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  1. Mission rotation was already implemented into fight clubs the past, when joker tickets and mini missions first came out. Is it possible they just turned mission rotation off? Even if mission rotation isnt possible anymore, i would still choose to keep the kill count matches, because its not a mission area and doesn't need the same kind of missions as the main areas of the game. Also, the map itself will be a mess either way because spawns were changed at some point by the past owners. Now spawning in any location means you have to watch your back 20m out of the spawn point because an enemy can spawn in that location as soon as you leave. Effectively ruining any kind of cohesion in what ever mode is running because the most dangerous areas become the areas you just spawned in.
  2. Thank god someone else said it first. My brain hurts.
  3. Every pvp game is a competition under that definition, Including tick tack toe. Under that definition you dont need anything more than the game already has to classify it as competitive. We all know that's not what we're talking about when we do talk about "Actual" competition though. Unbiased, balanced, skill matters above all. APB is not that.
  4. MattScott doesn't post in the announcement section of the APB discord anyway. So we still don't know where you get your information from.
  5. What experience do you have to draw this conclusion from? The servers for APB have been changed before, so far the downtime has been more or less the same as then.
  6. Thank you for pointing out that actually doing this would make the whole point of making a video about it pointless. Which is why i made a video while specifically not doing this.
  7. Time to dust off the old videos that you dont even need a crosshair, having crosshairs is a serious crutch that helps people center their aiming disregarding the crosshair bloom when moving or jumping. That's the only way to do effective jump-shots and keep a good tracking of aim while moving. Whoever says the contrary is either lying or just naive.
  8. A hypothetical question supposing the game is in a hypothetical state. Not quite sure why this needs to be asked at this point. I don't think we need to be asking questions 3 steps ahead.
  9. Nail on the head hit harder than anything else could have. I dont know how easy it would be to sell 1 plain version and 1 premade version. You give the artists a canvas to work on and you give those that arent artistically skilled some nice premade clothing. Ideally everyone gets something out of new clothing this way. I'vev said this before on the APB discord. We already have a bar for quality in APB reloaded, i get that LO is working on things but it should be very easy to compare to current clothing to decide whether or not an item is viable for release.
  10. You cant if you tried. What are these clothes btw. Are we going down the "Four Horseman almost uncreatively flexible" path again?
  11. Youre still going to have people either spawning 30m behind you or spawning 30m behind someone. Its a dumpster fire because their is no structure to the spawning system in baylan. Spawns were actually less of an issue when they rotated around the edge of the map in a predictable way because they still have structure and teams actually spawned together not is every spawn location possible over the entire map.
  12. Thats why im explaining it to you, the design is good but could be better. Doesnt have to do with the limitations of the editor.
  13. Let me tell you that with a design of this complexity, you dont slap it on any piece of clothing in 1 symbol. You work the symbols onto the clothing so that it actually doesnt cut itself off like that. You wont see any decent creator make a rookie mistake like that on well made gear. This is great, new content and all but where is the quality or innovation? I agree with who ever said for the price this should be a symbol, not a locked in clothing item.
  14. Clicking on the link at the bottom gives you this.
  15. 1. citadel is not a world server, it's region specific therefore doesn't have to apply international language rules. 2. Since its a region specific server, under your exceptions for language rules it would be common sense to restrict citadel to russian since it is the most used language in the region. So to sum it up: English is actually not the "most common" language of citadel or the eu therefore should not be restricted to it. Actually being able to communicate is irrelevant to this topic. They could easily communicate with any language that they have both learned including russian and German.
  16. Citadel is a server that is region specific to Europe.
  17. Everyone scrolled past every outfit that was posted and didnt actually look at them. /shrug
  18. Cant remember the last time i saw the majority of female outfits looking like that.
  19. What i was saying went completely over your head. No people should not lose everything that they have worked on. But those people also shouldnt go, "omg look at all the things ive lost" and it consists of the same outfit in 100 different colours. A genuine person who lost a lot would not have posted several outfits that are almost identical apart from colour changes.
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