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  1. there are no link to third party offers now in payment options, so i think that it's not really working now
  2. Giving away roughly 1/20 of a monthly salary for premium isn't a good option, for some countries it was the only way to buy something from armas
  3. i hope this topic won't just move down and we'll get an official answer
  4. Superrewards was actually the best option for russian players because of currency exchange rates. Personally, i don't see any logical reason for LO to refuse from getting money like that (noone will pay 5$ if they need only 5-6 G1C). We all hope they will return it. (there is a chance that they are simply reworking offer information and essential elements due to company change, maybe it made LO and Superrewards/Peanutlabs to renew the contract)
  5. Friends, thanks to all of you who likes my posts and outfits. You asked for female uniforms long time, and now i decided to make it. As all of my german uniforms, they can be bought on Citadel, just mail me, AbuMohammad, ingame. These are my first female outfits, but I hope not the last ones.
  6. First of all this will be useful for clans, as they should have both male and female uniform. But, as a designer, i am always asked for a female costume, as for me it feels bad to tell people that there is no female version and it'll never be created
  7. As a costume maker, I am frustrated by inability to make female clothes without making female character and levelling her to unlock symbols and clothing. In real life, designers are free to use a dummy and fit clothes on it. So, Isn't it possible to make some kind of that dummy ingame? For example, we can just use a standard female character when you buy and customise female clothes, as it happens when you preview an item on marketplace. In my opinion, giving us such ability to customise all clothes will be the best customisation improvement, far better than extending existing limits. (At least people won't be frustrated if the costume doesn't have female version)
  8. Finally I made some german ww2 uniforms. (Before your questions, they were approved here: ) (also a screenshot) So... Here they are!
  9. Every shooting game has such simple tactical action. I don't think it should be changed after 5 years of playing, there are much more important problems.
  10. As for me, APB is a game with a best clothing designer ever made. I spend most of my time in social, chatting or making something new
  11. If you know, there are people who just like historical reconstruction or just a look of this uniform. Looks like this crowd isn't offended at all, they came to look at old uniforms instead If someone uses it for breaking rules it is only his fault.
  12. i'm 180 and 1587, no hope if they viewed it if the 30s aren't done
  13. Sorry friend, i'm on Nekrova. But if LO will actually review bans for code redeeming it can be on citadel some times
  14. I think this guy can be offended even with a crying baby. Anyway, if the uniform is accepted by CEO and most part of community, it should be made. Thanks everyone for your support!
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