused from the exchange that took place Uube held her gun flat in her palm and watched as the four men made their way down the street towards the Ga5 station she was headed for. Before they got out of earshot she heard one of them laugh as he said "Hahaha, finally we can make this crappy city ours, that prison break was just what we needed to get started!". At that moment she understood the situation, the criminals that broke out and disappeared finally made their reappearance as their own organizations trying to take control of everything for their own gain. Thoughts of thugs taking control of the city by force and destruction like that night that caused her so much pain, flooded her mind. She gripped her gun tighter, feeling its heavy weight as she followed the Blood Rose members to their inevitable battleground.
Lights from the illuminated gas station could be seen as she approached, a large group of people were huddled in a circle near the gas station, four of which she recognized as the Blood Rose members from moments ago. Keeping her distance she couldn't over hear the conversation but could see the angst in their movements as they argued, their bodies physically signing their conversation to her. Exchanging gestures as they drew closer to each other eventually clashing their heads together softly; ceasing all physical actions and creating a short intimate moment before the BloodRose members drew their guns in a flash, taking an offensive stance towards the G-King's while their leaders remained unbudged. With the G-Kings clearly unprepared for the BloodRoses actions they froze in place helplessly aware of their dangerous situation, awaiting the next move. Taking a few steps back the BloodRose leader kept his arms outstretched as he signaled to his gang to lower their weapons. Making a few more large arm gestures he moved back towards the G-King leader once again. Approaching his adversary he lowered his arms as he entered the fray; close enough to smell the stink of his enemies breath but there were no gestures or movements at all. He took one slow, gradual step, away from his opposition; firing his gun.
Echoing into the night the hidden gunshot signaled the start of their life and death grudge match, where not even winners could walk away alive. Guns were drawn at full speed by both parties unleashing their firepower in rapid succession, taking no prisoners they brawled with no mercy as the G-Kings lost another member seconds after their leader.  Immediately after the G-Kings first loss they responded with one of their own deadly blows, taking out a BloodRose member as he fled to cover, leaving him to fall onto the curb heavily. Shots continued to explode through the air as the remaining fight lasted less than a minute resulting in the G-Kings group spread out across the gas station in pools of their own blood, lifeless and mutilated. BloodRose members, not without their own wounds, gathered to assess themselves as the victors of the nights deadly entertainment.
Conversing amongst themselves the roughed up BloodRose leader stopped their discussion momentarily to turn towards Uube, who was still huddled behind cover clutching her gun and he ushered her to join them in their victory.  Walking closer the leader exclaimed "Did you see that little girl? That's the power of the BloodRoses, there will be more to come and no one will stop us!" The other members let out their hefty laughs throwing their heads back towards the moon like wolves. Uube could no longer hold her frustration so she forced her gaze towards the ground and let their menacing laughs pound her head, convincing her that evil was the only thing that succeeded in the world. Looking up with glare and hatred in her eyes she took action, forcing her gun to the skull of the BloodRose member in front of her and pulling the trigger, sending his body backwards. Before the others could react she swiftly whipped her hand to her right and squeezed the trigger, firing the next bullet into the face of another BloodRose member, sending him limp on the spot collapsing on himself. Performing the final blow of her revenge she turned the recoil from the last shot into a gut punch of the small disgusting leader, winding him as she also blasted a shot through his torso.
With his eyes wide open from shock, the leader stared at Uube in disbelief as he slowly lowered himself to his knees clutching his stomach. Letting out a groan of pain he yelled at her, "What the fuck!?....Do you know who we are? You've gotten yourself in some real shit now girl....We're going to ruin your life!". Locking eyes with the defeated man Uube could not contain the death within her gaze, like a wall about to collapse without mercy. "What do you think you can do against us!?" Argued the demoted leader.
"Make a difference" she ushered softly, abandoning all emotion in her voice as she lifted her gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
Exhausted and mentally drained she turned her attention to the return of the quiet night, clouded starry sky still twinkled above with the crisp cold breeze that had retained its hold on the dimly lit city. Returning home she immersed herself into the last moments of the night, as she lay on the ground below her bedroom window wandering into the murky sky she gently dozed off to sleep to the sounds she adored.
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